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PERFECT Template for my needs!!!

Like others have said this would be ideal for me…. if it was word-pressed!

Sounds like pressure is mounting!


I a interested in this theme… but I have used Wordpress, and I don´t know much about HTML or any programing language,.... is there any “control panel” (like in wordpress) to customize this theme, and to add text, add pages, add post, etc…

Sorry for this question (may be is silly), but I don´t really know how difficult will be to setup a site with this template.



I am interested in this theme… its design is really grea, tbut I have used Wordpress in the past, and I don´t know much about HTML or any programing language,.... is there any “control panel” (like in wordpress) to customize this theme, and to add text, add pages, add post, etc… or will be only html

Sorry for this question (maybe is silly), but I don´t really know how difficult will be to setup a site with this template.


Hello julesbg, thank you for your interest. The theme is only html/css/js, it has no control panel or any other automated possibility to add new pages. However customizing it is very easy, everything is done in a separate css file(where you can change colors, backgrounds or background image) without interacting with the core structure. It also contains a separate css file for typography, where you can setup font sizes, font types, font weights/styles. Switching between the 8 present themes is also very easy, all you have to do is to comment a line and uncomment another line, this operation is explained in the provided documentation. However for doing these easily you need to know some basic html and css. Also switching between themes in the psds provided is simple(and explained), via a single click.

I also prepare an update for this theme which will contain a working jquery/php contact validation form and a few other code fixes. A wordpress version might come up Hope I answered your questions.

Starshade / Golden Works

Great Theme….

I wait for the WP-Version. Hope it will be released soon.

Great job !!!

i really like this template, good work mate.


You mentioned in a post that it isn’t possible to “add” more pages. So the eight pages that it came with is max?

Or am I misunderstanding something?

Hello mglodfelter, the template comes with 9 different pages. You can modify and do whatever you like with these. You can also make a site that contains as many pages as you like(so you can of course add more pages), but you must create these pages manually, I tried to explain that you don’t have a content management system(like wordpress does) to easily create them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t duplicate and modify the existent templates to create new ones.


The theme has been updated with a working jquery/php contact form validation. Documentation has been updated accordingly.

Great clean business theme! A+

Thanks for comment :)

Agreed. VERY nice.

I’m a pretty big WordPress fan myself. If you had a relatively short time frame for a WP version, I’d definitely wait for that.

For my own needs (upcoming Mac consulting site) this HTML version may be enough though, as I wouldn’t be updating a company site as often and wouldn’t need widgets, etc. I do fine with reading/writing HTML , CSS and PHP .


I think I’ll wait to hear back about your time frame/workload with regard to a WP version. I don’t mind paying for this one if you just need a (financial) vote for WP. :)



Hello bhamm, regarding the wp version, I still don’t know exactly when I’ll have the time to make it. However I can assure you that I won’t be able to release it earlier than end of November / beginning of December and I still cannot guarantee 100% that I will finish it this year. I work full time (9 hours/day) as a web designer and I also have some freelance projects that need to be completed.

Now it also depends on how much you are willing to wait / or need your project to be completed.

Starshade / Golden Works

@ StarShade

Nice work, I really like this, it’s clean & fresh :)

(I tried it with both FF 3 .5.3 and IE7 at 1024 res.)

1) The full view big lightbox image pop up doesn’t work on the portfolio.html page? The big lightbox image pop works fine on the blog_detail.html and the contact.php (Most of the portfolio templates here have this feature working)

Does the lightbox feature work on the portfolio.html download version or will I have to pay extra to get it work?

2) I just wanted to let you know I think I may have found a small bug on the tables on the about_us.html in FF 3 .5.3 It’s strange because when I first opened the the page the tables were all messed up but when I refreshed the page it was ok. (The tables look fine in IE7 on the about_us.html)

Hello Creative Media!

1) the full big lightbox was not intented to work on portfolio page, because the final user might want to point to a full detailed project page instead of opening the image in a lightbox. To make the lightbox work on portfolio page doesn’t take more than 1 minute, you just copy / paste the code from blog_detail.html or other page that has lightbox. And no, I won’t charge you to make this work for you, since you can just do it yourself very easy or if you really want I can do it for you, for free.

2) The tables are semantically coded and everything was tested intensively in ie6-ie8, firefox 2-3, safari, chrome. Of course there is no bug free program in this world, but if there was a problem with these tables I would surely have figured it out until now. Maybe it’s something related to the theme forest top bar that make tables render strangely.


Starshade / Golden Works

@ StarShade

Thanks for your reply. I just bought it :)

Keep up the good work!

Best regards


Your welcome :)

I sent you a message from your profile page.

@ StarShade

Thank you for the great support!

I just gave this a 5 Star Rate!

Keep up that good work! :)

Great Theme, Ive been off the website scene for at least 12 months working hard at Bicycle training and expedition leadership skills. I have decided to look at starting my own cycle training business and to make a start I have purchased your theme and am currently manipulating it to my preferences. I have a super logo that I have been working on in cs3 photoshop. Just in the process of changing the buttons, doing a bit day by day and its looking good so far. Have never really learned php so may get a bit stuck on the contact page, is this easy or complicated to get working? I must congratulate you on a wonderful simplistic and user friendly template. Thanks again.

Hello, thanks for comments, regarding the php contact form, there’s nothing complicated about it, all you have to do is change a single line of code with your email(you don’t need to know programming to do this). It’s all written in documentation.

I was about to buy this if it was WP. Are you sure you’re not going to WP this theme?

Hello, I didn’t say I won’t wordpress this, however I won’t wordpress it now, a wordpress version is likely to appear in the beginning of December.


Starshade / Golden Works

how does it works the comments field in the blog page?

Hello, this theme is html / css / js only. There is no functionality added to the comments fields. And other than that, I didn’t create any styles for comments in this theme.


Starshade / Golden Works

Hi Starshade Re the home page rotating banner: I like the 1st panel style that includes text box, and would prefer to have all images display as the first.

I would like the text to change along with each new visual. Possible? Easy? Already planned for that?

This is a great looking template. Thanks for your response.

Hello voodoogal, the feature you are asking for is very easy to obtain. The code from the first panel must be copied to the second, third, etc panel. This is why I included 3 different panel models: so that the buyer will have 3 different models to chose from. You can multiply any of the 3 panel models to have the same effect on each frame. It’s all about copy / paste :)


Starshade / Golden Works

This is just awesome, great work!