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Please let me know when this theme is updated. I have posted multiple times in the comments. You have acknowledged that there is an issue with the theme and that you were going to fix the issue.


Hello Nick,

I sent you an email today afternoon. I attached the installer .zip file to that email, maybe your mailer client dropped it into the spam folder because of the attachment. Please check.

Otherwise I’m sorry for this very late reply, I totally understand your frustration, but this big silence wasn’t intentional at all. I used to check my dashboard only when I got a notification, but somehow gmail dropped all the notifications ( comment and rating modifications as well ) into the spam folder in the last 12 days, so I didn’t even know when my buyers left a comment. Anyway, it is my fault in general, I should have take a look at the dashboard much sooner regardless the number of notifications, so I’m sorry about that.

Unfortunately I can’t turn back time, but I’m willing to give you a refund in order to compensate the time you lost. I know it is not a perfect compensation, but this is the best I can do in this case.



holzmade Purchased

Hi Mark, first of all I wanna and I have to say that it’s not true that the support doesn’t work. Maybe the anwers from Mark are sometimes delayed but he is very kind and tries to solve all the problems which his users have and maybe he got also other things to do.

Anyway most of my problems I could now fix on my own ;) But i got a new question or it’s more a hint from me which I would like you to think about…

It would be great if it would be possible to change the ranking/position of the projects and of the skills as well. Technically it shouldn’t be that difficult and the effort is very big. Because some people won’t like to put their at least added projects at the top of their references neither their skills. What do you think?

Cheers from germany. Dirk

Hello Dirk,

First of all thank you for your kind words :)

Secondly, your recommendation makes sense, in fact it is a quite popular question. Changing the order of the portfolio items is quite easy and you have two possible solutions to make it happen.

1) Change the post dates. Portfolio items are posts ( as we know WordPress is a blog engine ), so they are listed chronologically.

2) Use the Post Types Order plugin. It allows you to re-order the items by using a drag and drop interface.

Changing the sequence of the portfolio categories also can be achieved by using a plugin. The plugin called Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order.

Maybe I’ll extend the theme with a self-made solution to solve portfolio item and category ordering. Until then the mentioned plugins can do the job :)


Hi, I’ve a problem with Services.

The icon not are correctly aligned.



The “Domotica e Videosorveglianza” has a bit longer title than the others, therefore it is taller than the other two items in the first row. You can fix this problem by adding the read more link right after the word manutenzione. After then your services section should look something like this :