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Hi Support. Nice theme, nice color scheme and nice everything LOL . Anyways one thing, I want to disable the black boxes (right below the slider) (slider2) that says “cardiology”,”neonatal care” etc etc. I just want the slider to have the image and the progress bar. Thanks a bunch bro.!! peace

We’d love to help but you’ll need to come to our dedicated support forum. We don’t offer support here in the comments as is painfully hard to track by others that might encounter the same issues or have the same questions. Thanks!

Hey there, nice design. Is there an wordpress version of this template?

yes, there is, but it’s not available here but only on our website (can’t post link)

I really love the top menu/nav on this theme. Do you have any plans to do anything similar but that has a broader appeal? Something that adds galleries or slideshows and maybe is responsive?

I was searching for something with that type of navigation and yours is closest, but not quite there. I’d love to know if you have something in development that might look something closer to this site:

Hello there, thanks for the interest in our themes. Please post your question on our Dedicated Support Forum ( where our theme will help you out in no time. We prefer this way, because here on comments it’s much harder to follow.

Hi, there is no template_contact.php in my folders.

there is no template_contact.php – the file you need is “contact.html”

I have just bought the theme and changed the border color to my needs… How do I export the psd file to get the correct pixel perfect files for the borders?

We can do that for you if you’d like. Please post a new thread on our Support Forum ( and we will do it for you.

Did a custom install of this theme if you all are interested in seeing how it can look in action –

it looks really awesome, mate ! ;)

Hey there, Just bought this template and I love it.. But I need to change the background colors to more of a grey and black scale. How do I go about doing this?

you can modify the color of the BG image(s) in Photoshop – you have the files bundled in the HTML archive. If you need help with the Photoshop files, you can post a new thread on our Support Forum ( and we will do it for you.

Hi Max, I am looking at getting this template. My sister needs a new website at the family practice where she works. From reading the comments and on the forum, this appears to be a wordpress theme [php].

The image and info for the medica template appears to state “html version”

IS there an html version with its CSS style sheet. Thanks, Scot

the Wordpress version is available exclusively on our website (can’t post link here). This is the HTML version.

Was about to purchase this thinking it was for WordPress. If you’re not selling the WordPress version on Envato, then why does the Demo state it’s using WordPress. This is blatantly misleading. On Thursday April 30th there was a WordPress submitted version, I almost thought it was this one. That one appears to have been removed?

the WordPress version is only available on our website. If the Demo for the HTML version states WordPress, than it is a mistake and we’ll remove those statements immediately.

Hello ThemeFuse,

Great template! Where can I get additional icons? I need an icon for documents (downloadable), I use the contact widget _small icons!

you could try or for a wide variety of free icons


Nice theme, is it translation ready?


This version here is just the HTMl file, and is not like in the WordPress version where the translation files are already created

Hi, I tried to install the file theme zip but it appears me a wordpress failure notice: “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.”

What can i do? thanks

that’s because it is NOT a WordPress theme. It’s a HTML template, just as the main image preview says right there. The Wordpress theme is available exclusively on our website.

SOOOOOOOOOO annoyed…..bought this thinking it was a wordpress theme.

found the wordpress on the site not mentioned but just threw away $21. perfect.

why would I buy a standard html theme…I can write that myself….was trying to save some time buying a wordpress theme…..failed greatly. Pretty sure I was browsing wordpress themes when I found this. nope.

no, it is not a WordPress theme, it says so in the preview image, in the description text and it can be found in the HTML templates category only. But, we have the WordPress theme available on our own website, and we can offer you a $21 discount if you still want to buy it.

Hi! Please, where i can buy that used photos? I bought this item, but photos aren’t in package :(

Thanks a lot.



Yes the images are not included. We are not allowed to redistribute them. We purchased them from istockphotos and (search for medical or dentist don’t know how to share a link to a specific image here, the website has a this “awesome” usability feature where you share the link … lame).

Hope this helps.

Good day, what are the steps and the cost to purchase this theme for wordpress I am interested please send an email to

Sent you an email ;)

This is a beautiful bare bones template. However, Photos are NOT included. and there are some loading issues moving from page to page in Windows 8.

I like the look of this template, but it doesn’t correctly load pages or load them at all, when going from page to page.

I need a dependable template that will provide consistent and easy navigation. Unfortunately this one is not dependable.

All pages work great on current browsers and already released Operating Systems. Windows 8 is still unreleased, and will only come out in a few months. We’ll update the theme when it does. The theme is dependable for 99% of users / browsers out there.

Photos are not included because we only bought those images for showcasing the theme. Distributing them with our theme would have cost thousands of $

Nice theme. Any plans on creating and offering a responsive html version?

no plans yet, but that’s a good idea, we’ll discuss it to see if that can be done at this point

hi, one question before i buy it, im looking for a web site than the user can choose between 2 languages for the website. is there a way to do that with this templante?


This is a HTML theme that comes as is. If you want 2 languages you’ll need to translate the theme your self and create the appropriate links between the 2 versions. All you need is some HTML /CSS skills and you are good to go :)


I just purchased this item thinking it was a Wordpress theme… it is not. Is there any way I can get my money back on this? I need this in Wordpress format… I could have just clicked “view source” to get the version of this that I paid for.

Sorry, this is a HTML theme. It says very clearly on the project page. Send us an email on hello at and we’ll figure something out (:

I am going to buy the theme from your site… in wordpress format. If there was any way I could get some type of credit I would really appreciate it. I have no use for the files posted on this site and feel like I was a little bit deceived into buying this as I am a first time premium theme buyer. When you search for Medica Wordpress Theme on google this site is the first that comes up, not your own site… which is the only reason I purchased it from here.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I beg to differ. In the Medica page here it is very clear that this is a HTML template and not WordPress. There are at least 4 places where it clearly says that. Look here.

Send us and email on hello@themefuse dot com and we’ll figure something out (: