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Is it possible to change the order of posts on the BLOG page? I want to display them alphabetically and not by date of creation.

Yes it can be done. Open template_blog.php from theme’s root and look for this code:

$args = array(
        "cat" => $blog_categ_id, 
        "paged" => $paged,    
        "posts_per_page" => $blog_pag

You must add more query filtering options. Change it to:

$args = array(
        "cat" => $blog_categ_id, 
        "paged" => $paged,    
        "posts_per_page" => $blog_pag,
        "orderby" => "title",
        "order"    => "asc" 

This should do what you want to achieve. Also, if you have more questions, please head to our forums – http://goldenworks.eu/support/ .

We are not offering support anymore here.

Hi I’ve got the MC News widget on my homepage.

Is there a way to increase the number of words shown in the excerpt on the homepage?


Open widgets.php from lib/custom/ and search for the following code, it should be in 2 places:

<p><?php echo excerpt(18); ?></p>

Increase the value of 18 to your liking.

Also, for more support requests please head to our support forums – http://goldenworks.eu/support/

Hi, I want give link to my pdf file for “MC BROCHURE ” widget which is on the right-sidebar. I was unable to find out where to give give link. Please help me with this.

Please post with the account you purchased the theme, otherwise we can’t check whether or not you are a genuine buyer.

Also we are not offering support here so please head to our support forum – http://www.goldenworks.eu/support/

Is it possible to have multi-language? I want it to be in english and portuguese.

You will have to use a plugin for this, such as wpml however the theme has not been fully tested to see whether it’s perfectly compatible with it.

Hi, for Google Chrome the slider text in images with 960px of width its broken when I use more then one image in the slider. What should I change in the .slide-txt css class to fix this?


Please have a look here:


Also, for support, please join our support forum and ask your questions there.


I need footer widgets.

Please help me!


I am afraid we can’t be of any help here since we don’t offer customizations(at least not of such degree) to our themes. Our recommendation is to hire a developer to solve your request.

For basic theme support, please visit:


Hi, I need to add a captha to the default contact form as I keep getting tons of spam comments via the contact form. How can I do this?


I am afraid we can’t be of any help here because we don’t offer support for customization requests of this level. Our suggestion is to hire a developer to help you with this. For more questions / issues, please visit our support forum – http://goldenworks.eu/support/

Figured it out myself…

Install Contact Form 7 and Really Simple Captha plugins Setup form in Contact Form 7 and add Captha. Copy the form shortcode Paste it into the blank Contact page you have created, save and update Go to Editor – template_contact.php Search for $contact_show = true; Change to $contact_show = false; Save Done.

Hi! Is it possible to change/add following:

- first page: is it possible to change news with the blog posts we would like to add a MailChimp Newsletter SignUp, Facebook and LinkedIn codes to the first page. Is this possible?

- sidebar on subpages: - is it possible to add a link of some other supbage instead of “about us”


Thank you for interest, but I’m afraid the theme doesn’t support any of these features out of box. You can purchase the theme but you must make changes to the theme files to have the features you are asking for.

I’m aware that I have to make changes, but I just wanted to make sure if this changes are possible without much knowledge about programming.

Thank you for thins great theme. Just one question. How i remove the links from the slides on the first page? I just wanna to disable the link function on slider.


You need to make small changes to index.php. Like I said in the previous reply, please head to http://goldenworks.eu/support/, create a thread and we will provide the exact solution.

I manage to modify this. Thanks.

Can’t receive any e-mail from contact page form. E-mail just don’t come in my inbox. You can tell me where the problem is?

The theme uses the mail function to send messages which is widely supported by web hosts. I would not know why it doesn’t work for you. However, if you install and use the theme on your own machine, then it’s likely it won’t work because you will also need a local mail server installed. However once the theme is installed on your server it should work. Sometimes you need to wait more since mail delays happen.

You can also send us the login details via our contact form from our profile so we can do some tests on your server with several email addresses.

Also, please note that we are offering support only on our support forum – http://goldenworks.eu/support/, so for future questions / issues, please head there.

Hi, I am looking for a way to slow down the home slider speed. would be nice to adjust the cycle time of how long the images stay before fading into the next one. have been searching in css and some other fiels but can’t find the place…any tips?

In Appearance -> Theme options -> Homepage tab you have the slider duration setting that controls the slider speed. Default value is 6000(6 seconds) and in order to increase the time you should increase this number.

I’d like to purchase this theme for a website I am working on. I have a question about the logo. What size of a picture you can use? Also can it be a png file with transparency so the logo could be just above the navigation links and on left hand side part of the logo would almost touch the line that separates the navigation and the body? Cheers

The logo sized that we used in the demo is 285×62, but it’s not a fixed size, you can use a similar one. And yes you can use a png without any issues but in the left hand size it must be a space between logo and the line above the body content because that space is reserved to the menu, in case it contains more navigation links.


what is the fonttype of Heading 1 when I make a page?

thanks, Roy


The font used for headers h1-h4 is liberation sans. The default font, arial is replaced by liberation sans via cufon technology:


Font link:


Hi, I have just purchased this template. When trying to upload in WP, getting the following message…. PLEASE HELP !


Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.



When installing the theme please follow this guide:


If the problem still persists, please come to our support forums:


oh… i thought i should tell you that i’m using WP version 3.4… cheers

Clean and very nice theme!

Do you know where I can buy the flower image shown on the demo slider?

Thank you!

The flower image was taken from Envato asset library. You can find more information about it here:


As far as I know only authors are allowed to use these files in themes / templates / products that are up for sale on Envato marketplaces.

However I suppose you should ask Envato by contacting their support ( http://support.envato.com/ ) about that image and see if they are willing to grant you a license to use it on your own site.

How do I remover the grey bar below the slide image with the thumbnail circles? I just want to display the image.

In style.css from theme’s root you can add this code:

.slide-txt { display:none; }

This will remove the image titles from theme’s slider.

Also, for more questions / issues, please head to our support forum:


How do I specify the slider to show images in a specific order. I need to rearrange the order of display?

Slides are custom posts. You can change the slides order by changing the posts creation date. The most recent added post will be displayed the first in your slider.


Does this work on 3.4 (the latest WP)?

Hello wpuser098,

Yes the theme is compatible with wordpress 3.4.1.