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Filling detailed information about the template might drive more sales. Just my 2 cents ;)

What do you mean detailed information about the template? What did you want to know more?

I’ve actually updated details about the theme and I’ve updated the theme to v1.1 which is easier to use and has a little more features.

Not going to lie, when I first saw the screenshot of this I was like “ugh”.. but when I opened it up, went fluid, and changed the theme, I was like !!!!

Very nicely done! My clients LOVE big shiny easy to use themes..

edit: If there was a way you could incorporate the jquery tables, and how is your layout done? just a div for a sidebar and the other div for the right, or what?

Thanks a lot for the constructive comment.

The layout is actually done that the sidebar is in one div (class sidebar) and the rest of the blocks are all siblings with the sidebar div.

On monday I will reupload the HTML and CSS code so it will be cleaner and better integrated :)


Thanks for the comments. I will be uploading a few modifications on monday:

1. Remade the html (easier to use)
2. Login redesigned (got complaints it looks a lot like other designs)
3. Added a few more features, including the jquery tables.
4. Fixed various bugs.

So, again, on monday I will upload the code with new features and a better html. :)

Thanks for the feedback!


I just purchased the theme, but I do miss a vital feature that many other admin themes have, “Grid Layout” with many different widths (like x2 to x12). Or did I miss that?



I’ve just integrated that into my remake. Version 1.1

I actually had to remake the html to make it more easy to use and everything. The html structure will be kept from now on!

Will upload that on monday as well.

Normally it missed that feature but I will add it and upload on monday :)

I do have some problems with themes.

Even if I set “cont blue-gray liquid” it just “flashes” in blue-gray, when page is loaded it is default green and fixed.

If I remove “main.js” then the pages uses blue-gray, but then nothing fun works…

Any ideas, I’m using it together with MVC 3 (ASP.NET) and no I’m not new to this ;-)

In the main.js find this “mbe.presentation.changeTheme();” and comment it and test again.

Also, be aware that on monday I will upload a new html (which will fix a lot of issues and will be a lot easier to use :) )

no change with comment “mbe.presentation.changeTheme();”.

I wait to Monday.



I’ve remade the hall html to be better in all ways :)

Try it now :)

Nice theme. You shouold add some more details to the item description – things like what plugins the template includes, what features it has, skin options etc.

For guidance check out any of my themes or any theme on here really :P

Thanks, I’ve added details and I’ve updated the package :)

Description needs to be updated. Users are able to claim a full refund if the “item is not as described”, meaning, that if it doesn’t match the items description they are entitled to a full refund, so a detailed description is always vital.

Say, if you demo was down for any reason, how would I be convinced to purchase it?

Secondly, in my opinion, the best part of the theme was the login screen.

Regards, Thecodingdude.

Thanks, I’ve updated the description and the package :)

Very nicely done. Any plans to add datatables? Thank you for adding the grid system. That makes design so much easier!

Sure, I will edit my description and in the next version I will add datatables.

“It’s all just for the fans” :)

hey nik,

can i use any other colors besides the five themes? i want to use this as a patriotic mock polling site so i need some true red, white and blue. and can I replace the background with a photo?




You can use any colors you want. If you want, send me the colors you want and I’ll try to make it for you :)

For the background: Yes :)

I would buy your Theme with 3 Licence, but I am left with a few questions.

- Works it with IE 7 (there are many people, that are using the IE 7 , not everybody has Windows Vista or 7)

- When i have The Layout “Fixed” and Javascript turned off, the Page will shown as “Liquid”. Could you change this, that people that want use Fixed can use this without Javascript.

Apart from that, I am well satisfied with the Template.


It works in IE7 and if you find any bugs that I haven’t seen then I’m going to fix them.

I think you have the old version where the cookies were set from javascript. If you private message me a link I could help you with that :)

I am waiting for the mobile Version. Have i to wait for the next Release or have i buy this template two times ?

When i buy this Version now, are the Updates for free ?

I think the updates are for free, you don’t have to buy it twice :)

But that’s up to themeforest

Great template with all the key features I was looking for. I was wondering on how I’d go about creating a purple skin. Is this something I can do myself? If not, I’d be willing to pay for this custom theme if necessary.

Thank you

Thanks for the quick response and taking the time to make these changes for me, I really appreciate it.

Here are the shades of purple, feel free to make any changes to these colors.




Thank you

Hi, I did not get your color or anything. If you want send it to me at ciprian [at] mbe [dot] ro

Sorry I guess I forgot to give the colors.





Really nice, but live preview have rendering problem with ie8? Only works with compatibility view?

Thank for noticing. I will check that out first thing on monday :)

Thanks again

May I ask, when will the next update come? :)

Thanks for this beautiful theme :) May I ask for a yellow colored version? :)


Sure! I will make one and update next week.

The next version will be out next week or the week after. I’m still working on the iphone version :)


I will be uploading the yellow theme next week. The yellow theme has been a challenge. But feel free to checkout because I will be updating soon and I’m adding the iphone version.


Thank you very much :)

I really like the way this theme looks, but every time the page refreshes, there is a noticeable delay before things resize and get laid out properly.

Even when changing to fluid layout, the problem still happens (though not nearly as bad or noticeable).

I tested the live preview in Chrome and Safari.

Fixed that :) Will be uploading soon.

So I just bought the theme (based on you saying a fix for this issue is coming soon). So the fix is in version 1.4?

If I view the source for the “live preview” on, there is a comment at the top of the page saying it’s version 1.1. Is that correct?

I guess it doesn’t matter now since I’ve already purchased it, but it would have been nice to live preview the current version.



I did not update that header but the preview is the version 1.3

I will update the header in the next version.

Great layout i love it. There is just an issue, on Mac using Chrome, the tabs in the tab group section are displayed incorrectly. Would be great to have this issue fixed. Thanks.


I’ve testes it on chrome mac and I don’t see any issue with the tabs. Could you please send me a snapshot ciprian [at] mbe [dot] ro ?

May I ask you to attach a lossless version (likely the PSD ) of the “theme-[].png”, so I could modify it and save it in different extensions. :)

Thank you, and thanks again for this beautiful theme (5*) :)


Ok. I will be working on that for the next version :) Thanks for the suggestion

When can I expect you to finish the yellow theme? :)


The yellow theme, I will be finishing it next week. I have a lot of work to do on other things so sory about the delay.

I will not be making psd’s. I’ve tried but it’s a loot of work. The designer made layered PNG ’s and I’ll leave them like that.

Meanwhile I’m working on another administration which will be a lot more clever (I think) :)