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Nice Work :) GLWS

Great theme, glws mate! ;)

The font you are using in h1 and h2 looks not fine. Even in your demo page.

Thanks. I sent you a mail.

Thanks Gezafodor, Let me know if you have any other issues.

Thank you for your quick support.

Hello, great job, it was something I was looking for …. It is possible to enter a captcha service in email form?

Hi Passado, Sorry but I hadn’t planned on putting a captcha in Me.Card. It would take a bit of development, but it is possible to insert one.

Would it be easy to add another button e.g. ‘Education’ and a new page to navigate to (basically a copy of the ‘about me’ page)?

Yes, it would be easy to do. The HTML is well commented and should be esay enough to follow and do this extra page.

Great theme. Anyway to get new social icons for social networks like

Hey PM me your email so I can send you the icon, thanks.

Hey there. Would you happen to know how I could put a picture/logo in the space indicated on this screen shot and also decrease the space at the top so that rest of the page doesn’t move down further. Thanks.

Hey Malcom,

To reduce the top spacing, goto the styles.css, find ”.tab-container” and change the top margin that is currently set to 10%.

To insert an image in the space you want you will need to add an image outside of the .tab-container and then position it yourself with css depending on the size and location you want it.

I have purchased and downloaded the template but when I try to install it (wordpress 3.8) it says “Stylesheet is missing”. How can I solve the issue?

Hi incubusx, You can’t install this into Wordpress as it is not a Wordpress theme.