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Hello everyone, as you can see wordpress version of Media Consult is finally available to purchase. A big thanks goes to Kailoon for approving it so fast :)

And I apologize to everyone for pulling this out so late :( . It should have available for buying maybe 3 months ago but I simply couldn’t get it all together back in those times. From now on I will release both html and wordpress versions of my future products at a much faster rate.

It’s finally up! Thanks Starshade! Will purchase soon!

Do you have a screen shot of the admin panel?

No, I haven’t made one… actually there are 7 separate option panels in a single admin panel. When I get back from work I’ll make some screenshots and post the links here in comments section.

Does this theme have a full page width option?

Nope, it doesn’t have one…

That’s too bad. I hope you’ll consider adding one in the future.

Very nice corporate look

Could I have videos played in the portfolio section? Or does it only handle photos?

Videos are not supported in portfolio section :( But I will definitely consider adding this feature in the first update. More suggestions are welcome ;)

Awesome! I actually have a Media consulting business that’d I like to use it on :-) Def. will buy if video support is added.

@frogdogz – yes I will make a full page template will be included in a future update :)

Nice looking theme. Looking at the DEMO there appears to be a flash of all 3 homepage slider images onload. This doesn’t happen every time but I’m wondering whether it’s got something to the containing DIV . Maybe an overflow:hidden would do the trick?

Link to admin option pages screenshots can be found here: click me

@greencode – I saw that thing too, it appears sometimes. Thanks for suggestion, I have an idea how to fix it, I started making a list of requests / feedback from here so I won’t forget to include them in the upcoming update.

Very Great! Good Luck starshade!

You did an awesome job.

This theme are “translation ready” ?

Nope, it isn’t… As far as I know, you must add content in the language of your choice and it will work fine.

The problem is not the content :) but the front end theme text. Maybe you need to take a look here http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress#Localization_Technology ;)

Thanks to everyone for nice comments :)

Many thanks starshade – a fine WP theme! I am a little surprised, however, not to see an “About” template page as in the original… I would like my about page to have the same aesthetics as the others, but am crashing it when trying to create an additional template page. Thoughts?

Hello zosheroo,

There was no need to create another template page for a static page. All you have to do is add a new page with default settings(keep the default template in the attributes box from wordpress admin) and fill this page with whatever content you like. It’s just like you are adding a static page from wordpress, no matter what theme you use.

Thanks for the quick reply starshade – I appreciate your comments, but specifically I was talking about the grey box with the page title – “interior-header”. You can add to the html for the page, but it still requires the page title. Since every other page uses it (besides the blog), it seems odd not to have it on the about page. I’ll try a work around, but any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again, as always for your responsiveness! Obviously not a deal-breaker, but it would be nice :)

@zosheroo – ok I understand your problem now, but I think this can be accomplished only by having a template designed specially for static pages. I will have a closer look at it when I come back from work and I will consider updating the theme with this new option in the near future.

Nice design, very fresh looking with the chosen font color. :D

Any chance we could get a testimonials and frequently asked questions page?

Hello recordgone,

I don’t think there is a need to make these kind of pages, since they can be built directly from wordpress backend by adding static pages and filling/formatting the content to meet your needs.

Kind regards,


Great template! Thanks so much for your work—it was worth waiting.

One question: is there a way to have pages in the slider rather than only posts?

Thanks again.

Each post in the slider links to a page it’s own page, so you can basically say that you are adding pages into the slider.

Hi there.. just bought the theme and working on it now.

Have a quick question -with home page options and the left and right box content is it possible to add images into this? or is this only for text.. ideally would like 2-3 logos in there..

If anyone could help me with that would be great.

Yes, you simply fill the box(with whatever html code you like) that corresponds to the area where you want to insert your logos. Drop me an email via contact form and I’ll give you a html code example.

Also have another question albeit im expecting it to be a simple one…. with the widgets im finding that the homepage sidebar widget doesn’t seem to display anything but instead pulls the side bar for all pages information….

What am i doing wrong lol

Hmm someone else contacted me and had the same problem. He didn’t set up properly his services page – you need to clearly define categories for each page type – widgets are strictly connected to those categories unfortunately and they might not behave as it should if the pages are not setup correctly. Also, the other client who had this problem was using wordpress 3.0 beta – please be advised that my theme was not designed around this version of wordpress and it might not work 100% properly. Of course, after the final version of wordpress 3.0 is released I will make an update to this theme to make it 100% compatible and take advantage of those new features that will be introduced.