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great work…

Thanks AliA

great theme! just a quick question- how would i get the slider such as shown on the homepage loop i.e go back again to the first slide, instead of just stopping? cheers! nick

Hey Nick,

Love to help you but unfortunately we don’t offer support here in the comments, you’ll have to come to our dedicated support forum. Easier to follow by others that might have encountered the same issues.

Cheers and thanks for your business.

love it! have started modifying the homepage to my needs and have one problem: in index-slider-2.html: is there a way of hiding the progress bar and black buttons under the slider image??

If I set the .playSlider .navigation (in playSlider.css) to display:none it messes up the timing of the slider … is there a “proper” way of hiding this area?? Thanks!!

Love to help you mate, unfortunately we don’t offer support here in the comments, you’ll have to come to our dedicated support forum. Easier to follow by others that might have encountered the same issues.

Cheers and thanks for your business.

reg. my above post: i have now changed the navigation: true to false (playSlider.js, line 19) which hides the black buttons – but now the animation stops as well??

Is there a documentation about the slider on the hp somewhere?

Thanks for your help!

I wonder if you have this theme as a fluid versus fixed structure, I just changed the css and it works fine except that my background image is fixed: everything expands or contracts nicely but the white background with blue borders stays fixed.

Should I replace the png with a div?

Thanks, Everardo

yes, that should probably work!

One more thing: can I buy the pictures?

the pictures are not included in the archive, as they were used just for presentation purposes. But similar images can be bought from Stock Image websites or even from Themeforest’ sister site, Photodune

will there be a wordpress version?

it already exists… on our own website (can’t post link here)

hi ThemeFuse,

thank you for a truly AWESOME and premium html template, it is fabulous!

I have a few questions about the Testimonials widget and the Appointment Request Form widget before I buy.

First, can the testimonials widget be customized so the testimonials scroll / move on their own without the user needing to click on the arrow to display the next one? Maybe something I could change like an autoplay jQuery setting etc. to make this happen? If so that would be awesome :)

If not though, what version of jQuery does this template use? I have a moving testimonials widget from another template I bought that I can “splice” into this one if the jQuery would be compatible.

Also, can the Appointment Request form (calendar) be customized? (this thing is amazing, by the way) For example; what if I wanted to make only Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays selectable days for appointments; or only make the next 7 days available. Can Would this be something I can do via the HTML /CSS with Dreamweaver; to toggle days available / unavailable?

And, do you know if the Appointment Request form (the calendar part) will relay the selected appointment date into a contact form submission even if I am not using the contact form script that is included with the template? The reason I ask is because I use webformmailer.php from Godaddy for the contact forms on most of my sites because I usually find the scripts that come with templates don’t work for me when I add to the forms and ask more detailed info – Phone #, Cell Phone #, City, State, etc. etc. that aren’t pre-defined in the mailer script. Hope this makes sense! Looking forward to working with this template :)

Hi RubyLu,

We’d love to help you mate, but you’ll need to post any issues or questions on our support forum. We don’t do support here in the comments. Hard to track by others that might encounter the same issues.

p.s. sorry you had to write this wall of text, but maybe you can copy pasted it in the support forum? ;)

Hey, is there any way of putting the sidebar on the left and the content on the right??

Any help would be really appreciated.



that exact feature is available only in the WordPress version.


could you please reply to my comment as well? Thanks again :)

Nice looking theme, but file structure very lazy/messy. The main css file references files that don’t exist, and there are assets included that are never used.

Clean this up please.

We’ve made an update, please re download the theme ;) Sorry for the inconvenience.

I accidentally just purchased this file thinking it was the wordpress version. Is there anyway to get a refund?

P.S. I thought there was a wordpress version? Did it get taken down?

the WordPress version is only available on our own website, and not here on Themeforest. Write us an email and we’ll see about the refund / discount.


My client just purchased this theme from themeforest, but it’s in HTML version. What I need is the WP version. How can I get a refund for this so that I can purchase the WP version?

Thanks, Tom

please contact us via email and we’ll figure something out. You can find a contact form in our profile page here on Themeforest, or via our Contact page on

I like this, but would like to see more color options…

first of all: very cool theme – great work ! coud you tell me: where can i get the round icons in your theme – i need to change some but i want to have them all in the same style-

THX :)

what round icons? the ones from the homepage? those are custom made by us.

... which are pretty cool – did you make some more or just the three on the homepage?

only those 3 unfortunately

Hi Thanks for the Theme! I want to add a reCaptcha to the appointment request form:

What code would follow this script from Google? After here:// Your code here to handle a successful verification

<?php require_once(‘recaptchalib.php’); $privatekey = “your_private_key”; $resp = recaptcha_check_answer ($privatekey, $_SERVER[“REMOTE_ADDR”], $_POST[“recaptcha_challenge_field”], $_POST[“recaptcha_response_field”]);

if (!$resp->is_valid) {
  // What happens when the CAPTCHA was entered incorrectly
  die ("The reCAPTCHA wasn't entered correctly. Go back and try it again." .
       "(reCAPTCHA said: " . $resp->error . ")");
} else {
  // Your code here to handle a successful verification


I found the solution on your support page – please disregard previous request. Sorry!

great to hear this, cheers Mike!

I got a little confused with something. Why there is a Shortcode page? Is there a WP Theme?

Great theme.


Yes it is on our website. Can share a link due to Envato policies sorry.

Sent you email on a issue

we reply every email. If it was regarding troubleshooting the customization or installation part, than you will get a reply from one of our support team members via email (or on our forum, if you posted there).