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I need use all styles into the box modal, but the only way i could get was calling the command

, in this modal box. I want use data-table and the styles: top and buttons, How to i make this?



If you look in the main.js under “mbe.ready” you will find the functions and explanations. The “mbe.init.form.all()” will initialize all the form elements, the “mbe.init.block();” will initialize the blocks “;;” will initialize the horizontal and vertical tabs etc.

If you provide me with a link or something I can help you out on exactly what you need. Or, you could send me an email to ciprian [at] mbe [dot] ro.

Do your charts allow “pie” charts to be created? It looks as though you’re just using the jQuery-Plugin “visualize”... if so, then I’ll assume yes. Otherwise, please let me know. Thanks!


Yes, the charts allow “pie” charts and yes I’m using jquery visualize :)


php is necessary or can I use it on a windows server (iis and asp)?

Many thanks, Pierpaolo


It’s just an html so you can use it with whatever server side language you want.

Is there any way to make the “jquery datatable” fetch results dynamically? I’d like to use it to display a grid to users but some users will have thousands and thousands of entries so it isn’t practical to load them all up and just hide them..

I’d be happy to pay for that type of feature!


I will post version 1.45 tomorrow with the addition of loading dynamic content in the datatable :)

That would be awesome! I’ve never used datatables before so I’m a little lost.. I’ll have to be able to load it with the “sAjaxSource” pointing to a PHP file I think. My smallest customer has 12,000 entries so I’ll definitely need to do the server side processing.

Actually if I could find where you’re initializing that in the example I could probably make it work with the examples on the DataTables site.

Where would I find the proper location for this :

$(document).ready(function() { $('#example').dataTable( { "bProcessing": true, "bServerSide": true, "sAjaxSource": "../examples_support/server_processing.php" } ); } );


The initialization is done here (mbe.init.dataTable):
        dataTable: function() {
                sPaginationType: 'full_numbers',
                sDom: '<"table-top"lf<"clear">>rt<"table-bottom"ip<"clear">>'

  '.page .block .content .dataTables_wrapper .table-top select');

Any luck posting the dynamic example?


I’ve made the example

Check it out, also, you should download the main.js in order to work the way I made it. :)

It’s actually awesome because you can use the ajax right from the html by adding the folllowing parameters to the table:

<table order_column="5" add_actions="1" class="listing data-table" cellspacing="0" url="_users_example.php" use_checkbox="1" border="0" cellpadding="0">

The “url” is the url where it will request, the “use_checkbox” is wether to add or not checkboxes in the table, the “order_column” is the number of the column that will be first ordered and the “add_actions” is wether to add or not another column with the edit action.

Hey, nice theme.

Any idea why i get this error on the login page? is not a function for: is the link.

You get the error if you close the messagebox and then try to click ‘forgot password’


I just fixed that. Thanks for noticing. I will upload a new version tomorrow or sometime this week.

Meanwhile you can download the js from here (with that fixed).

Let me know if you still have problems with the code please.

Glad to help :)

Thanks for the quick fix. Everything seems fine now.

Hello this a great template. I have purchased this template but i would like to know. How i would get the login form to correct to a mysql database to find out if the username and password are there and if so log them in. Can you help?



I could help you.

Contact me via email at :)

I need to know more details about your app.

Hi nikini,

This theme is beautiful, I purchased it but I found an issue. I can’t uncheck the Checkbox 1 (at leat on firefox & chrome)

Can you help me ?


Hi there,

I fixed that and when version 1.5 is accepted that little issue will be fixed :)

In IE 8 , the buttons do not display correctly. View the page: in IE 8 to see the issue.

The buttons on this template do not display correctly in IE8 .


Thanks for the feedback. I will be fixing all the IE related bugs soon and post a new version.


Could you please check out this calendar? I added an onDayClick() to open up a lightbox and then show the $_GET['date'] but it is always wrong 1 day and the time is also 1 or 7 hours to soon.

dayClick: function(date) {
       if (date) {
        var d = new Date(date);
        var y = d.toUTCString();
        $.lightbox(URL+'addevent.php?date='+y, {
            'width'       : 610,
            'height'      : 458,
            'autoresize'  : false, 
            'iframe'      : true
        return false;
please help. thx

DAMN , i was getting the server time :p sorry for the mistake.

Ok, is it normal that the eventClick does not work on an iPad. Or maybe i’m doing something wrong here? It works on safari and mac and other browsers but not on ipad2 or iphon4.


What do you mean dropping of an event? You mean “unbind” ?

i mean drag an event from 1 date to another. I can drag but cannot drop on another date, i added an alert on the drop event to be sure.

Did you try looking at this: ?

What changes did you make? I did not use this calendar a lot. I added it on request because someone wanted it.

Can you tell me what you’re doing? I could help you on messenger or by email if you want and it would be a little faster.

My email is

Nikini—Outstanding work on this theme! Just checking on a status of the IE fixes?

Thank :)

I’m glad you like it.

Well, I’m hoping to post a new version on tuesday 31 jan (I have a lot of work to do).

Waiting for IE fixes:)

Just posted the IE fixes. After they’re approved (sometime today) come back and redownload the theme.

Hey guys. If you have problems with IE compatibilty. Try add this code:

<head> <!- Mimic Internet Explorer 7 -> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=EmulateIE7” > </head>

It’s working for me. ;)

Just posted the IE fixes. After they’re approved (sometime today) come back and redownload the theme.

Hi there. Great template.

I began using it, and noticed a few of my pre-existing inline javascript/jquery were firing twice. I first noticed events, then it turned out to be anything inside $(function() {...});

I tracked it down to wrappers.js, in particular Line 7 : $(’.page .middle .wrapper’).wrapInner(‘ ‘);

I left this in, however as its clearly adding some extra divs for layout purposes I put these in manually. Worked a treat after that.

It could be something I’m doing elsewhere, and it I think its only inline <script> javascript.

Regardless, clean skin. well made. and dead sexy :)


Well, yes, wrappers.js should be removed if you know what you’re doing :)

I made it so users would write easy html.

When are the IE fixes due? You list the website as being compatible with IE, but the top menu doesnt work, and all the select boxes are broken, in both IE8 and IE9

thanks – looking forward to them! :)

Just posted the IE fixes. once they’re approved you can check out the page of the admin again :)

nice – i just tested – and the IE bugs I knew of seem to be fixed – great job!

Just wondering if you had noticed the php die function makes it liquid instead of fixed and messes with the whole page, could u please fix it?

first after i written in same username that alredy exist

If you use “die” within the html then the html doesn’t end properly.

So I figure it’s normal, right?

Is there anyway i can fix this? :/

You should not use the die function. Why would you want to use it anyway?