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Wow, nice work for a first item in your portfolio.

Thanks so much, vote for us if you like ^^

awesome….will love to buy…

btw any plan for WordPress version?

We’re in the process of finalizing the WP version, it might be release in the next week ;)

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Oh great!! I really love this template. i hope you will release Wordpress Version soon!

Thank you so much !! pls wait for next week

Oh great!! I really love this template. i hope you will release Wordpress Version soon!

Hi Great work man! I will buy this in near future!!

Before that, i found one bug: When i have fullpage in full mozilla window, then i resize it to smal window. Menu was hide and display the arrow. Ok. When i click to arrow, menu slide in. Ok. When i click to arrow again the menu slide out. Ok. BUT then if i maximalize the firefox window, the menu not slide in plus the arrow disappears.

And i know how hard is programing website for IE but when i run mediastar website in IE8 or IE7. The window is complete frozen and only way is kill it from task manager.

Even though, its a great work! Lot of buyer!

hi Nethry,

The new version has been released & fixed bug responsive of left menu. we finding the better solution with ie7&8. if you like, u can download now ^^. thanks you !

Thanks you! Awesoooome!

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awesome template man!

Also to the above comment ie7 is not a requirement. Sadly ie8 is, even though anyone still using ie8 does not deserve to use a computer :)

good luck with sales

Yes, IE makes all web developers headache. However, we are still try our best in order to ensure MS will be compatible with any browser.

Currently, we do not support IE7 & IE8 utill we find the better solution. The patch will be updated as soon as the problem is solved.

Thank you so much :)

Loving this, waiting for WP version.l

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This is a great demonstration of how to leverage the power of HTML5 to create dynamic and engaging web content. Every menu, transition and element is crafted with a perfect blend of style, quality and attention to detail; the overall effect is something remarkably graceful, where so often it ends up over the top.

With so many people jumping on the web bandwagon and flooding us with done-to-death effects and unimaginative designs it’s really great to see there are still people challenging the limits and breaking the mould.

Excellent design, perfect execution, I will be watching your portfolio with great interest.

You’re welcome, congratulations again on a fantastic theme. I will probably set to work on a WordPress version, but if you guys ever create one yourselves I’d buy that too!

special thanks to you ;) Hope you will be our patrons :D

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Great work …

i will wait for the wp-version. please give me info if the wp-version is available …

Thanks Hieger , WP & Drupal version is coming soon…

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I will buy this work if it will be integrates with any CMS (wordpress, joomla or drupal). Great work guys!

P.S. Also I need support IE 8-10

yeh, thank you ! We’ve fixed for ie8. It might be release Html update in the Tuesday. Please Subscribe to receive our news letter

Awesome work, had to have it just because ;)

Thanks for purchase, we’re so happy if u vote 5 star for us.

That was already done upon purchase :)

Hi, is there a way to separate images-items in portfolio by groups when looking at their full size. Currently when i select one group in this preview and click on the item , it lists all of the items , not only the one from the group i’m looking at. Hope this question makes sence :). If this is possible i’m buying this.

Hi there, firstly, we want to say sorry for any inconvenience that you met. Actually, this was the HTML version only so that when we set up the demo, there was still imperfection that needed to be improved which was separating images-items in portfolio by category when looking at their full size.

It is POSSIBLE to do what you requested if you decide to purchase MediaStar. Please send us an email here support@felixplus.com or contact@felixplus.com for the support after buying the product.

Very cool pattern! Waiting for WordPress version! and immediately buy it! Well done!

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This is an amazing template. However it is not responsive on my iphone 3GS. I guess it has something to do with the resolution; all the images are zoomed in and the menu is barely visible. Any plans to fix this?

Sorry, could you please clasify what kind of objects do you want insert to the content? Do you mean whether you need to modify the css file to insert objects in the content or not, right?

Well yeah cause from the first glimpse it seems like the content written in the sequence is derived from different places (both the css and the html). Basically what I want is just to replace the “sequence” with these two objects while keeping the rest intact.

Gallery: http://www.webdesign-flash.ro/p/html5_responsive_gallery_grid/flexibleRoundSkin.html

Homepage slider: http://www.codingjack.com/galleryjack/

You don’t need to give me a solution but rather state whether you can provide support for this if I get stuck in the process.

Hi there , with the new features not available on Mediastar, we’ll charge support. Plz email to support@felixplus.com when u need.

It’s AMAZING TEMPLATE. Great design and i very very love it. i had try run on all my devices and it’s work ok ! .i hope you’ll release WP version soon . Sure i will become first customer buy your product!!!


Thank you so much ^^

If you don’t mind, you should subscribe to our list. We will inform you the latest new about WP version immediately right after it is available

Really nice template :D

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would it be possible to make the side menu panel transparent and have the Logo/Social icons overlay the full screen bg image?

Also, im not sure if its just me but the Music portfolio demo, when i press play on soundcloud it automatically switches to the next slide ?


You can customize your logo and background anywhere. About soundcloud, we’ll guide you how to turn off the gallery slideshow.

For any further support please contact us here after purchasing the template.

Thank you !


Your template is fantastic, but… there’s a problem when you move from a smartphone size to full size with a browser (tested with IE and Chrome). Try with pages like about, single, elements, single with…

Apart from that, I’m ready to buy it.

You can download now ;)

Hi Mikeshow

Thank you so much for your improving suggestion, we’ve fix this bug and submit on Themeforest, You can check on my Demo link. Thank’s again,

When reading the comments I was figuring this wasn’t for Wordpress, but when I viewed the theme it said Wordpress Creative Theme. I bought it hoping I could use it, but got an error of “The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.” Can this theme be used for Wordpress or do I have to find another option?

We’re really sorry for any misunderstanting. This is just HTML version which costs $15. You can use this one for website development. The WP version will be availale in few days after the finalizing process is completed and the price is around $40-50. If you have interest in WP version, you should Subscribe to our email list for latest news.

Thank you so much !

Well, when is it coming out? The only reason I bought it is because it says Wordpress creative theme on it. I have no clue why you would put that on there if it isn’t for Wordpress. Seems a little shady.

Hi donnieplumly !

Sorry for the misunderstanding here, but we do have the WP version, which is the main one. FYI, We will fix the description that led to the confusion. Please subscribe to our email list. Whenever the WP version is released, we will inform you as well as send you the relevant offer.

Thank you so much.