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I love the simplicity & layout of your design. I, like many others, am going to wait for the WordPress version. Do you have a new estimated time of arrival?


Just bought the template. It Rocks! Spent 1 hour adding my own content—I have to say that this template is one of the better coded and documented templates out there. Changing the logo container dimensions along with repositioning the menu and search box was a breeze, thanks to well-crafted CSS .

I will incorporate a WP blog, and I like the included suggested layout—however I may wait until the WP theme is out by the author. I’ll save me 8 hours of template work (although I’m sure the author will spent about 100 hours on it (with better coding and documentation).

This template is a class act. Thanks for the great work on this!!

Thank you very much for your kind comments! I am glad that you like it. More things(and hopefully better ones) to come from me soon.

Hi I bought your template and am having trouble changing the navigation link color…can you help? Thanks! Kenny

Hello highermonkey,

Open styles.css with editor of your choice from active theme, (ex. css\white_orange\styles.css for default white orange skin), look for these lines:

.jqueryslidemenu ul li a {
.jqueryslidemenu ul li a:hover {
    background:#fff; /* background of tabs */

Here you can change the menu colors by replacing the hexazecimal code(7d7d7d for example) with another color code. Hover state is when you roll your mouse over it.

Hope this helps,

Starshade / Goldenworks

Thanks so much for your timely reply. I will surely recommend you to other designers I know! One more question. The design I am trying to achieve with your template is just a bit too WHITE ! I am hoping to add some key lines down the left and right side of the “Box” and then fill in the corresponding space with a color. Here is the affect I am trying to achieve…White background box surrounded by blue: http://www.cgdrblaw.com/new_site/

I have tried several times with your template to achieve this affect but have been unsuccessful? Can you assist? I would be happy to contribute more money to you. Thanks!


Hello highermonkey,

Yes I can assist you, I can make a whole custom theme scheme for you, please leave me a pm via my profile with a clear description of your request.

Kind regards,

Starshade / Goldenworks

I am very happy with this site, however the search and newsletter signup do not seem to work – can you tell me what i need to do to make these work?

Thank you

Hello susang,

To make the search work you need all your site content to be stored in a database, it’s not that straightforward as working with plain html/css. I am not really sure how a newsletter works but I think that also needs a database. I can’t help you with those unfortunately because I have just some basic programming knowledge, I am specialized in design. Please try to consult an experimented programmer for this job.

Kind regards,

Starshade / Goldenworks

Do you have any plans to release as a wordpress theme, I am ready to buy.

Awesome dude, thanks!

Hey there, do you have the wordpress version coming soon?


Hello everyone, regarding wordpress version, absolutely yes, it will be released as soon as possible.

Just purchased, look very nice. My download did not containg any of the images used in the slider or portfolio, just grey boxes.

Is this correct or is my zip file wrong somehow?


Hello raveon, yes it’s correct to be like that. The images that are used in demo are just for presentation and they are not a part of the template.


Starshade / Golden Works

Thanks starshade. What about fonts? I started to edit the logo in PS but I don’t have the font LiberationSans Regular.

Can you supply?

Liberation sans font family can be downloaded from here: http://www.dafont.com/Liberation-Sans.Font

We are not allowed to include fonts in our themes.

Hello, I was wondering if you have any idea when you will be releasing the Wordpress edition or how far along you are. I am really looking forward to it.


Hey This may be a dumb question but is this a wordpress site? I am new to this and I am trying to figure this out.

@ jadorelove – this is a html/css template, not wordpress
@ idontcare – I have finished my third theme and submitted it to themeforest(waiting for approval), so now my focus is on wordpress version of Media Consult. I won’t be starting any other work until I get this done. I will release it soon.

Hi Starshade,

Will the Wordpress version be available to anyone who’s downloaded the current version?

Thanks, Andi

The wordpress version will be a separate product that will be available for buy in the wordpress section.

One of the more realistic and sensible themes in the business category – or should I say one of the very few sensible ones!

While everyone is bizarrely hooked on JQuery sliders and the like (art for art’s sake), and I guess this is no exception, the rest of the layout does give a business a chance to get its realistic message and product/service information over.

As for most themes here, they appear to be designed by complete dreamers who know very little about business!

I’ve been designing web sites for 6 years using the Mac only tool Freeway – it doesn’t have an ‘import’ theme option so I’m wondering how I would use this template? I’m not very good at understanding the concept of templates, really, don’t know why (must be a bit thick I guess!). I’ve got a grasp of html and css but am no expert in these areas, but just enough to hack around and tweak things. I guess I’m curious to know how I could amend, tweak and replicate pages, add images, add additional menu systems, break columns etc. It’s probably easier in something like Dreamweaver or GolIve where you can import themes (?), but I can’t drive them.

Hmmm, what to do! Still, nice looking piece of work, wish there were more like this around.


Hello hectorthepudding,

Thank you for your nice comment. This theme has html, css, javascript and 1 php contact file. I used dreamweaver to create all these files, so you can open them with dreamweaver and simply edit the content between different tags(I suggest using the show code view). Changing theme colors/backgrounds is done via a single very well commented css file, font-sizes and line spacing properties can be found in other separate css file named typography.css. Styles that define the html structure are defined in another separate file, general_styles.css. Since you stated you know basic html and css there shouldn’t be a problem to customize this template.

Dear Author, How can I add hyperlinks to the content in the right-hand column? Everytime I create a hyperlink there it doesn’t work, both for links to spots within the website, and to other sites. Do you know why?

I believe this section is called “latest-news” in your code.

Thank you!


Hello simajnasr,

There are already hyperlinks in latest-news box, but the underline decoration doesn’t show up because I reseted that property. To fix this, open typography.css and at the end of it add the following:

.ln-list li h6 a {

I hope this solves your problem, if it’s not what you were asking for, please drop me an email via contact form on my profile with more details and I’ll glady answer your question.

Kind regards,

Starshade / Golden Works

Hi Starshade, do you have an ETA for the wordpress version?

Great design btw.

Great template. When is the wordpress version coming out?

Hey there ! I’m really considering buying this, great work ! Can you tell me more about the blog section ? Like, how do you post new articles ? do you log in somewhere ?