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That was supposed to be ‘& n b s p’

Hi Starshade,

Theme is now running like a dream, quick question, on IE i seem to have a javascript error and on firefox I dont, I think it may be a plugin which has been installed and was wondering if you know of any quick way of tracking down which may be the culprit?


Tahir Ahmed

You didn’t state what javascript error you have, so my only guess would be that I forgot a reference to a file that doesn’t exist. Go to lib/custom and open scripts.php. In this file, delete the line that contains reference to lobster font.

Also, a couple of days ago, you’ve sent me an email with 7 questions. I’ve answered to all those questions but when I sent the message back to you I got failure notice twice. Please let me know if you received the response from me, otherwise drop me an email with a working email address so I can send you the answer.

Having trouble getting the brochure link to work properly… Suggestions?


Please give me more details about it, more precisely, what doesn’t work, what kind of link you are pasting in the admin panel and a link to your site so I can see myself.


It would be helpful if you can explain exactly what problem you are having as your question does not outline anything to provide suggestions too.

Hi Starshade,

Can you tell me if its possible to add additional categories other than just the single one I choose under the theme options (Appearance -> Theme Options -> Blog Options -> Blog Category)?

The reason I ask is at present this option is set to ‘Company News’ so now my menu navigation shows:

- Company – Company News ( – Industry News (

Is there a method to add Industry News so the URL structure does not show ‘category’?

I hope the above makes sense.


Tahir Ahmed

The blog supports only 1 parent category, but you can add as many subcategories as you want. Probably your industry news shows “category” because the category it belongs to is named “category”. I can personally have a look at this, but I would need user / pass access to your site. You can drop me these via email.

Also, like I stated in my previous reply to you, please let me know if you receive or not my emails since I got failure notice from your email address.

I recently updated to Media Consult 2.0 and now I cannot edit my menus (under Appearance). Can you please help me fix this problem as soon as possible? Thank you!

The menu setup is identical to the older versions. Just have a look at the documentation how to setup / configure it again.

I cannot setup or configure the menus because when I go to the Menus section, I can’t click or open any of the menu settings buttons. The menus I created appear as they should on the site itself ( but I need to be able to make some changes to add/delete page links, etc from the admin.

Looking forward to your reply!

Thank you

I see. You are using version 1.3 though, not 2.0. But like I said, the menu should still be easily editable. To solve this, please drop me an email via my contact form from my profile with an user / pass to your wordpress backend so I can have a look myself and see what causes your issue.

Apostrophe not working in headers. How do I fix this? See jwdev4/services/adult-services/.”>

Downloaded the theme about a year ago.

Love the simplicity of the theme, but I have three issues to resolve and need your help. We thought it was an IE (PC) issue, but it looks the same in Firefox (PC) and Safari (Mac)

1. Need to be able to put an apostrophe in the H1, H2, etc. tags. When we type in the title area WOMEN ’S SERVICES , what shows up online is WOMENS SERVICES , without the apostrophe. We added H5 and H6 and the apostrophes are working fine there. As a work-around, we just added an H7 to the header.php file and removed H1, H2, H3 and H4.

See jwdev4/services/adult-services/”> and scroll down to WOMENS SERVICES

2. Bullets are not visible in live view. They look fine in the editor. We had to add a dash in place of the bullet.

See jwdev4/services/family-services/”>

3. Image wrap not working. Added an image to a page and wanted the text to wrap around it. Wrapping stops at the paragraph break.

See jwdev4/22nd-annual-golf-outing/”>

How do I update to the current version without losing all the changes I’ve made to my site?

For some reason none of the links you posted work for me, but all your questions are solved in media consult 2.0, so my advice is to update to version 2.0. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to save the changes you’ve made so far to the theme, so you should make those again after update.


This is great theme.

But, I need the xml data file to modify the contents easily.

Could you please send sample xml data file for me?


Sure thing. Will reply to your email in a few moments with the xml file.


Re: Slider problem.

I have bought this theme and testing now, and I have one problem on Slide.

The title(caption) is not shown with Full size(960px wide) image on Chrome browser. I am not sure on the other browsers.

Small size image w/title(caption looks fine)

Please check your DEMO site with Chrome.

Please help!


One more thing to check please.

“Footer text” on theme option, I need to input more text and make some links. It allows very short text now and some over written text shown out of the text-input-box. It does look so ugly and does not work later on.

Could you please let me know how I can input more text on Footer text field?

Please reply.


Can you please help me with my simple question?

How can I edit the font of all of the pages (main body) to be larger? I am trying to search through css files but am not sure exactly what to change. Can you please asisist?

Open style.css and somewhere at the top you will find:

body { font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:11px; line-height:18px; }

You need to change the font-size:11px;. It can be 12px, 13px, and so one. Adjust it to your liking.

I have been trying to change the logo image in the Spanish version of my site,, so I uploaded the new logo to the images folder (as logo.png) but it remains the same…Also, while I’m using Media Consult 2.0 now, I tried deleting 1.3 to see if it was causing some problems and it appears to have broken the other theme (on Please let me know how to fix these issues as soon as possible.

Thank you, Kathleen

I have been trying to change the logo image in the Spanish version of my site,, so I uploaded the new logo to the images folder (as logo.png) but it remains the same…Also, while I’m using Media Consult 2.0 now, I tried deleting 1.3 to see if it was causing some problems and it appears to have broken the other theme (on Please let me know how to fix these issues as soon as possible.

Thank you, Kathleen


I am waiting your reply about two questions above.

And, here is one more question.

Re: Contacts form does not working.

I am not sure regarding this issue because I am not much familiar with PHP . Anyway, I found this script “<form method="post" action="" id="contactForm"><!-- start contact form --></form>” on contact page.

It shows that form action has nothing. Is this right?

I am not sure that my server has problem or your contact form has problem.

Please reply ASAP .

I need to finalize project very soon.


Hello mikeseo,

I don’t see where you posted the other questions “above” ?

About the contact form, yes the action should be empty, but you can try to add this to the action=”” :

action="<?php echo the_permalink(); ?>"

Let me know if this works – basically the theme’s contact has been tested countless of times and it should work, but few clients indeed said the contact form doesn’t work so I suppose it’s a server issue.

I also wait for your other questions too.

I am almost ready to launch the new site…however, noticing that my bullets don’t show up in IE…looks fine in Mozilla….do you have a fix for that?

Thanks in advance for your great theme! Our new site is looking great!

What browser are you using ? ie7 ? ie7 has this issue with the lists since it was created. I know a fix, but I am pretty much sure it will affect how the lists are displayed.

About your previous email with the “homepage content” category, no there isn’t any fix at the moment(the theme’s architecture should be changed) but you can use the IC Blog Categories widget to overcome this. Let me know if this helps.

I”ve just downloaded the new version and cannot find a way to make the homepage look as it did in older versions, with the welcome field and then the two boxes below that. All I can seem to do is give a category for recent blog posts to be listed on the homepage. This is not what I want. Can you please help me?

Hello Caden,

I’ve just sent you instructions via email about how to populate the homepage in version 2.0.

This might be an amature question, but I am typing the short codes in a post, under the html tab, and instead of working, I just can read them, as if they weren’t code at all.

What am I not doing to make shortcodes work?

Hello Ransdell,

I can’t tell you without seeing your backend content. Please drop me an email via my contact form here on themeforest with your user / pass to your site so I can take a look and fix your issues.


hi, i’ve installed the theme on wp3.1.3 and activate it on debug mode. There appear some errors like; Notice: Undefined index: path in MySite/wp-content/themes/MediaConsultTheme/mediaconsult/admin/theme-options.php on line 68 Notice: add_option was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.3 with no alternative available. in MySite/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3389

What can I do?


Yes it’s true that the theme renders few notices if you turn debug on. At the moment you can’t do anything about those, just turn off debug mode – I will release an update(version 2.1) for the theme in the near future and fix these issues too.