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This is awesome. An example of an sitedesign for real live businesses. No cartoonlike graphics but an excellent design for serious companies.

Fantastic work Starshade !!

Do you have plans to Wordpress this ?

this looks perfect. If you wordpress this I will buy it!

Thank you for your comments. Regarding wordpress version, I thought about it for some time before releasing this html version, however I don’t think I have the time to do it this year since I have other priorities right now. I will also see how sales of this version go and take a decision some time in the future.

Kind regards,


looks clean and beautiful

Hi starshade, niche theme.

One question: Is there any way to include characters like ñ or letters with accents like ú,í,ó…?


Hi, yes, this operation should be simple. As far as I know in the normal content text that’s 11px you can use these special characters.

However they don’t render in header titles. To solve this problem you download the font liberation sans(or use other font you like) from here: http://www.dafont.com/Liberation-Sans.Font

Then you go to http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/, chose the font you want to convert and after you scroll down a bit in the “Include the following glyphs (if available)” you also check the box Latin-1 Supplement. After you generate the js you replace it with the old js used by me (Liberation_Sans_400.font.js) and you will have those special characters in your headers too.

Thank you! now it´s working perfectly.

You welcome :)

Hello Starshade,

What a great design, clean very nice! I was wondering if the animations on the home page are clickable. I tried to click on the “learn more” tab and nothing happened…

You have an interesting handle, I just met a person calling themselves Starshade in Yosemite California recently. Was that you?


Hello bluemoonstudioFor, yes the animations on homepage are clickable: - in the first frame: flower image is clickable and also learn more button is clickable - in the second frame the whole image is clickable - in third frame, both image and description text is clickable You haven’t noticed that because I put only a # on those links, and nothing else.

Regarding my nickname, I would say no, for sure it wasn’t me, I currently live in Europe and never visited America. If you have other questions don’t hesitate to ask me :)

Great work! I wish there were more business-like designs on Themeforest. I will be buying this in the near future for a project. Nice work!

Hi nashh, thank you for your comment. There will be more business themes around here, because I will continue to make more in the future :)

Excellent work, congrats! I was wondering about contact form. Does it work?

hello manu_el_ayar, thank you for your comment, regarding the contact form, it’s only html/css, I haven’t included any validation functionality for it.

Impressive work! Outstanding, words are meaningless.

Thanks, I am glad you like it.

Congrats for the sales ! :)

Bravo this is a great template.

Thanks for comments!

Excellent work.

Version WP ?

Thanks for comment. Seeing that sales for this version are pretty good so far, I might switch some of my priorities and make a wp version in the near future.

Awesome work!

Clean and simple … very good work!

Awesome template. Could you please include a working email form? Thank you!

I have been asked about this before. I know it’s a drawback, the fact is that if I knew how to do this I would have already released it with a working email form, but I not too good at programming. I will try to at least make a jquery validation to it in the near future.


Starshade / Golden Works

Another question. How can I implement that the menupoint (for example ABOUT US ) is in a different color when Iam on the ABOUT US website. Like a highlight or “active” kinda css thing :D


Go to the folder of color theme of your choice, for example white_orange and open the styles.css.

Add the following code at the end of it: .jqueryslidemenu ul .selected a { color:#f87b27; }

In this class you can add styles for your active/highlighted links, in this case I added an orange color to the active link menu.

Open about_us.html, go to line with the code:

<li><a href=”about_us.html”>About Us</a></li>

Replace this line by adding to <li> tag the class “selected” like that:

<li class=”selected”><a href=”about_us.html”>About Us</a></li>

For other pages, this is similar. Example: for contact page, open contact.html and replace the line:

<li><a href=”contact.html”>Contact</a></li>

with this one:

<li class=”selected”><a href=”contact.html”>Contact</a></li>

Basically you add the class “selected” to the link you want to highlight as active. Hope this helps.

I just want you to know how impressive your theme is. I’ve been waiting for a clean, useful, and beautiful theme like this. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for nice comment :)

awesome support thanks for the css tutorial :)

You welcome. Just to let you know, I started working on a form validation script(both jquery and php) and hopefully it will be included as an update for this template as soon as I make it working properly.

Starshade / Golden Works