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Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with sales! :-)

Thanks a lot)

Thanks a lot)

Molodec. Udachi v prodajah :)

Thanks a lot)

Very nice work on Medex – Medical, Doctor and Health care Responsive. the code is super clean and easy to work with. I will be ready for your next theme thanks :) I give this theme 10 Stars

We are very thankful for your high opinion, we appreciate this very much!

Nice theme!! I have a question before purchasing it. is there any option to change color theme?

thank you!

The function of changing of the color scheme will be activated within 7 days.

Thank you for having contacted us!

Hello. I’m glad to purchased this awesome theme. But i have 1 question about carousel. How can i make it autoplay. Cause Carousel begin to play if click on previous next item buttons.

Thanks For Help.

Medex Theme uses Twitter Bootstrap 2.2.1 and suppourts all its settings.

$(’.carousel’).carousel({ interval:0 })

in which file and which line?

I purchased. Thanks for your work

Thanks a lot)

Template looks great. What font did you use for the Medex logo?

Great template, nice color scheme update

Thanks a lot)

will you gonna build the Wordpress Version?

This is not a valid HTML5 template and I have already purchased :(

How can I add sub-menu (level 2) for top and left menu. Does it support?

The submenu of the 2d level is not available at the moment., will be available withtin the next updates.

Hi. I want to purchase this theme, but I don’t wanna the motion effects on the home page. How hard it is o turn them off or change to fade-in/out or slide? Thanks.

We can do this for you for the token consideration.

Any Wordpress Version?

Wordpress version will be 01.08.2013

Hi, tomorrow do will publish wordpress version?

We are sorry. The release is delayed.

Please update me for date

Hello, i urgent need WP version, could you give exact time frames? Thank you.

Hello, i urgent need WP version, could you give exact time frames? Thank you.

Hello, WP delayed till when ? Thanks.

Good day, we are working on it. Thank you!