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Love the theme, but was wondering is there any chance for a mobile version, even if the price did go up?

Kind regards, Talat

In regards with issue 1), you can drop us an email with user / pass to your site so we can have a closer look to figure out why the style-css.php doesn’t work for you.

looks like it was a permission issue with the theme folder! Thanks for the help

Send us again the login details again because we made a test change inside one of your files and we need to revert it back to original. We didn’t have the time to revert it because you changed the password.

Very nice template – love it. Easy to set up and very sophisticated. The support from the guys from starshade is just great. You post a question/request and it is handled and solved within a couple of hours. Can´t ask for more…

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. We appreciate your feedback and we are glad you enjoyed using the theme!


For a friend i’m looking at this theme, very nice!

I’m looking for nice pricing tables, are there any in this theme? I this theme also prepared for mobile use (Iphone, Ipad etc) ?

Regards Maureen

Hello Maureen,

Unfortunately there are not built in pricing tables for this theme. And in regards with Iphone / Ipad – no the theme is not responsive but we plan to make it compatible with these devices in the near future via an update.

Just what I needed to hear!... responsive in the near future. My client loves this but wants it responsive. Well purchase today! :)

Thanks! Like we replied to mtb, we plan to finish and release the update with responsive features within 1 month from now.

Hello webbie2,

Just to let you know, the theme is now fully responsive :)

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Pardon my ignorance. I am new to web design. If you make this template responsive in one month, but I set up a site now using your current template, will that site be responsive or will I need to redesign the site using the new template? Thanks for your patience.

Hello kklingbeil,

There is no need to setup the theme again after the update is released.

The only important aspect is that if you make changes to the theme files, those won’t transfer to the updated theme and you will have to make these changes again. Basically when you setup the theme there is no need to change any files, everything is customizable from backend, but depending on each client needs, few tweaks might be needed.

Also to let you know, if you purchase the theme before we release the update, to get the new update you will have to redownload the theme package from your themeforest download section(just redownload the archive, there isn’t any re-purchasing involved, updates are free) and overwrite the old theme files from your server with the newest ones.

And one more thing to add, since there are already several people waiting for the responsive update, we will do our best to release this update in 1-2 weeks from now.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Hello kklingbeil,

The theme is now fully responsive so you can start using it now :)

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

We are having issues with the homepage slider not showing up in IE 9. It looks great in the rest of the browsers, except that one. Can you tell me if I need to adjust a setting, etc?

Support issues are handed on the support forum – http://goldenworks.eu/support/

But since you already posted here and the issue you are describing can’t be fixed without a closer look, we are asking to give us login details to your site. Send us this information via email by filling the contact form from our themeforest profile – http://themeforest.net/user/starshade

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

I found the support forum after I posts this, and the issue is fixed. Thanks for the response!

Hi I purchased this theme and it came with no documentation. I was also wondering if I could get the demo xml for this? Thanks!

Hello heyitsjk,

If you follow the instructions from here when installing the theme:


you will locate the documentation inside the “documentation” folder. In regards with demo xml, this is also included in the zip file you’ve downloaded from themeforest when you purchased the theme.

Try these suggestions and let us know the results.

is theme compatible with wp 3.6?

Hello chudiane,

Yes it’s compatible with latest wordpress version.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Hi Star, We need to use the theme in a multilingual enviroment. Is there any tested plugin you can recommend, we tried Polylang but there were some unexpected errors. Best Regards / Roland and Katarina Stockholm Sweden

Hello there,

We recommend using WPML. While we haven’t entirely tested the plugin so far, we are sure it works fine since we had and still have a couple of clients that managed to add more languages to the theme using this plugin and also confirmed that the theme is compatible with it.

If you have issues adding the language switcher somewhere in the theme’s header, just let us know on the support forum ( http://goldenworks.eu/support/ ) and we will provide the necessary code.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Hi, we got a problem setting the height of the slider, for some reason its being cut down to 281px height all the time. Used regenerate plugin and creating new slides but nothing helps. Also tried change to 400px in the css, but the image is being corped down to 281px again and again.

No real solution in the forum.

Please help us out.

Regards / Roland

Ok, did some research and it seems you can not use a value such as 960×400px because it for some reason maxes out on 300px, am i right? and if we need more height how can this be solved?

Inside style.css look for this code:

.loading .flex-viewport { max-height:300px; }

Here you can increase the value to 400px and also change the occurrences of 281px to 400px. Then you need to regenerate the thumbnails using the plugin and it should work as long as the original image that you are using is higher than 960×400 px.

Hi there,

I am looking to make the Title Slogan fill in the space to the right of the logo. I cannot find how to adjust the width to fill in the white space. Right now it appears to be set at 79px wide. I see how to move it to the right and down but need more width. Thanks.

You can define a width to the paragraph that contains the logo slogan inside style.css from theme’s root, for example:

#logo p { width:320px; }

Hi there

How do I change the font size of the main content? Tried it in style.css and no luck, and cant find the css named main.css

Help ?

Inside style.css you will find this code:

body, input, textarea {
    font:11px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

Here you can change the font size.

For more questions, please come to our support forum – http://goldenworks.eu/support/, since we are not offering support here in the comments section of the themes.

fixed, delete.

Hi there!

Is it possible to change the background color into a custom color?

In the css folder open white_orange.css or the skin file that you are currently using and change the background color from this block of code:

body {

If you have more questions, please come to our support forum:


Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

hi, can i use a video on the first slide- on mainpage slider?

Hello baranesman,

That’s not possible I’m afraid because the slider doesn’t support videos.

ok. thanks.

hi, i can’t make a dropdown menu.. i know how to- but some how it woulden’t work. do you know why? this is the site, it’s hebrew so you can’t read… http://pcicomplianceconsulting.com/newen/ thanx.

Hello baranesman,

I don’t know exactly why the menu doesn’t work for you, it might be the case of a plugin causing a conflict. Try disabling your plugins and see if it works or not. If the problem persists, you can send us an email with login details to your via our contact form from our themeforest profile page(http://themeforest.net/user/starshade) so we can take a closer look in the wordpress admin.

ok. i’ll try. thanx.

hi, can i disable the comments on my site? i dont want comments at all except from the blog. can i do it?

Hello baranesman,

Yes sure. Each time you create / edit a page, make sure you uncheck the “Allow comments.” checkbox from discussion box under the page content editor. If you don’t see this box, make sure it’s enabled from “Screen Options” from the top right of your screen.

Hey loving the template and everything is working smooth so far just one little issue.

Custom Fields don’t’ seem to be working for me, I followed the instructions in the tutorial and I ticked “Custom Fields” in the Screen options. Then under “Add New Custom Field” I clicked Enter New, then I wrote down mytitle in the Name field and my text title under the Value, I then clicked Add Custom Field. I done the same with mydesc and I clicked update and when I view the page the text doesn’t seem to show up, I can only see the text I entered in the main text field. Tried with different pages and still no luck. Any suggestions please?

Please send us the login details to your site via contact form from our themeforest profile so we can have a closer look at this issue.

Custom fields don’t work on homepage page templates. You can use them with any other page templates and if you want the slider to appear on all your pages you can do it from Appearance -> Theme Options -> Do you want to display the slider on all pages ? setting.

Thanks for the great support via here and email :)

hi, can i leave the slider and use other slider? like builed a homepage with fullwidth revslider? is that possible?


Yes it’s possible but only with some code changes to accommodate the revolution slider instead of flexslider that comes with the theme.

so…. can you help me? because i d’nt know no code…

so…. can you help me with the revolution slider? because i don’t know no coding…


We are not offering customizations support of this degree to our themes. Our suggestion is to hire a developer for this. You can try http://www.microlancer.com/ that’s also part of the Envato network.

hi. i wanna add 3 pics like you did on the “homepage 2” how can i do it?

In the demo we used this code wrapped inside 1/3 column shortcode:

<h3><a href="http://goldenworks.eu/demos/mc3_wordpress/category/blog/">Beautiful blog section</a></h3>
[tagline]Like a cute journal[/tagline]
<a href="http://goldenworks.eu/demos/mc3_wordpress/category/blog/">
<img class="img-border" alt="" src="http://goldenworks.eu/demos/mc3_wordpress/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/portfolio_img1.jpg" />

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