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Hi i buy your amazing template now! I would like to tell you that i am impressed! Before i will edit template and rebuild it for my webpage, i found some bug maybe…

1) the page: http://felixplus.com/demo/mediastar/html/skins/facebook/right-sidebar-full.html is fullscreen great, but if i resize window to smaller, this page didnt resize dimension to my new window.

2) the page: http://felixplus.com/demo/mediastar/html/skins/facebook/single.html have single post but when i loaded it, the picture with text creative is overflows the post box in right at first time. But when i hit F5 to reload page, this image was resized to well dimension

and last… 3) In all version of IE (eg. 10, 9, 8) i have problem with “loading next posts” in portfolio. when i scrolldown in IE, sometimes new post are loaded and sometimes no. For me: yes, loaded (30%), no (70%)

Thank you again for your prestigious work!

Thanks! I am subscribe now and waiting to fixed version.

Hi nethry, the patch has been updated.You can download now ^^

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Is it possible to add 3ºrd level menu ?

MENU (1) SUB (1.1) SUB SUB (1.1.1)

Hi ddaniell, Mediastar only support 2 level for left menu :)

Is it possible to have all the “portfolio-meta” information for a video? I tried adding it myself but couldn’t get it to work ;(

Hi Keyvisuals

plz give us your email ;)

Sure, it’s just keyvisuals@gmail.com Thanks!

Hi, I am testing the templates contact form but the only thing that is recieved in the inbox is the message from the form itself, not the name or the sender/email. Please advise.


No mistake, I will send you a email through your form.

Thanks for the great support! :)

I wanted to buy this theme but i saw an interesting bug. i navigate the demo->portfolio with chrome, i saw that when i click on images, they overflow to the bottom. It doesn’t happen on firefox…


Thank you for your information. We tried to investigate the issue here by testing the same scenario with Chrome. However, the template was still fine. We’re afraid that your internet connection might be slow, therefore the css file was not entirely loaded.

nice! but all the video functions does not work on I.E. 10. I have to switch the compability on. Is it something that you can fix automatically rather of having the user do it. Most users might not know what to do.

How is the Wordpress version coming along?

WP version is in the process of completion, we’ll try to release ASAP

What happened with the WordPress version?

We’re facing some minor technical fault of personal data, therefore, the WP version will be released later than planned.

The template is quite good with the only problem is that it isn’t running on on IE9 and IE10 for win7. It just freezes… I would happily ignore IE unfortunately alot of users still use it..

Otherwise works perfectly with Chrome, firefox, opera, safari

Actually I noticed that if I access the template preview directly from your site, it will load and work correctly in IE 10 and IE 9, but when I try to open a page from the downloaded unmodified folder on my computer, IE will freeze.

So my question is will it work once I have uploaded it to the hosting server?

Hi there, thank for your nice word. The problem you have suffered might be related to the backward version of the template. Could you please kindly re-check whether your download file is the latest version or not?

Many thanks

I was building the site offline directly on my drive and I did have the latest version, but when I run the template directly from my hard drive it was causing problems, after I uploaded it to the hosting site it works just fine.

It is strange though when run from my drive even Google chrome keeps trying to load it continuously even after all loading appears to be done.

Thanks for your quick response nonetheless.

It’s so weird because we re-check and MediaStar still run smoothly on our PC even when we not connect to the internet. Could you please re-check your computer? Sorry for any inconvenience you met.

I understand the WP version release date has been delayed … do you have an approximate idea of when it will become available? Thank you!!!

Hi, sorry for the delay. The estimated time for releasing WP version is about 15 days. MediaStar is in the finalizing process including beta testing and documentation.

Thank you.

Hi again! Will the WP version release date be on target? It is perfect for a re-design I am about to do, so I am anxiously awaiting it! Thanks!

Hi, is it possible to change the mobile view navigation to show immediately when viewing on a iphone or other mobile devices? Instead of the slide navigation on the landing page just have it default to show.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi ajzito !

Thanks you for purchased our product. Plz give us your email, or email to support@felixplus.com. We’ll provide you with the best solution.


Is it possible to have 4 buttons on the intro page instead of 3? If so, could you help me with that?

Do you also have other templates in the same style as this template? I’m very interested.


Sorry for the delay, We recently had a holiday. Give us your email to have a great support.

Currently, we’re designing a new product, not same style with Mediastar

Hello,   I can not run the form I put my mail in processForm should I do something else? thank you for your help

Hello, it works, but once the message there is no confirmation of sending the person does not see the message and passed. thank you

Is it not compatible with IE9? The images in the slider are cut off at the bottom.

CLICK HERE to view screenshot

IE 9.0.8112.16421
Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1
25” Monitor 1920×1080 irresolution <<-Probably the cause

Thanks you for report . This bug only see in the big screen, we’ll fix & update soon

Hi pdouglass

You can download now, new version has been fix this bug

Hi Felixplus awesome template man! We have a small problem, we have to work on the English language and was a great theme, while when we work on the Arabic language does not appear to speak, and appeared in his place question marks. Please tell us how to solve this problem. Thank you

Hi Thank you Very much. for paragraph we will use this font. Amiri (Arabic) @import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/earlyaccess/amiri.css);

and for title we will use this font. Droid Arabic Kufi (Arabic) @import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/earlyaccess/droidarabickufi.css);

hi tasmemcom

Plz give us your email


I’ve send you a mail a few days ago, asking if it’s possible to add music on the template.

Could you please answer me asap?

sorry, we don’t receive your email. Plz email to support@felixplus.com or give us your message in here http://themeforest.net/user/felixplus

I see the hearts on the blog items. If logged in, can the user “like” the items? I’m looking for a template that would enable “liking”/”voting” of user-submitted idea, with the ability to sort by most recent as well as most liked.

This is only the html version of MediaStar, you can customize or add new function to this template depending on the CMS that you are using. Btw, the Wordpress version of MediaStar will have the feature that you required.

—edit --

nevermind, i was using the local test copy and not the live server. haha.