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Thanks a lot for your comments :)

I’d buy a WordPress version as well.

Hi, is there any chance to make “selected style” on categories menu navigation in the “blog_itemlist.html” for example?


Hello, yes it is possible. Just as the main menu has the selected class that takes all the styles from hover instances, you can do the same thing to blog item categories: make a new class where you define all the styles from hover navigation and apply it to the link you want to make active. If you have problems with this send me a pm, I can do it for you.

Kind regards,

Starshade / Golden Works

Thank you very much for your quick response.


Hi Is it possible to turn this to a wordpress theme?

Hello archesem, yes, of course it is possible to turn it into wordpress. I have plans myself to do it and release a wordpress version soon.

Kind regards,

Starshade / Golden Works

how can i change the duration of the slideshow? thxs!

Hello creativa4,

Go to js folder and open the file slideswitch.js. At the end of this file you will find this line: setInterval( “slideSwitch()”, 5000 );
5000 represents 5 seconds duration. Just modify this value(to increase or decrease the duration) according to your own needs.

Kind regards,

Starshade / Golden Works

A Wordpress version should make you a rich man :-) I also will buy that in addition to this

Make a wordpress version and I would buy it in 1 second!

Thanks for nice comments, a wordpress version will be released in the near future.

I’m glad that you’re considering a Wordpress version, I will definitely buy when you release it! You do great work!


I’ll buy the wordress theme immediately if released in the next 4 weeks – what’s the likelyhood of you getting the WP version on sale in 4 wks?

Hello ant0, regarding the wp version, I will say that it’s very likely to be completed within 1 month, but I can’t guarantee you this 100%.

Will definitely buy this if/when WP version arrives. Fantastic work!

Hi, great template, very easy to edit. Just having one issue. Can you instruct me on the correct way to edit the logo? I have a png image I would like to us. I inserted the image within the div logo (not sure if that’s right) and I cant figure out how to get rid of the “Media Consult” text and icon?

Thanks for your help.

Hello mstell168,

To get rid of the default logo, open the styles.css situated in the folder of the theme you used: for example, for default white orange theme you open styles.css situated in css\white_orange. On line 33 you have the following syntax:

#logo a { background:url(logo.png) no-repeat; }

Replace the logo.png with the logo of your choice. You can also simply delete it, and put the logo in html with img src.

Kind regards,

Starshade / Goldenworks

Hi there,

I realize this is a real “beginners” question—but I’m really stuck. How do I switch from the default orange/white theme? In your instructions you say to “access layer comps”—sorry, but I have no idea what that means. Help?

Thanks, A.M.

Hello andimcdaniel,

In the help file this is explained step by step very clearly, however please note that layer comps are available in photoshop when you open the psd files I provided along with the theme. Simply go to window and in the menu list that shows up click on layer comps. A small box will appear on the right. In that box you can click on each small square that’s situated in the left of each theme name. This will switch between themes in photoshop layouts. To switch between themes in the theme files, go to css folder and open index.css in the editor of your choice and look for this code:

@import url("white_orange/styles.css"); /* @import url("white_blue/styles.css"); @import url("white_green/styles.css"); ... */

Everything that’s between /* */ means it’s inactive – in our case the only active theme is white orange because is not between these marks. So, for example, to make the green theme active, change the above code like this:

@import url("white_green/styles.css"); /* @import url("white_orange/styles.css"); @import url("white_blue/styles.css"); ... */

So now white green theme is currently active, all the other themes, including white orange are deactivated since they are between /* */. Hope this helps.


Hi Starshade,

Thanks for your response. I guess my confusion stems from not understanding how the Photoshop files and other files are supposed to work together. I am adjusting the template in Dreamweaver—but could I be doing it in Photoshop? I didn’t even realize that was an option.

Thanks, A.M.

Please note that photoshop files do not work together with the actual theme that consists of html/css/js/php files. Almost every site is being drawn in a graphic program like photoshop. After that, the photoshop layouts are transformed in html pages, styled with css and enhanced with javascript/flash. The psd files are helpful in case you are not happy with the provided themes and you want to create a new one(change colors, font sizes, rearange boxes, etc, but this is helpful only so you can make an image for future site – so you will know how it would look like, not to actually create it).

To directly adjust one of the themes, dreamweaver is the solution. With dreamweaver(or any other text editor) you can open the index.css and switch between themes.

Your title says this is a “Business, Portfolio and Blog theme” but your entry is categorized under website templates .. Is it a Wordpress theme or HTML /CSS template?

The layout is addressed to business, portfolio or blog sites, however it does not have wordpress functionality, it is a html/css template.

Hey starshade,

I’m curious when you think the WP version will be out. In some other comments, you said within a month.

I ask because I have a timeline on a project and would love to use your theme if it comes out.


It will out around 15th December, I have so many things to do that I barely have time for it.

Hi Starshade,

I just wanted to compliment you on this template, it is truly outstanding. I really like how clean it is and how well laid out all the different pages are. It’s great that you included different color versions.

Your efforts are really appreciated.

Like many of the other people, I’ll be waiting for the Wordpress version. Hopefully you’ll be able to find the time to complete it soon.

Keep up the good work!


Bought this file for a client and not only is he pleased with it, but i am also. The structure of the site (all the css and scripting) is very well made, it is extreamily easy to layout each page as you like and it works seemlessly.

The contact form verification is brilliant, and you already have a basic php mail class incorporated, this will save me a lot of time when i want to collect the mail data for my own php mail class.

I love it, Awesome work. I would recommend this template to anyone, it is very easy to manipulate the css styling and incorporate your own javascript.

Thanks for the great file :)

Thanks for nice comments!

Kind regards,



I just had a client stick me with this template as a “WordPress” template that only needed a few changes and uploading onto a server. facepalm You can tell I’m still green as a freelancer, right? Anyway, I saw in the discussion that you expect to come out with a WP version of this in early December… how early? Not tomorrow, by any chance? lol Figured I would try, anyway.

Thanks, Sara

Hello Sara,

The wp version is in the works, but it won’t be completed that soon.