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Mbe Admin

Mbe Admin

Mbe Admin is a clean admin interface focused on user experience and user interface. After using it, the users won’t be able to go back to anything else.

Its strong features are the iPad & iPhone Version and the OSX like spotlight

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  • Slick Design
  • Beautiful Typography
  • iPad & iPhone Version
  • OSX Like Spotlight Search
  • 3D Effects
  • CSS3 Buttons
  • 7 Themes & 4 backgrounds
  • Client Side Validation
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Calendar
  • Data Tables
  • Dropdown Menu for a lot of navigation
  • Custom Form Elements
  • Charts
  • Animated Progressbars
  • Fixed and Liquid Layouts
  • Incredibly intuitive javascript main file
  • 960 Grid System – 16 column layout
  • SEO Semantic Code
  • Well structured CSS
  • + on request we can add new themes and features

3D Effects

One thing that will catch your client’s eyes is the 3d effect we used in the login form. It’s a small detail but greatness lies in all the little details.

We binded keys and did our best to make the best spotlight search. It’s very easy to use. In all browsers except Firefox on Mac you have a shortcut CTRL + SPACE and on Firefox on Mac it’s ALT + SPACE.

Spotlight is made for UX. When you open it automatically focuses your search input and selects the text in it so you can gen to where you want faster

Since version 1.1 Spotlight also features the ability to integrate besides administration pages other elements that you might want to use. All in all making the user experience as awesome as possible.

Custom Fonts

Mbe Admin comes with custom font replacement using Google WebFont Service. The fonts the admin uses are “Lato” and “PT Sans Narrow”. The font have already been linked in the html so you do not need to download any fonts.

Mbe Admin v1.51 – Changelog

  • Fixed IE Bugs

Mbe Admin v1.5 – Changelog

  • Calendar
  • Made the liquid layout a little smaller (looks better)
  • Fixed some bugs

Mbe Admin v1.4 – Changelog

  • Added Yellow theme (on request)
  • Moved javascript at the bottom
  • Added tooltip for charts
  • Fixed some errors

Mbe Admin v1.3 – Changelog

  • iPhone Version
  • 4 backgrounds
  • Added a purple theme
  • Fixed some errors

Mbe Admin v1.2 – Changelog

  • iPad Version
  • jQuery dataTable
  • Client Side Validation

Mbe Admin v1.1 – Changelog

  • Completely remade the html so it would be cleaner and easier to use
  • UI and UX Tweaks
  • 16 Column Layout
  • Remade the spotlight (now has categories)