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Good day, I am working on that website http://severinetamborero.com/ and I have difficulties to change the ‘home’ title on the first page. I was able to change it by ‘accueil’ in the footer, but not in the header. How can I do it? Thank you very much.

Forgot my previous post, I found what I looked for in the hearder.php Thanks.

Hi Starshade,

I recently encountered some browser instability. On Safari, the sliders are appearing one below the next, rather than as they should in the slideshow and on the health page there is an issue with an attachment called "medical census form" that only is a problem on IE. Any thoughts?


Can you help me please? I just bought this theme but how make the submit emails works in the Contact Page? I send various test messages but I don’t receive it… Where is the place that I put the email adress to receive ?

Thanks and I wait you answer.

Hello, you have a small bug in your template. When switching between the different sections, the template “moves”

Solution: Put this into the body tag: body { overflow: scroll; overflow-x: scroll; }

Thanks for the tip. However that sintax is not w3c valid. Basically only valid templates are accepted on Theme Forest, with the exception of a few attributes(mostly for css3).

But again, thanks :)

I’m curious if there’s a Unicode version of the cufon font used in this template?

HI guys,

anyone knows, how I can do a douple split of the content on a portfolio page?

Please drop me an email with a more detailed explanation of what are you trying to achieve.


I purchased this theme but it was my mistake i choosen different color than what i needed. now, could you please advice how to change the orange color to blue…


I have stated in documentation how to switch between skins. Open index.css found in css foldr and at the top of it you have a list with all the available skins. Default skin is white orange. Uncomment the skin you want to have in use and comment orange one.

Hi, I’ve just bought this theme and is not that familiar with wordpress yet, but I’m learning as a go.

However, on the Demo you have images in the slide show that use the whole width 960 px which don’t show the slide desk, how do I achieve that?

Please post the comment in the media consult wordpress section, not here on the html version. I ask you this so I can see whether or not you purchased the theme.


This is great theme. Is HTML version included in WP version? Or both are separated and need to buy one by one.




The html version is a separate product and it’s not included in the wordpress version. So both are separated.

Hello, I have problems with the change in the slideshow. If I copy three times the first type of slide (the one with the text on the right), the slideshow does not work well. Can you tell me how to fix this bug?

I don’t understand the “does not work well” part. You can drop me an email(via my profile here on tf) with a link to your online site so I can have a look. Also, when adding posts to the slide, make sure you are adding html content correctly(forgetting to close a tag can break the layout, especially on internet explorer).

Hello, how can i do to change the size of the text? please if you can help me with this, i bougth the template and i need to do the changes as soon as possible!


i’d fix it, thanks anyway :p

Please help!

I purchaised this theme, but I have difficulty using tables.

Table borders are not shown properly and I also have problem with table cellpaddings – they simply dont work.

You can see it here: http://www.knjigovodstvo-pula.com/index.php/site/news/tabela_neoporezivih_isplata

Thank you for your help.


Apologize for late reply, I missed this message. About table, you forgot to add class=”tbl” to it. Also remove its border=”1”. So when creating the table, make sure your starting table code is:

<table class="tbl" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" />


I have purchased this template and all is working well at the moment, just two aspects I am stuck on. I have looked through your help file provided with the template but the instructions dont seem to match, I am trying to change the slider so I can remove the text on the right and span an image across the whole front page but cannot locate the ‘Slider’ option in WordPress where the toggle options are as you describe in your help file.

Also, when adding posts is it possible on some to remove the comment and leave a reply box at the bottom and the date and time options etc from the post? A bit similar to the slider post which does not contain these?

For your 1st question: Go to slider -> add new and in the Slider custom options make sure you select “A slide with full width image”.

For 2nd question: yes you could do that to blog posts by changing the template_blog.php and archive.php by removing these lines:

<span>&lt;?php the_time('F jS, Y') ?&gt;</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;&nbsp; <span>&lt;?php comments_popup_link(__('no comments', 'mediaconsult'), __('1 comment', 'mediaconsult'), __('% comments', 'mediaconsult')); ?&gt;</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;

and from single.php this one:

<div class="commententry"> <?php comments_template(); ?> </div>

mediaconsult—uploaded in wordpress, missing index.php page, says incomplete theme because the style sheet is missing, but when I look at the files, I see the .css file, but I don’t see the index.php file..? help!

Hello, it seems you purchased the html version instead of wordpress theme. You should try to contact support and describe your issue, they might offer a refund.

Does this template use PHP Includes?

Hello Laura,

Since most of the files(with the exception of contact.php) are .html, the answer is no, the template doesn’t make use of php includes.

Your table styles are so difficult to use!

I have to use so many classes like odd, even, tbl, td-1 etc

I tried to add an ordinary table, without any classes and it does not work! There are no borders, padding does not work, etc.

Please tell me how I can add just a simple table, white background, with borders?


Apologies for late response. Regarding tables, yes it’s a bit difficult to use them because the code I have included in documentation is incomplete. Please drop me an email and ask for the correct table code and I will send it to you.



I purchased this theme and it’s great love it, one thing tho, I want to put the home slider on every page and as yet can’t find a simple way to do this, any advice?

You can see my current work here – http://iiacquisitions.co.uk/wordpress/

So if you click on ‘about’ you’ll see the page, and I want to put the slider on that page, if you click on ‘example page’ you’ll see I’ve managed to hack together a custom template for that page, but alas the slider won’t work :-(

Neil Kelsey

Unfortunately there is no simple way to do this, you would need to adapt every template and both page.php and single.php to achieve this. For static pages, such as about or services, the page.php is used by wordpress. For blog, the template_blog.php is used, for contact, template_contact.php and so on. single.php is used only by blog post detail. You would need to copy / paste the slider code from index.php into all these pages and maybe make few changes to some variables to make it work properly.

Before posting to the forum, I have honestly tried to rectify the issue I am having by going to the WordPress Codex, perusing other forums and dozens of websites. For whatever reason, I seem to be missing something.

All I wish to do is place the sidebar in the Media Consult theme on the left-hand side for my “product” pages. I have created a new template, as well as sidebar (sidebar-left.php) file and “registered” my sidebar in the /lib/custom/widgets.php file (since it appears that this is not done in the functions.php file as is typical).

My template file and sidebar-left file do show up as expected in the WP Admin interface. However, the widgets appear to not work regardless of which widget I add. It does not matter if the widget is on the left side or right side.

So, I guess I have two problems. One – how to get the product template to accept the new sidebar. Two – how to move the sidebar to the left for the product template.

Thank you so much!