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I followed the instructions for making a child theme so I could customize. It worked well except that I have chosen white_orange and the child theme is not set-up to modify those elements. I also tried adding the revised css to the custom css in the theme options (even with !IMORTANT) but that didn’t work. Lastly, I tried to join the forum to ask questions but never got the confirmation emails after two attempts.

I need to know how to modify the slide background (home page) and header colours, other than messing with the parent theme’s white_orange.css file.

Cannot remove the standard tag line “your attractive and simple slogan” !

I have added another tag line it does NOT replace it and I would like to remove it I do NOT see an option anywhere to remove it.

Please help. thank you

You can disable the tagline by going to:

Appearance -> Theme Options -> General tab -> Do you wish to disable the logo slogan ? -> Yes.

I deleted your contact form and am trying to use contact form 7, but when I test it the arrows just keep spinning next to the submit button:


I was wrong about the validation, it is not turned off. Try to reset your permalinks from Settings -> Permalinks. Set them to default, save, then set them back like they were and try again. Also in case of plugin conflicts, if you have other plugins installed, you can try disable them one by one and see if the contact form will work.

I tried disabling the the plugins and still no luck! I also tried the changing the permalinks with no luck!

Looking in your source code I see that you have wp super cache plugin activated but not configured. I see this error:

<!- WP Super Cache is installed but broken. The constant WPCACHEHOME must be set in the file wp-config.php and point at the WP Super Cache plugin directory. ->

Please deactivate and remove the plugins files from your wordpress installation and try again the contact form. There have been reports of this plugin conflicting with contact form 7, but it’s not a guarantee that it will fix the issue you are having.

Hi there!

Is it possible to put a divider line between blog/news posts. Now it is a lot of messages without separation.

Best regards, Félice


Yes this is possible but please open a thread in our support forum ( http://goldenworks.eu/support/ ) and our staff will advice you how to do it.

Kind regads,

Goldenworks team.

I have used the media consult theme and it works fine across all browsers. But when I add my url into mobile or tablet get the error of m.site not found. Is there a function to make the site mobile? Thank you for any help

We responded in the support forum.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Thank you solved the problem- great support.

cant delete this comment.. i solved my issue.


I just purchased and downloaded this but it says the css stylesheet is missing. I can not use the file.

Hello willow-usa,

When installing wordpress themes please make sure you follow these instructions:


Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Hi, I didn’t received support forum confirmation mail to access account… Username: BENMEN thanks, Ben

Password reset: I don’t receive mail…

Since few days, my footer position broke… http://www.fipes.fr/ I checked and really don’t know why

Hello Ben,

Please send us an email via our contact form from our themeforest profile so we can send you the password in private.

In regards with the footer, for me it’s displayed properly. Can you please detail where the issue is ?


Great theme!

I’m having an issue with the blog setup though. I have “blog template” selected under page attributes on the page I’d like the blog to display on. I also have that page selected under Settings > Reading. I have the front page set to display a static page (Home) and the posts page to be the Resources page.

I do have a few child post categories setup under a main “Blog” category and have a post published. When I view the Resources page though it doesn’t show the posts, just the following message:

Hello and welcome to Media Consult wordpress theme! Please note that this is not the actual homepage of the theme. To properly setup your theme’s homepage, you need to create a new page(most likely using the homepage template) and set that page as your homepage from Settings » Reading » Front Page Displays » A static page. Please make sure you consult the documentation to find out more.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Hello stephenjames716,

It was never said to set the posts page to something by us. Please make sure that when you setup the blog, you are consulting the latest version of the documentation.

Also when setting up the blog please follow these instructions:


They are for another theme, but they work the same for Media Consult.

And one more thing, for more support questions please join our support forum and post your questions there. If by any chance you are not receiving the confirmation email after you created your account you can drop us an email(via our contact form from our themeforest profile) with the user and email that you used when you registered and we will send you the password.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.


How can i increase the font size for the text, and make the text in the widgets the same as the text on the page please?


Please check out this thread from our support forum:


Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

How can I add social icons to the header of this theme please?

Hello foundub4,

Please check out this thread from our support forum:


It explains how to add a phone number to the header. You can follow the exact instructions, only that instead of phone number you insert the html code for your social media icons.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Hi, I’ve tried that but i can’t see that script in the header.php file.

the only code I can see is

<?php if ( of_get_option(‘show_search’) == “yes” ) { ?> <?php get_search_form(); ?> Phone: 456123 <?php } ?> Can you please let me know if you can suggest anything else.

(I also changed the CSS as mentioned but still didn’t work as you can see (foundub4.co.uk)

The code was changed a bit since the thread is 2 years old but the code that you found now inside header.php(with get_search_form(); ) does the same thing. It’s fine if you place your div after the search form(after the closing ?> tag, not inside it like you have it now).

Is it compatible with wordpress 3.9?

Hello noe_sp,

Yes it is compatible with wordpress 3.9.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.


The contact us page on my theme is not working and I have tried everything. I tried replacing it with other contact us forms like contact us form 7 but still doesn’t work.

None of the contact us form works.Please help.


Hello HashamAbbasi,

In this case you need to contact your host since it’s a mail server issue, not a theme / wordpress issue.

Bar some code styling, the functionality of contact form 7 is not affected by any theme code so in case something was broken with our contact form, contact form 7 plugin should have worked worked in any case.

Hi I bought your theme, what’s the RGB color parameters of your “white orange”? thanks.

Hello xdw29,

The color code for white orange skin is #f87b27.

You can find all the color codes for all the skins inside the “css” folder by opening any skin file(white_orange.css, white_green.css, etc) with an editor.

Hello Starshade, good, thanks.

Hi, When using the Blog template, I don’t see any pagination on the bottom of the blog. Is there a setting that I am missing? Blog items per page is set to 1, so there needs to be a link to older posts.

Hello puregraphx,

The setting from Settings -> Reading is for posts archive(like posts by categories listings, not the blog template). For Blog template please go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Blog tab and insert the number of blog posts in the “Blog pagination” input.

Also, for more questions or any issues that you encounter, please come to our support forum:


Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Hi starshade, that did not solve the Blog Template problem. As per your requiest, I will open a support ticket on the forum. Thx in advance.

Hello puregraphx,

In this case we will also need access to your wordpress backend and since the forum is public, it’s best to send us a message thorough our contact form from our themeforest profile with user, pass and link to your site so we can check out all your settings.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

HI StarShade,

Great work!

I have a question is there a widget to upload a video on the homepage sidebar? where GW News would go I am using homepage 1 template.

Thank you.

Thanks that worked but I can click into the photo and then save can that be stopped as well?

In addition I have have issues with your service block code

the block title does not appear and if I want to change the photo to a custom one it also does not appear. I have copied it as the following:

[service_block title="Corporate Publishing" 

Ex legere intellegam eos, pri enim consetetur deterruisset an. Timeam minimum honestatis per ad, integre torqu atos sadipscing ius no.

followed by
[service_block_last title=”Interactive onscreen production” image=”http://goldenworks.eu/demos/mc3_wordpress/wp-content/themes/mediaconsult/images/service2.png”]

Soluta platonem ei nam, ad meis ipsum congue mel, choro persecuti at has. Quas ludus admodum pri ne, no alia duis evertitur mea.


I am having a strange issue where I have uploaded a video on the side bar on the home page using the wordpress video shortcode in firefox it is no proportioned correctly but in I.E and Safari it is?

Kind regards PanO

Hello PanO,

For more technical questions please come to our support forum:


And open a thread with all the questions. Also please provide a link to your website so we can have a look at the video and also at the shortcodes.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

ok will do thanks!

Hi Starshade,

Is it possible to use the news template for more than one page? For example I have created three pages using the news template but once I write something in the news the same content is published on all three pages. I would like to publish different content on all three pages is this possible?

Kind Regards PanO

Hello PanO,

If you refer to displaying different news posts for all 3 different news page templates that you have then yes, it is possible, The news custom posts work the same as portfolio custom posts. Please check out the documentation(see chapter “6. Portfolios and news pages”) to learn how to use name(mycat) -> value custom fields for the news page templates.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

Thank you very good Customer service, keep up the good work!


I have a couple of questions…

1. How to add custom css? When i change the childtheme’s css (h1, h2), noting happens. 2. How do i remove the pagetitle? I mean the grey beam under the slider.

Thank you very much.



I Send you my login credentials. Did you recieve them?

Sorry, I just can’t seem to get the grey pagetitle UNDER the slider gone… Here’s the url: http://www.eyeforchange.nl

Any thoughts?

Hello Mark,

That is not a page title – it’s a slide title and it’s part of the slider. You can disable it by changing this code inside style.css from:

.slide-txt { /* styles for semi-tranparent background in the slideshow */


` .slide-txt { /* styles for semi-tranparent background in the slideshow */ bottom:0; height:50px; left:0; position:absolute; width:100%; display:none; } `

Try this suggestion and let us know the results.

If you have experience with wordpress themes then you can use Firebug plugin in Firefox to inspect the html elements and edit their associated class names inside style.css.

We haven’t received the login details so far.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.

I just installed the new version of the Media Consult template on my site and I don’t seem to have titles on any of the pages except the home page. Am I missing something here?

Hello jeremybowen,

If you updated the theme, I don’t know from what version you updated, but a couple of times the theme suffered major updates that changed the behavior of many elements and settings. Please make sure that you consult the documentation that comes with the latest version of the theme to learn how to add the titles.

Let us know if you have more questions.

Kind regards,

Goldenworks team.