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I would definitely buy this if it were responsive. I think someone posted earlier about that…is there anything in the pipeline for a responsive version?

I’m all over it if there is!

We are considering it, can’t promise anything though.

Very nice HTML theme, does the appointment contact works?

Not in this HTML theme. It works in the WordPress version (: Can’t share link here to the WP version I’m afraid, it’s against the policy.

one of the worst templates I bought here so far saw quite few bad ones but this last purchase convinced me no to buy any more stuff on ThemeForest even from elite author

CSS is bloated beats itself in in rules and using of ”!important” rule was the last straw

what can be done in few lines of code (menu) is done here in several dozens

rated 1x star lost $21

It’s very clear that you are not familiar with coding a HTML for WordPress implementation. I’m sure you know that coding a HTML for an easy WordPress implementation requires the HTML to be built in a certain way, including the main menu which the WP is generating iun a specific way.

Well this is not the place for sharing WP knowledge, there is google for that.

I very interest in this theme.. But have some question. Html version have CMS or not? Or just wp version only All function in html version have all function same as wp ? If i buy this first and i want to use wp version later. Can i upgrade to wp version? Or have any discount coupon for upgrade? If have it will be developer version?


The HTML version doesn’t have a CMS in the backend, only the WordPress does. You can upgrade later sure, by contacting us on Cheers.

Absolutely love the design and bought it. I have 2 points for you;

1. Please use Twitter/Bootstrap base for future design and development 2. Keep main stylesheet in CSS folder, believe it’s more professional. Because, not everybody develop on PHP or similar languages those keep files in dynamic+static files together. On Django, RoR or other similar frameworks keeping static and dynamic files separated ( dynamic files under host root which you cannot access them by URL ). So now I have to re-edit main stylesheet for moving in CSS folder.



Thanks a bunch for your feedback.

1. We’ll keep that in mind 2. The HTML theme is only a step in the process, so we always try to facilitate our further WordPress development. I get what you are saying but to be honest we feel that this is not an issue. You can easily modify the paths using the replace function in Dreamwaver.

Cheers and thanks for your business.

Where do I find the WP version of this? Looks great1

The WP version is available on our website, but unfortunately I can’t share the link due to ThemeForest terms and conditions.


Can you give any instruction on other transition types for the slider? The default is “fade”, so I assume there are other transitions available.

Can you list them or shoot me an email with the transition types?


The default slider has 3 animation modes: Fade, Vslide and Hslide – you can learn more from the documentation here:

anyway to make the reservation form work in the HTML version since its the version I bought assuming it worked. It is kind of an important aspect to the site I am doing.

even if it just sends an email with the form info and calendar date would work for me

If you are referring on this page:

This one is implemented and it works. It send an email with the info from the form. Hope this helps. For more details please us the dedicated support forum on our website.

Dedicated Support Forum

nevermind … found it

Hi there, I purchased this template and really love it but I am having issues changing the colors to what I need.. Do you have a tutorial somewhere that I could use to do this? Thanks ~Tara :-)

I’m afraid there is no tutorial, but you can try our support forum. Our guys will point you in the right direction. Thanks for your business.

Greetings is it possible to change the background?

Of course, the background is an image, you only need to replace that image and you are done (:

Hello Themefuse, Can I change the basic colors of the site and if yes in wich CSS file?

changing the background color is done by modifying the image color. Open up the images that make the BG into Photshop and adjust the Hue / Saturation (Ctrl+U) and save them. That’s it.

For the colors of texts, titles, etc ofcourse you can use the style.CSS file or the easier to use custom.css

Hi, I just purchased this theme and wanted to use it on wordpress. I realised it is not compatible with WP. Is it possible to get this version or upgrade? thanks.

this template is the HTML version, we sell the WOrdPress version exclusvely on our own website, and you can get it with a disocutn, by not paying the sum spent on this HTML again. Let us know.

Hi there

I just purchased this item thinking it was a Wordpress theme… it is not. Is there any way I can get a refund on this?

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We can’t control refunds here on ThemeForest, but what we can do is offer you a discount for the WP version. Contact us from our profile page and I’ll reply to that email. Cheers and thanks for your business.

Hi, I would like the form of reservations functioned without the obligation of ‘insertion email address, is this possible?


i’m afraid that is not possible, it needs an email address in order to function correctly.

Is there a PSD of this entire template? I want to make sure before I purchase it.

Sure the PSD is in the archive.

I simply love this template, but I´m having some issues with the calendar widget. Can someonte teach me how to display the calendar? An example should be nice. Thanks.

Please be so kind and post your question on our dedicated Support Forum, where our support team will help you out in no time. We don’t offer support here on the comments because it gets tricky pretty fast to follow the conversation and it’s also hard to be seen by others who might encounter the same issue.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi there, do you have a wordpress theme for a single dentist’s practice “only” for sale? Thanks

no, for dentists no, but this theme can be easily adapted for a dentist practice. Change a couple of images and you are done ;)

does it support rtl(Arabic) ?

I’m afraid not, sorry.

I bought these one because i think that is for wordpress, please a i need wordpress functions, i speak spanish. sorry for my english

we sell the WordPress version exclusively on our website. Please contact us via email and we can get you a discount when purchasing the WP version