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I’m excited to see how your wordpress version. We have 14 days more left to wait..;-)

Ditto! Can’t wait for this to come out! Bought the original but have decided to go with WP… worth the extra money. Thanks for being responsive to the many requests about a delivery date.

2 days more to go…

Hi, very nice template. But I have a problem. When I opened in explorer template crashes. But in mozilla it does not. what is the problem. how can I solve it.

Hello lizard1976,

I have no problem with this theme in internet explorer 6,7 and 8. I don’t know what exactly causes your problem. This theme has been tested not only by me, but also by ThemeForest review staff when I submitted it and if it had this problem it wouldn’t be accepted for sale here in the first place.

Yes of course it is very good template. you can look at it may be I made something wrong but I could not solve this. maybe you can help me for finding this problem… thx for your help.

Hello everyone,

Regarding the wordpress version of this theme, I announce that I am a bit behind schedule with it, but most of it is completed – all template pages(contact, services, news, blog, portfolio with plenty of backend options) are done, the only things left are the sidebar(which will be widgetized), homepage, search page and the generic static page. Everything along with documentation will be completed in a few days.

Regards and sorry for delays,


Hi starshade, Can you tell where to get the icon set you used for this template ? Thx :)

Hello lulu62,

The icons that I used for services page is called bright and can be downloaded for free from here:

Social media icons are taken from here(and are also available to download for free):
Kind regards,


Nice them indeed, any updates on the wp-version? I would like to recommend this one for a customer next monday.

Hello gijsvh,

Regarding the wordpress version, the only things that need to be finished are the homepage(which is currently in the works) and a couple of aspects regarding the sidebar. All template pages, search, archive & static pages are completed. I’ll submit it this weekend to Theme Forest staff for review.

Important announcement:

The wordpress version of Media Consult has just been completed as we speak.
The only things left to do is populate the demo and write it’s documentation. I apologize for delay, I worked all this weekend to fix each and every bug and make it as flexible as possible.

Hello everyone !

Wordpress version of Media consult is finally available for purchase!

You can find it here:

Is it possible to have pages show up on the slider as opposed to posts. Or at least have the images link to pages instead of posts. I’m using the Wordpress version of the theme.

Ideally, I’d like things to appear in exactly the same way as the live preview.

Really good theme – one of the better ones on Theme F for sure.

Hello UltramodGroup,

Basically each post in the slider links to it’s own page, even though you are adding posts on the homepage, they point to their own page. That’s how it’s made in the demo and it should work the same for you. Remember to follow the instructions exactly and add a read more separator when adding posts into homepage slider. If you have difficulties achieving this, you might drop me an email.



Hi Starshade I have a question. First the themesite is great and easy to use. So i need to use the blog,but i don’t know how does it works. Where i put the new artciles? Need i a registration? If a people want to leave a comment how can they do? Only the administrator can leave and write articles? Thank you so much

To have a working blog, I recommend you purchase the wordpress version of this theme, that can be found here:

This is only html/css and you can’t have backend options / registration / blog posting mechanism with only this. However the wordpress version of this theme comes with everything: blog, comments, custom built in pages and so on. However you need to have basic wordpress knowledge to use a custom theme.



Dear Starshade,

I bought the web-site … it is really good.

I have some questions:

- When I click “contact” on the screen appears php source code … not the screen of the preview … e-mail contact works ?

- How to use the Blog … it is required wordpress (may I update this version 22$ with the others version 32$) ?

- How to Sign-up for Newsletter.

Thanks, Cristiano

Hello cristianofagioli,

You need php server to run php files. The easiest method to have this is installing easyphp( or xampp( Yes, the email contact works, but after you upload the files to your server and set a valid email address. Also make sure your host supports the mail() functions, some customers had issues with this. There is no need for easyphp/xmapp if you upload your theme on your host, easyphp/xampp is needed only if you want to run your files locally on your computer.

The blog is functional only in the wordpress version of this theme. Regarding the update, please contact Envato support and see if they can offer you a discount, I can’t help you with this issue. Also, note that wordpress version doesn’t come with newsletter.




Great theme.

Quick Question. The email for newsletter function, is it the same as the contact.php format that all you really need to do is change the email address?


Hello cmdiggs,

The newsletter in this theme has no functionality, only the html form is displayed. A newsletter is a lot more complex than a contact form.



Hi starshade

Thank you for reply me. I have anothr question. How dpes it works the newsletter? How to sign-up for the newsletter?


There is no functionality to the newsletter, it’s just the html form.

Hi Starshade,

How to add an attachment file (.pdf or doc) to the contact ? Let me know the php code.


This template is fantastic!! If any of you would like to see my use of this template in action, visit

I put a lot of bells ‘n whistles into this, including the user’s ability to change styleshets on the fly (go try it). Also, embeeded RSS News Feeds, Twitter feed integration, search functionality and so much more.

Finally, I integrated the WP template for the blog section, but only for the blog section. The rest of the site is the pure html version of the template.

Thanks to Starshade for terrific work! ~Paul

Dear Starshade,

I’ve a problem: when I open with IE (Window 7), it asks to me to activate ActiveX control. When I confirm the activation the size of the text dispayed change size (a little bit bigger). Moreover some simbols that I can see before the activation are not recognized after.

I’ve tested the original version and I continue to have the same problem. Help me.

thanks, Cristiano

Hello cristianofagioli,

ActiveX is disabled by default in all versions of internet explorer when you run your site from your own machine. Once you upload it to your server, this issue will be no more. If by symbols you are referring to special characters like é, ñ etc, then please regenerate your font js using cufon technology – I included step by step walkthrough how to do this in the documentation.



Dear Starshade,

I did what you have suggested: I’ve regenerated the font with cufon technology. Then I put the new file in JS folder and then I’ve changed the name in .html … but it doesn’t work.

Sometimes for one second I can see the right characters, but then they become wrong.

check this page please:

help me, thanks Cristiano

I don’t understand why you transform a javascript file into a html file in the first place. I never said that. Replace the old Liberation_Sans_400.font.js with the new generated javascript file from Make sure it has the same name.


Were any GPL components (e.g. images, js files) used within this template?

If so, please can you list what those are?

Regards, Ben.

The template uses jquery library, which is under GPL license. All other jquery plugins are under the same license. An exception is the cufon font replacement technique, so the js files cufon-yui.js and Liberation_Sans_400.font.js are under MIT license, not GPL . Other than these, the rest of js files are under GPL . The icon sets used for services are royalty free.