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Sorry I tired but it cannot be converted to HTML. And I found some errors for Main page. I put 3 main slide image for using demo2. And it show perfect at first loading but images shows zoomed when second loading. Why images are zoomed at 2nd loading?

Hi imagejan, last update contains all of demos. Ill check this zoom effect for you and let you know… Cheers :)

Robbie2010 14 days ago

Hello what is ETA on the Wp version?

Robbie2010 8 days ago

OK but are we talking months or weeks maybe?

yosoftware Author 8 days ago


Any more news about wordpress version? and i hope is gonna have Woosupport right? if it do its gonna be killer theme

Its not ready yet, I think first release wont have woo support. Cheers :)

Tanks for the update, so any new eta then? the woo can come in the second update, that is ok to for me :)

Hello :) First of all, amazing template! I am really interested in purchasing this template though I just have a few questions:

1. I’m not so keen with php and I noticed that the demos are on php. Can this template run on html alone (without php)?

2. Is it possible to be able to just scroll down or to the side on the portfolio section instead of going to the next page to show more portfolio items?

I hope to hear from you. Thanks.

Again, great work on this template. Cheers! :)

Hi musthemes, yeah you can run this without php but you will need to run it on web server as it use ajax to load dynamically parts of contents. Ad 2 with html everything is possible, you will need to adjust javascript code to load more items into container instead of replacing its content. Cheers :)

Have purchased this template and found issue on Mobile view. Posted ticket on the publisher support but there was no follow up for more than 50 days :( . Mobile view is completely not working in Android browsers.

Can anyone from themeforest or yosoftware help me in resolving this issue http://yosupport.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/789

Hi, I am on it.

How can I make the portfolio preview images bigger?

Hi Igup. glad you figured it out.

Just kidding – i figured out how to make the portfolio images larger. How can i make the container scrollable?

Hi, Iguo, can you please open a support ticket at yosupport.freshdesk.com for faster and more accurate response. Thanks!


I just found a Drupal version of the theme, but you are not the author. How can it be ?

Is the WP version will be available soon ? :)

Thanks, AB

Hi, it is in the planning department, with no timeframe :D We are busy working on so many things. Thanks for your interest.

I need to redirect one of the menu items on the side menu to an external site. The url is : http://www.vulcantronics.com/v2

The menu item on the side is called ” V Connect ”. V connect needs to be linked to http://vulcantronics.com/vconnect

I am using ” <...a href=”http://vulcantronics.com/vconnect” target=”_blank”>V Connect…>...”

However the link doesn’t seem to work. Please help me out. My email ID is aditya.palta@vulcantronics.com

Thanks and ill get back to you

HI I Tried it for some how its not working. Here is the link : www.vulcantronics.com/v2 Please mail me the fix. Thanks in advance :)

Hi, I have noticed a problem when opening my website with internet explorer (last version) on a pc : my “team” page doesn’t load completely (the left text part is missing), I have to refresh the page to have it entirely displayed… ? Everything is ok with any other browser on both mac and pc. Could you give me a hint ? (http://www.studio-paragraphe.fr) Thanks in advance.

Hi, I would suggest opening a support ticket at yosupport.freshdesk.com if you have not done so yet. Thanks for you interest!


kupilem dzisiaj od Was ten szablon i na czysto wrzucilem na mój serwer i mam problem w wersji mobilnej (na telefonie) strona sie nie chce scrollowac. Prosba o pomoc.

P.S. Demo normalnie dzia?a i si? scrolluje

Hej, dzia?amy, zaraz kto? odpisze na supporcie. Dzi?ki!

Hi.. is it possible to insert video files ( Youtube,vimeo) in Portfolio or Blog section..I mean when clicking on a thumbnail on the portfolio page, or choosing any article from Blog, a video file would be loaded instead of photo… Thanks

Hi, this is HTML, you can modify it in anyway you want. Please note you need to know html/css to do so, this is NOT a Wordpress theme. Thanks for you interest.

Hi, I have the same problem that other user had. I cannot seem to add external links to the sidebar menu. I used this code you wrote before: V Connect

And it’s not working either. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks

Hi marianagelves, yout link returns 404 error, go to https://yosupport.freshdesk.com and open ticket, Cheers :)

Hello, I already did. It wasnt a link, it was the code you told another user to try: V Connect to add an extern link to the sidebar menu. I used it and it doesnt work, Thanks

I mean this link http://vulcantronics.com/vconnect returns 404

Hello, I really like this theme thank you for this! I am relatively new at web coding in general, but I have figured out how to pretty much manipulate this theme to make it look like I want. However I am running into a bit of a snag. This is very simple but i just can’t find what I am doing wrong in all the documentation.

Q: how do I change the colors and font, in custom.less? It is presented as though you just change the hex color, or you the font and the rest of the site will recognize this change?

Example: @text-font-family: “Open Sans”, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; just change the open sans


@bgColor: #F9F9F9; just change the hex and the rest of the site will update its default color?

I do this and nothing happens

I am sorry if this is super basic I just cannot figure it out after a week of trying, thought I would put it here in case other users can tell me an easy answer. Thank you very much again!

Hi, I will be happy to help but please open a support ticket at yosupport.freshdesk.com, thanks for your interest.

Hello I buy this theme, and im adapting it for a design i made, but i have a problem with the view in mobiles and tablets, i want to see the same i see on desktop but adpted to a mobile, i just cant, i don know if you put some media queries on it but when i see it in a mobile device all sees wrong, i open a ticket for suppor, i let here the link to wat im doing, i apreciate if someone cut help me. i need the same desktop version to a mobile, if you can tell me what to do.


Hello, please open a ticket at yosupport.freshdesk.com Thanks for your time.

Hello, I open a ticket yesterday because I`ve got a problem using the portfolio in html version I can`t load the content of the portfolio videos, pictures links, don`t work, and have another issue, when you make a link outside the theme with a go back button or when refresh the page, the theme always change the position of the icon and put it at left no matter the transition direccion of the section , you can help me to solve those problmes please?

Hello, if you have ticket pending, pleae be patient, it will be addressed soon. Thanks!

Hey I’m having problems with opening the template on google chrome. The demo works perfectly , but when I open it from dream weaver the front page shows up but won’t let click on any of the links like blog, portfolio,contact ect.. it just leads to nothing , but when I open it on Safiri it works , does anyone know what I can do to fix it?

Hello! Can I open this template in Dreamweaver to change some fields?

Hi, sure you can use dreamweaver but make sure what LESS is as we use it for CSS.


venus89 Purchased

im totally in love with this theme <3 but im not familiar with php or html is there any change to use it on wordpress?

Hi, no plans for WP version, there is Drupal version tho. You can check it here https://themeforest.net/item/mdst-modest-modern-multipurpose-drupal-theme/8036195?s_rank=2 Thanks for your interest!


venus89 Purchased


this might be a stupid question but, i uploaded the theme by php but the wordpress panel says the style.css cannot be found so it wont work.. what should i do?

HI, I would ask how to insert the background images in the home page e in the porfolio, I can not find the original images to replace my own

Thank you!