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Can I ask where you buy your stock photos?

Sure: istock photos, veer. Don’t know if I can share the links here. But I’m sure that can easily be solved with a simple Google search.

Do you have a WordPress version of this site? If so is it on here? I don’t see one. I need the wp version.

Ok, it says the $79 has a discount code. I didn’t see a discount code. What is the discount code? Thanks

the discount code is inside the package that you get after purchase, so it’s only for future purchases.

Brilliant theme!!! Is this theme iPhone and iPad friendly? Just want to make sure before buying it. Thanks!

We didn’t test it but it should work as the browser from the iPhone and iPad is the same (Safari) and we test it on the same browser on PC and Mac and it works.

One more question:

Are the “Contact Form” and “Make Appointment Online” working in the HTML theme?


the Contact form is working, but the “Make Appointment online ” is functional only in the WP version.

Great work! Purchased it…

However, looking for instructions on how to make the “Make Reservation” button work on Appointments page… Not in the documentation from what I see…


Thanks again!

Please come by our dedicated Support Forum ( and post your question there. Our guys will help you in no time

hi i’ve bought this theme but i cannot find the php files instead i have only the twenty elevetn theme ? can u helpme with that? Thank you

twenty eleventh theme? sorry, i don’t understand the meaning of your comment.

so i have bought the medica theme from here and when i ‘ve tried to upload it in wordpress it dosen’t show it on my web site(can’t change it) . (at you will see) . thought that when i purchased this theme i will have the php files also) instead i found just the html ones. Another question i have i – if this is a HTML version ( as it looks) can i change it or upgrade it to php version? because i feel a little bit hmm…. fooled :) since i didn’t see anywhere that this could be JUST HTML version. The them is great ; looks very nice , congratulation for the design Thank you for the quick reply . I appreciate it very much

Yes, this is the HTML version. The WP one is available on our website – contact us via email for a discount for this version.

Is this theme iPhone and iPad friendly? Will you provide customize service for a charge? Thanks.

We didn’t make anything special to make it work on iPhone or iPad. It should work, because it works in Safari on PC or Mac.

About the custom jobs, we don’t do it our self as we are focusing on releasing more themes, but we are working with some great customization partners that know our themes inside out that could help you.

Visit our website for more details.

God dame! It’s only HTML version :( I need WordPress version! :( Can I refund and pay for WP version?

Done! We’ve refunded the money you spent on the HTML version.

I bought from ThemeFuse PHP developer version already. Can I Refund this?

Done! We’ve refunded the money you spent on the HTML version.

sent you an email for the discount thank you

we’ve replied to it. Cheers!

Thanks! Great template! Also Trusted developer :) I’ve got refund. Good luck you guys!

Thanks buddy!

purchased the item(theme) ;Thanks (multumesc ;P )

Cu placere, si noi multumim! ;)

Hi, I would like to purchase this template. Do I need major skills editing this, as I am pretty much a novice. I can handle editing html files, but not more fancy than that. Is this the type of template that is strictly edited using html and css? If yes, then I should be okay. Also, does it come with different color backgrounds? Thank you in advance.

yes, it is plain HTML so no special skills needed to customize it. As for the backgrounds, there are no other version than this blueish-green you see in the previews.

Thank you for your prompt response. One more quick question, I love the rotating image in the header using the slider #1. When I view it in Firefox, it goes through all the pictures, but stops when it gets to the last one (Wound Care – Extracorporeal membrane oxygen). Is it possible to have this ‘loop’ so it does not ever stop?

Please post on the dedicated Support Forum (

The only problem with going to the forum is that I have to provide my email from which I paid for the template. Since I have not paid yet, I cannot get help on the forum. I did not want to buy the template unless I new for sure the answers to my questions above. Thanks.

Where to find

functions locatian? Need supporting of qTranslate plugin. :nerdy: If You already done, please, give a link.

if we are talking about the `WP version, than this is not the right venue. Please post on the dedicated Support Forum (

Looks wonderful! Can I use it in my own work for a client? I read the license but could not make much sense of it.


yes, you can… we don’t need to take any credit

Do you have a template similar to this one but more closely related to a support application? I am looking for an elegant template to use in a web application, not a web site. Thanks

No sorry, but that’s a good idea, maybe we’ll make one :)

Hello..I have purchased this theme. But Contact Form is not working. There is no link between Contact Form and sendmail.php How do I make this work?

Have you read the documentation?

Top Notch work! This is an example of an excellent, feature-rich theme. Trouble is, like others, I meant the purchase to go to the WP theme. I have purchased the WP theme from your website. I don’t think any less of you for selling the WP on your own site, but more clear directions to the WP theme should be presented here on THEMEFOREST so those of us looking for the WP theme, not just the HTML version, know where to go to get it.

But, again the bottom line is, GREAT WORK . THEME ROCKS !

hello there, we understand your point of view but the fact is we can’ advertise the WP here, we are not allowed to mention it – and it’s actually a perfectly normal business practice from Envato and we respect it.