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Purchased the template and love it but need some assistance for the carousel “meet the doctors”. I would like it to autoplay, instead of having to select the previous and next buttons.

I see that you have provided $(’.carousel’).carousel({ interval:0 }) in a previous post, but where do I place this in the bootstrap? Thanks

Thank you for purchasing the theme MEDEX!

Please enter the code of the second line in the file custom.js

Is this a WordPress theme? I have read through the comments and many lead me to believe that this isn’t and you are still working on designing it? Thanks, B

I have purchased this template, it works great. I have one quick question : Can i use the doctor photographs for my website?

Thank you for the purchase of our theme template. The rights on the photos are not included in the cost of the template. They were provided for the reference only.

Hi, your templates font not compatible turkish characters like “?” and why navigation is pair? Bigwig theme is responsible and has one navigation.

Hello Sorry but the fonts installed in the theme, do not support the Turkish language. Try to replace the fonts.

Can i have disable to responsive easly?

In the file “css / bootstrap.css” Delete the lines:
  • 24-31
  • 104 – 224

@ media (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 979px) { ... }

PLease reply my mail

Development wordpress version is nearing completion

Does the template support RTL?

Hello. Sorry but our template doesn’t support RTL. We will work on this during creating WordPress Theme.

very beautiful theme. i urgent need WP version, could you give exact time frames? i’m waiting for purchase your theme for my project. Thank you.

Hello. We are very pleased that you are interested in our product. Within this month the theme will be offered for sale.

hi my account balance is 20 how can i buy this item thanks



same problem for me,no WP theme for sale yet,

OUR dearest Russian-Themes said that ” Within this month the theme will be offered for sale” please tel us to extract time theme will be released. thank you..

I know we cannot use the images, but what about the red/blue headers that are on the page layouts and behind the main homepage slider?

For what purposes do you plan to use the “red / blue headers”?

The purpose would be to leave them as part of the design template. I have replaced them with my own custom color patterns. I didn’t know if the original patterns transferred to me as a buyer to use with this template or not? Great theme!

Is Wordpress theme ready? I just bought static one by mistake. :( It’s ok, but I need wordpress one asap. Thanks

Hi, I’ve bought this template and I rly like it. But I see there are a couple of errors in the console log:

1. TypeError: $(...).countdown is not a function error source line: $(’#countdown’).countdown({until: austDay});

2. “NetworkError: 404 Not Found –"

3. “NetworkError: 404 Not Found –"

These are the same errors as on my localhost.

How can I fix it?

Thank you.

Hello. Thank you for your purchase. 1) Replace the line: $ (’# countdown’). countdown ({until: austDay}); $ (’# year’). text (austDay.getFullYear ()); on: if ($ (“div”). is (”# countdown”)) { $ (’# countdown’). countdown ({until: austDay}); $ (’# year’). text (austDay.getFullYear ()); } 2) Create an empty file at http://your-website/layerslider/skins/glass/skin.css 3) On what page can be seen this error?

That error you can see when you mouse over an image. I guess the following styles will tell you more : .link-img:hover{margin:0;padding-bottom:6px;background:url(images/26.png) repeat-x bottom #f8f4f4} (line 302 at style.css). I couldn’t find that image in the folder.

We have updated the file, after checking by a moderator, it will be available.

1 – Could you tell me which files were modified in the last update? 2 – the site search engine does not work, there is some script to incorporate? 3 – The blog is just one example? 4 – On the documentation and there is an email form. Never answer questions

In google

Can you please tell when the wordpress theme will be launched for this template?

We are waiting since 3 months…

Anticipating quick response from your side..


Hi.. Please reply for the theme release date..

I bought this thinking it was for wordpress. Do you have a Wordpress version? Can I return or exchange?

The download is not working….... it’s damn slow

The download link doesn’t seem to download anything. My all other downloads are working perfectly

secondly i read that is a spam and virus site . This is where you have uploaded the zip file to

Submit and send details of your issue to our support support[dog]

I can’t download :(

Porque os PSD´s não estão no arquivo, quando vemos o modelo, ele tem opção de mudar a cor do template, mas quando baixamos os PSD´s não estão e a opção de mudança de cor não aparece.