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Hi Thanks for your reply,

I appriciate that the template does not allow for custom right navigation widgets per page, however would it be possible to add this feature or to maybe some how hard code it so that some widgets like a contact form can appear on that specific page?



I am also experiencing another issue with tables, do you have an email address I could email you on, since I would like you to test the code if possible.


You can email me via my contact form from my themeforest profile and I will reply to you.

Hi JUst to add,

Is your template compatible with:



I haven’t so far tested the theme with this plugin so I don’t know.


HPM Purchased

For some reason the [arrow_list] shortcode isn’t working for me. It’s just creating a bulleted list. Do you know why this might be?


I will have to look at your site to see how you are using the shortcode and come up with a solution if a bug is found. You can drop me an email via my contact form from my themeforest profile with user / pass to your site and link to the page where you are using the shortcode.


thanks for your amazing template! I read you said Slider works only on homepage, however you know a bit of php you can copy the slider code from index.php to contact.php.

I was wondering what part of the index php should go in the contact.php. Could you please help?

Is it this maybe? If so, where in the contact.php should it be placed?

<?php if ($slt == 1) { ?>

  • <?php if ($slider_pagelink) { /* if the slider links to a page */ if($slider_image != ””) { ?> <?php echo ‘<img src=”’.$slider_image.’” alt=”” ?>’; ?> <?php } else { ?> \\ <?php } ?>
  • thanks!

    This is not so easy as copy / pasting the query and it’s output from the index.php to contact.php since it’s likely to interfere and break the contact.php normal listing. But to make things easier, I will do this for you free of charge and I will send you the new contact.php with slider included in it. Just drop me an email via my contact form from my themeforest profile with your request and I will send you the new contact.php.

    Cannot create a full page with one fourth then one half then one fourth

    Yes you can’t because they are not “compatible” with each other. The margin right from one_fourth is different to the margin right of one_half, otherwise they would not fit.

    You can make a compromise if you wish affect the display of the one_half shortcode by doing the following: open style.css from theme’s root and look for this code:

    .one_half {
        padding:14px 0 10px 0;    

    Change margin-right:30px; to margin-right:28px;. Now the correct usage of what you try to accomplish will be:


    Hi, I have purchased and implemented this theme.

    My website if for an spanish-speacking audince, so I’ve the following problem:

    When someone writes latin symbols in the form, such as ñ á ¿ ¡ , etc, I receive a message with wird symbols instead.

    Also, the confirmation note after sending the form message doesn’t display this symbols.

    How to fix??


    why don’t lists work in the content (pages)?

    i have bulleted lists selected for content and it shows in the editor, but not on the live site.

    For bullet lists you should use the bullet_list shortcode that was introduced in version 2.0 of the theme. I admit that in the previous versions, this theme had poor lists support. The bullet list shortcode usage is the following:

    <li>probo feugiat alienum pro</li> 
    <li>fierent prodesset mea</li> 
    <li>augue dicta tollit qui ei</li> 

    Paste this code in the html tab of your content editor.

    for the bullet lists, my content editors shouldn’t be expected to use code.

    is there a reason why it does not work within the editor?

    If this is the case, I may have to consider a refund. working content editing tools for my authors is paramount in their tasks.

    i published a post. when i try to go to the story i get a not found.

    I will need wordpress backend to your site to see this. Basically it should be just a permalink issue or something you didn’t setup properly. Please drop me an email with your user / pass to your site so I can have a look.

    Important announcement

    From now on, support to our themes will be handled only via Goldenworks forums – http://www.goldenworks.eu/support/

    Hello Developer,

    what a wonderful template, very easy to customize, perfect instruction, but one question:

    how can i change the text at the MC Brochure Widget: “Download our PDF brochure”

    see here: http://www.bbcy.de/pdf.png

    thanks in advance best wishes, Marc

    Go to lib / custom / open widgets.php and look for:

    <p class="header-desc">&lt;?php _e('Download our PDF brochure', 'mediaconsult'); ?&gt;</p>

    Here you can change the text. Also, for more questions / issues please head to our support forums – http://goldenworks.eu/support/


    thnak you very much!! for the quick help

    Best wishes, Marc

    This theme was used by my web person to build out my site. I am not able to get the comments to work and I don’t know how to now do updates. It looks like you have updates now. What can I do?

    Hello dwasil,

    We offer support only to verified buyers. You must ask the person who built the site to handle this with the account he purchased the theme.

    Also, support is only done on our forums – http://goldenworks.eu/support/ and to create an account and post you will need the item purchase code.

    And please give more information about your site – what version you are using and what wordpress version you have installed. Note that older versions of media consult(under 2.0) are not supported anymore and don’t work properly on latest wordpress version, 3.2.1. However once you purchased the theme you get free updates – you need to redownload the theme archive from themeforest and replace your old files with the new ones.

    Thanks for this great theme. I am trying to figure out the newletter widget? Am I missing the widget or is there code? Thanks again


    There is no newsletter widget in the theme. Most likely you saw a newsletter widget(that doesn’t exist in the wordpress version) in the html demo of the theme – but that one is just html with no functionality whatsoever. That was the reason why it wasn’t included anymore.

    How do I add a “Contact Form” in the latest version?

    For issues / questions regarding our themes please head to the forums:



    Just installed this theme and I am experiencing some problems with saving changes to the “Theme options”. I have tried to change Theme Stylsheet to white_orange but it won´t work. The “circle” that indicates that the save has started (to the left of Save all changes) just keeps circling.

    I am running WP ver 3.2.1


    For support please head to our forums – http://goldenworks.eu/support/


    Installed the theme and was trying to change the permalinks to www.domain.com/home, www.domain.com/about etc but were getting 404 errors. Does the template support this functionality?

    Yes it does. Check to see if you installed the theme correctly – http://wiki.envato.com/buying/support-buying/solving-broken-theme-issues/

    If the problem persists, please head to our forums for support.

    Hi How can I add a phone number and address on the header instead of the search, I took out the search

    For small customizations, such as these, please head to our support forums – http://goldenworks.eu/support/ and our staff will prepare the right code for you.

    i left you the same message on that link that you provided 1 day passed and still you did not answer back, too busy?

    We’ve answered your question in the forums. Please note that depending on the volume of support requests, answers to requests might take more than 1 day to be posted.


    For the new version of the theme, the news section permalinks have news/postname for blog posts it’s date/postname

    How do you change news/postname to date/postname this is what it was before updating.


    Permalinks don’t have anything to do with the theme. For information about how to set them up to your liking, please consult the wordpress codex from here:


    Also, support is not provided in the comments section anymore, please head to our support forums from now on: http://goldenworks.eu/support/

    On the blog page, how do I show the post excerpts for previews? right now, it splits it up because of the <more> field but I want to show excerpts.

    Open template_blog.php from theme’s root and look for this code:

    the_content(__('read more', 'mediaconsult'));

    Change it completely with:


    Also, if you have more questions, please head to our forums – http://goldenworks.eu/support/ .

    We are not offering support anymore here.