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Need help with my tittle. In the home page where it says, “welcome to my company” How do I make the font and colour match that of the theme. is there a shortcode for this? Thanks


having a weird issue with uploading images

it keeps putting \”\” in front of the link and in the image name and alt text.

i need to take site live asap but cant upload remainder images.

(it was working just fine on demo site – but not now)

Please help!!




Hello Starblue,

I don’t know what may be the cause of this(I suppose it might have something with the domain – co.za), but you can upload your images via FTP then paste the absolute paths in their custom fields / content.

For example, you could upload them to your images folder, and the absolute link will be like this:

http://www.swisscontact.co.za/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/service1.png – example for a service icon that came with the theme and is on your server.

I see. Thanks for telling me, I will look into it.

thanks i found some old drupal code in the htaccess file.

all sorted now.

thank you for your response.

Need help with my tittle. In the home page where it says, “welcome to my company” How do I make the font and colour match that of the theme. is there a shortcode for this? Thanks

Pls help


What files were changed when updating to 2.1 from 2.0, don’t really want to update due to modifications made to lots files

Thanks :)

If I remember correctly – and by looking at the update notice too, the files that were changed were style.css, scripts.php(from lib / custom /) and a couple of files from admin folder.


Have downloaded this theme last week for a professional company – am having issues with the right hand column and content scroller not sitting right in IE6 .

Have tried removing comments round the css file to see if that helps but it doesn’t.

The documentation and inclusion of the ie6 css file would suggest there are known issues – is this something anyone else is having problems with?

Am I going to have to go into the code and fix this?



I don’t offer support for ie6 for more than 6 months. The original theme version, 1.0 that was launched in may 2010 had worked fine with ie6 but when I released version 2.0 this year(rewritten core and changed / cleaned lots of css code) I stopped checking the theme in ie6.

Yes it’s true that a separate css file comes with the theme and contains some ie6 specific hacks, but that file worked for pre 2.0 versions of the theme and it hasn’t been updated to fix ie6 issues for the new versions of the theme.

hi there!

still loving the theme.

my client picked up a problem with IE displaying the portfolio 2 titles. it cuts off some of the top of the text as seen here:


i have disabled cufon text.

can you please have a look as to why this could be happening.

many many thanks!!


You will need to increase the header padding(or the line height) for these titles in style.css. I don’t remember exactly if this was a h1 or a h2 tag, you can try changing these values in style.css. Look for this code:

h1 {
h2 {

You can increase the line height values or add padding-top:6px; to h1 or h2 and see how it works.

Really appreciate this theme!

I am having trouble with the MORE tag not working correctly. The text before the tag still appears in the post for some reason. Also, for some reason the slider pic is showing at the top of the post on one particular post, not any other. I have checked it several times and cannot understand why.

Any help is appreciated.

It’s natural that the text before a more tag will show up. The more tag will hide the text after it, not before it – that’s how wordpress works.

About the slider pic, yes the theme slider post is coded so that it will show the picture on the post detail at the top. The only option here will be to just remove it completely from the slider post detail and leave you the option to insert it manually in the post content where you will like it to be(this can be done only after the more tag in the content though).

Let me know if you need to know where to make this change.


I just purchase the theme and really like it. The only problem I’m having at the moment is it won’t display Thai font. Wherever I use Thai font it’d just display blank.

Can you help?

Thanks Nor

Sorry I’ve forgotten to say it happens in title only I think as I’ve added a post in Thai and it was fine. It might be the font for header which won’t display in Thai. Can I add a Thai font in css for header myself? Will it effect anything?

Thai font won’t show up because the font used on headers – liberation sans doesn’t have thai glyphs. The only solution is to disable cufon from theme’s backend and the liberation sans will be replaced by arial that will show those glyphs correctly.

Thanks for your prompt answer. What if I replace liberation sans with another font that has thai glyphs. Will that solve the problem? Could you tell me where that file is please?


The cufon file is in the js folder. However just deleting it will prompt a javascript error. I don’t know what fonts support thai characters, but the best option is to just disable it from Theme Options panel. The arial font that will replace it is similar to liberation sans so it won’t be a big issue at all.

Also, a good font resource is http://www.fontsquirrel.com/ . You can pick fonts from there and generate cufon files but I don’t think there are too many(or maybe none at all) that support Asian characters and I don’t think it’s worth the effort to look for such fonts just to have cufon.

*please delete this post…I was able to figure out my issue. thanks.

Thanks for your reply. I already created some cufon fonts that would support Thai character, but I can’t find a way to replace the fonts. Can you help me out?


I see. To include your new js cufon file, you will need to do something similar to the liberation sans font that was originally included. Go to lib folder and open scripts.php. Look for this line of code:

        wp_enqueue_script( 'liberation-sans', GOLDENWORKS_JS .'/Liberation_Sans_400.font.js', array('jquery'));

Change it to correspond to your font. The font is set to be included in header.php from theme’s root. Look for this line of code:

Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, h4', {hover: true});

You don’t have to change anything around here, but it’s ok to know that cufon replaces the fonts only on h1-h4. You can add classes or h5-h6 tags if you want your cufon font to be shown in other sections of the site too.

Thanks a lot! I will try and let you know if I succeed. Keep up the good work. This is an excellent theme coupled with great support!


Apologies for not responding. About your request, the theme automatically takes the color of your skin and applies it to h1 – h3 tags. For example, for white orange skin, the h1 title where it says “Welcome to my company” the text becomes orange.

However if you want your h1-h6 take a certain color, you can use this code in the post content(html tab):

<h1 style="color:#999999">Welcome to my company</h1>

where #999999 is the color you want to use(in this example, #999999 is a gray)

I have a news item that has words in italics (the company name). My issue is that the italics are not kept when the news item is picked up by the MC News widget. Anything I can do?

Thanks. Great theme.


Yes basically this can be fixed but I will need at least a link to your site. Backend access(user / pass) so I can directly add the necessary css code will help too. Please drop me an email with these details via my contact form from my themeforest profile.

Thanks for the offer Starshade. Much appreciated. I managed to get it to work by using the Excerpt field. Sorry for wasting your time.

Before posting to the forum, I have honestly tried to rectify the issue I am having by going to the WordPress Codex, perusing other forums and dozens of websites. For whatever reason, I seem to be missing something.

All I wish to do is place the sidebar in the Media Consult theme on the left-hand side for my “product” pages. I have created a new template, as well as sidebar (sidebar-left.php) file and “registered” my sidebar in the /lib/custom/widgets.php file (since it appears that this is not done in the functions.php file as is typical).

My template file and sidebar-left file do show up as expected in the WP Admin interface. However, the widgets appear to not work regardless of which widget I add. It does not matter if the widget is on the left side or right side.

So, I guess I have two problems. One – how to get the product template to accept the new sidebar. Two – how to move the sidebar to the left for the product template.

Thank you so much!


P.S. FABULOUS theme, BTW :)

Hello Kelly,

I am not able to tell you how to do this just by writing some instructions here. Also I am sure I understood correctly your procedure.

Basically I can create a template page with left sidebar if you wish – as a model – and send it to you. However, what will you do when you click on the product entry and be linked to the product detail ? The product detail uses the file single.php, just like the blog, and the blog has a right aligned sidebar so you will have a conflict here. That is, unless your products don’t need to have a detail page.

About why your new product template doesn’t accept your sidebar – I don’t know because I don’t know what exactly you’ve done there, but basically you need to enable the sidebar in sidebar.php too, not just register it in widgets.php.

You can send me an email via my contact form from my profile with more details about what you try to achieve and how you want your product page to look(send me some screenshots too) and I will give you a helping hand with the sidebar.

Hi Starshade -

Thanks a ton for the quick response. We will not be using your template as a blog, but as a CMS instead. So, in all actuality, where the blog sidebar is doesn’t matter (yes, we WILL need product detail pages).

I also did enable the sidebar in the sidebar.php file (failed to tell you this), but still am unable to get things to work.

In all actuality, there is nothing that needs to be changed to the single.php file (presuming this is “default”) other than moving the existing content area to align right and the “new” widgetized sidebar to the left (opposite of the original template). Everything else can stay the same. I’ll be using the new sidebar for a secondary navigational element to various (static) product pages.

Does this help?

Thanks a million for being so incredibly willing to assist me!

Apologies for very late reply.

If I understood correctly, you want to use on a left sidebar on portfolio list and a right sidebar on portfolio detail. This can be achieved but I can’t write the code in here since it’s too much. Please drop me an email via my contact form from my themeforest profile and I will send you 2 page templates – one with left sidebar and the other with a right sidebar. Starting from this 2 models you will be able to build your portfolio list and portfolio detail pages.


I have a question, I would like to place a widget on a specific page, is that possible, for example a custom widget on our Jobs Page instead of appearing on all the pages.



I am afraid this isn’t possible, because the theme doesn’t support unlimited sidebars(sidebars for specific pages) and it’s not compatible with a plugin that adds this functionality.


I Have a few more questions, not sure if it would be easier via email,

1. The search feature at the top right, is it possible to move this to the Widget area on each page?

2. We are finding that the slider on the index page is a bit buggy on some computers that the website is loaded on, is it possible to change this or possibly a setting.

Look forward to your reply


1. The theme search widget wasn’t initially styled so it won’t show up correctly in the widget area.

However, as a solution, you can hide the search in the top of the site from theme’s backend(see Appearance -> Theme Options -> General Settings), drag and drop the search widget in the sidebar and paste the following css code in style.css, at the end of the file – to make the search field display properly:

#sidebar #searchform {
#sidebar .search-fieldset {
#sidebar #searchform .search-input {

2. I don’t understand what bug is here, the slider has a basic fade transition by using the cycle plugin – http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/