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Hello guys! Love the theme. However, your hamburger menu doesn’t collapse menu options when the browser is resized. Any ETA on fixing this?



Please open a ticket at with a link to your site.

Thank you.

Advertisement, The second Area is not showing.

Ad area nr 2: Ad area below post content

How can I add this area?


Please open a ticket at with a link to your site.

Thank you.

Hi, theme looks great, just double checking is supports the latest WordPress, 4.4.1? Also, is it possible to review users submissions before they are posted? Thanks


Yes, you can update Wordpress to the latest version.

To review user submissions you need to enable the option showed in the following screenshot:


Hi, i noticed that the latest version is 3.2, however on the downloaded zip file and in the Me Gusta Theme Dashboard it says v3.1. Is this the correct version? I also cant see the facebook login button as it appears in the demo.



After you installed the theme, it was still saying that you have the 3.1 version?

You can open a ticket at and we could assist you on that matter.

Best regards, Alex

Yes, that’s right. I tested on localhost as well and same thing. I’ve submitted a ticket. Thanks for your help.

Hello, I have some pre-purchase questions. 1.Can the submission form be limited to text posts only, and can the number of words or characters in the form be limited? 2. Can I choose to display full text in the list view on the front page? 3. Could a different font be used in posts? 4. Can the font size in a post be changed? 5. Can the title be centered above the post? Best regards

Hi Haymaker777,

Sorry for this long waiting queue time. 1. Yes, you can limit your front-end submission to a certain post-type only. As to limiting words number – I think we can come up with a custom solution for you. 2. At this moment – no. But you could request some custom work from our support team. Feel free to submit a ticket at and negotiate on your request. 3, 4 and 5 can be solicited at no costs from our support team: There’s need to change 2, 3 files: the name of your new font, the path to it, text-alignment and font-size. Pretty easy, 15-20 min should do it.

Please include your requests in your ticket after your purchase.

Thanks for the response!

You’re kindly welcome ;)

Hi. Why is the video showing on the frontpage in stead of a thumbnail? It even blows up larger than the field it is placed in. And on mobilephones it is to big to be seen. It only works right in the post wiev for both PC and mobilephone. I thought I read on the frontpage here on themeforest that it automatically created a thumbnail in sted og showing the video on the front page. At least it does so on your demo.


Please open a ticket at with the credentials to a temporary admin account.

Thank you.

Hello,i have a question.

Can a user submit content in an article format? Say first an image,followed by some text and then another image/video and then some text. Is this possible?


Hello, yes :)

You can upload images and insert them directly in the article body. Here’s a screenshot:

Hi cosmothemes, Do you have a set of images @x2 to support retina screens?


Unfortunately we do not have these type of images.

I have Megusta theme (Version: 2.8). When I try to upload some pictures or video, it just keeps saying “Uploading 1 file. This may take a while.” and it keeps like this to infinity. I’ve tried to upgrade Megusta theme to version 3.1 and nothing – it’s the same info uploading to infinity. Also I tried to upgrade wordpress and nothing, It’s the same. This is very frustrating for me and i’m looking for your help. Thank you in advance guys!

Hi Milos007,

this is obviously a server issue, please open up a private ticket at containing your site URL and a temporary admin access.

Also, don’t forget to renew your support subscription.

Thank you.

Does this theme still get updated? I see its been about a year

Hi, we only update our themes if there are users’ features requests or new WordPress versions that somehow are incompatible with our scripts.

what about places for advertisement? are in theme some widgets for googleadv etc?


Please open a ticket at with the credentials to a temporary admin account and we will try to help you with adds.

Thank you.

Hi, this is a pre-sales question:

Can the user do this:

1. Upload a still image 2. Have this “content generator” always add an audio file (this would be the same audio file for ALL users/output files and no option to change it or remove it) 3. Have this “content generator” always add the “Ken Burns” pan out effect on this still image (this would be the same audio file for ALL users/output files and no option to change it or remove it)

I realize this may require customization services, which I have a budget for. My main concern is “getting this done by Sunday” which seems impossible.

Please let me know! Thanks! Amy

i bought it and regret it. support answered after 24hoours, then i replied in 4 minutes and now im waiting another 30 hours for help, files in zip are 3.1 version, facebook login make no correct accouts and it creates new all the time,

any plans for updates

Hi, we only release updates if there are any feature requests or compatibility issues. Please, state your issues if you have any and we will update the theme.

how to remove the readmore option with photo icon on the pictures, my site is purely photo site

payment required message on login. Why is this?

are you going to update the template?

Does this work with Buddypress for posts and bbpress for forums?


moomaa Purchased

I have brought the theme but I don’t know how to cistomasize it at all there are NO options in the customise section to change font etc unlike other free themes

Hi, submit a private ticket via and provide your URL and login credentials. Meanwhile, feel free to read the documentation file shipped with the theme.