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Does this theme allow for lightbox in the portfolio page?


Hello, yes of course it does. The functionality is simply not attached to those portfolio images, but it can be copy / pasted from contact map or any other section that has lightbox.



Great work! My personal web site ( & Blog to be) just went live on this last week. I love it!

The best html i ever bought on Theme Forest so far.



Hi starshade!

I am glad you decided to Wordpress this theme. I wrote you some months ago and I read that you are about to release a Wordpress version around December the 15th. I definitely wait for it. It is a great theme I am preaty sure it will be for Wordpress also.


Hi. I would also love to see a wordpress version of this. Is the 15th really when it’s all going down? Also will the WP them include the html files. Lovely work. Thank you.

Patiently waiting for a WP version :)

Me as well ;)

I bought this theme to use while I waited for the WP version, and I must say that it was easier to use than I thought it would be!

I have bought a few themes on Theme Forest, and this is one of the best I have seen.


To let everyone know: the wordpress version of this theme is postponed now, along with the new theme I was planning to release before Christmas. I am sorry for this.

A beautifully coded and extremely well documented!! A nice easy theme to work with.

Great stuff Golden Works


I am planning to use this template along with ASP .NET.

Please let me know if any technical compatibility problems with this template

Thanks Sree


The contact validation script that comes with this theme is made with php. You will have to redo this section with ASP .NET. Other than this, the template contains only html/css/js files so there are no compatibility problems with it.

Starshade / Golden Works


I like that theme very much and I want to know when this theme for wordpress will be ready? ;-)

Hello elo,

I can’t be 100% sure of when I will get it done. At this moment is approx. 70% completed, but I still have to write an extensive documentation for it. I’m on vacation until 4th of January 2010 and I won’t work on it too much in this period but I’ll do my best to get it done as soon as possible.

Hi starshade, this WP theme is really awesome! 4 quick questions - is there a easy way to reduce the hight of the menü naviagtion elements? (its because i have manny Subpages and i dont want to have the submenues too long)

- can i use WP widgets?

- how can i choose the different templates?

- can we pay you to make some really smal changes on this template (Changes like the menue hight or a bacground image behind the Toparea (behind the Menue)

Thanks and kind regrds Sascha

Hello macuser74,

Please note this is not a wordpress version, it’s a html/css/js template with some php attached to it for contact validation. Regarding the wordpress version, yes it will be widgetised and you will be able to switch between templates in the wordpress admin panel. And yes I can help you with the small changes you need regarding this template, if you are interested. Wordpress version is still in the works at the moment.

Kind regards,

Starshade / Goldenworks

Simply well done.

Definitely interested in the wordpress version… Glad it is still in the works.. I’m patient. If you code this clean, I’ll wait.



Im also waiting for the WP version. The template is really sweet, i want to buy it. But then i need to edit it with texteditor.

With WP its goes 10x as fast!

We all wait in patiance.

I bought it ! Its great !


Excellent template – I love it so far…

Is there any way to make the slider so that the user can click on a dot/number/arrow-left or arrow-right to scroll between the slides? If this is not difficult, could you provide the code?

Thanks so much!

Hello, the script I used for slider can be found here: http://jonraasch.com/blog/a-simple-jquery-slideshow . As far as I know it doesn’t have option for arrows or dots/numbers to browse through slides, so I can’t help you with that.

Theme looks great; just bought it.


fg Purchased

Any chance to get a sneak preview of the WP-Version ? I’m running out of patience ;-)

TIA , fg


Also waiting for the Wordpress version. Looks good so far though.