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In IE8 , if you go to the “Data” menu item and then scroll down to “Regular Data Table”. You will see “Delete all items” and “Add new Item” are overlayed on top of each other

Ok.. I will check that out and fix it.

That would be great if I could add icons to menus, tables, headings like it is in MWS Admin. I don’t see also 3 columns in grid system. Does it mean I can’t have them? I’m also noticing a problem on my Google Chrome 19 that when I have set fixed layout when loading I see how it is resizing all items from liquid to fixed size. It happens on Data, Text and Forms page.

Hi there,

I can help you with all of the things. Just contact me on ciprian [at] mbe [dot] ro and we will chat from there (It’s easier).

Hello Nikini,

I’ve been using this template and it’s awesome!

But since i started using the IPAD / Mobile version, one bug still driving me crazy, i made a video of and i need the bugfix for it.

The video: https://vimeo.com/40549853 The password: themeforest

Most of the times, its happens when i scroll big forms, with more then 8 fields, and i use together the data with calendar field and select field.

Need the bugfix very fast. Thanks!


I’ve looked at the video but I don’t see the bug. If you mean that the hall layout is trying to go down it’s because you’re scrolling and on an iPad you don’t scroll but you drag the page.

Hi Nikini, I found the bug on IPAD , not on my mac, and yes, happens dragging or scrooling. The video is just for you see what is the bug, a emulation of.

Did you tried for yourself?

Hi Nikini

Really enjoying the mbe-admin template and getting some good feedback from family and colleagues, thanks.

A couple of questions: - How do I implement an autocomplete input box? - How do I implement a vertical accordian? - How do I ‘remember’ the selected tab on a tab control?

Your assistance will be appreciated



Hey NIKINI , any news about the bug?

hi i have problem in ajax when i load div the css don’t work like buttoms and search paging etc…

can u help me fix it


Sorry for the late answer. I don’t know what did. Can you give more details?

Great theme but I have one request.

Can you adjust footer class to be fixed on the bottom of the page? if there is little content in middle div, footer is not at the bottom but in the middle of page.

Thank you.


I could help you with a script do that, that is if you haven’t already found a way.

hello ! who many time for the next version please :D ?

“Coming in the next versions

file explorer progress bar with status updates”

(sorry for my english)


We’ve actually done another theme but we haven’t uploaded it yet. So we’re not developing this theme anymore.

I just uploaded with filezilla to my wordpress site. But in installed themes, it is saying that the this theme is incomplete “stylesheet missing”. The whole file uploaded so I’m not sure how to fix. Please help.


Can you please email me at ciprian [at] mbe [dot] ro so I can see what’s up with that?

Is there an easy way to disable the css/javascript associated with checkboxes? Checkboxes are not working or responding to custom jQuery code as they should and I don’t have time to bugfix so I’d just like to get back the normal checkboxes.

Yes there is.

Just search for “mbe.init.form.checkbox();” and comment it :)

Hi, when you see the Form & Messages page on Ipad, input boxs aren’t clickable, can you fix it?

Hi there,

We’ve fixed it in the example. Check it out.

Anyone know how to create a select box for multiple selections? If I add the “size” and “multiple” attributes to the select tag, the css breaks and it looks ugly.

Bug: delete promts don’t work in Chrome 29 (tested in Chrome 25 before updating and it worked, but not after updating). There’s no “Are you sure you want to delete this item” warning, it just reloads the page (and deletes the content). Please take a look at that.