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Like the theme. Have been using it successfully on for several years. We are still on 3.6 not sure if we are missing out too much?

One issue we have is with H1 on the posts. The theme takes the heading of each post as the page title. And then visually uses it as the heading on the post. To add another heading manually as an H1 directly below looks overkill. So we have to go without an H1 on all our post pages.

A further complication is when a category is created. You tag the posts to include in the category. But then all the headings from each tagged post come across as H1’s. So within the category page you end up with several or many H1’s (one for each of the tagged posts). Perhaps it would be better for SEO purposes to have these come across as H2’s and then have the ability to manualy write an H1 for each category.


In version 3.7 we made improvements to the responsive functionality of the theme and removed some deprecated functions. You can check the changelog of the theme.

In regards with H1 / H2 tags, the posts listings use H2 (H1 can’t be used because it will appear more than once on the same page and it’s not good for SEO) The category listings also use H2 tags, not H1( example: )

Indeed the post detail still uses H2 instead of H1, which is not correct. In the next update we will fix this issue.

Let us know if you have more questions and / or suggestions.