Discussion on Medical Plus - Doctor / Health WordPress Theme

Discussion on Medical Plus - Doctor / Health WordPress Theme

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The drop down menus no longer work. Please advise. Everything looks correct on the backend. Mobile seems to work, Desktop does not. See Ambulance Billing menu item on https://prioritymedicalclaims.com​ I just bought/renewed my 6 month Support License, but your Ticket systems will not validate my purchase code. HELP!



Sorry for the delay. I saw you could open the tickets now. Our team will get back to you soon.

Hello, I just updated to the latest php and now my website is broken, the sliders have disappeared. I cannot save within the theme options – when I do try to save slider options, it shows and error page – page options won’t open or work – not sure why I’m getting a message to “renew support”. The theme I purchased should work with a php update. Or, are you stating that a license is only valid for one year?


I’ve replied to you in your ticket :). Please check it.

Also, the license will get you: 6 months of support and lifetime update. More information: https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard .

Best Regard!
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Hi, I’m very interested on buying your theme. I think it fits great with the design my client wishes to have. I have a couple of pre-purchase question though. How flexible is the theme? I know this is a very general question but specifically, I mean adding new sections, moving things around, changing the color palette. And one thing my client wants is to have the main logo centered, not to the left like most websites, is that possible? Thank you and looking forward to your answer.


First of all, thank you for interest :).

It’s a outdate theme, so it quite difficult to flexible as you wish. I’m recommended take a look in our newest theme from our portfolio: https://themeforest.net/item/infinite-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/16869357/ .

There are many options and flexible for you as you wish.

Hi, Medical Plus theme is installed on my website. But I can’t upload a logo. I choose the logo from the media library, but the logo does not appear on the site, the logo I selected in the panel disappears. It doesn’t appear when I try to add it as a link. https://prnt.sc/p4fojf

did not work :(

Can you open a ticket please?

I opened a ticket, no answer yet. https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/ticket/2147085/

Hi there i keep hitting save on change the right top header area, it stays rolling and not saving, what to do?

Not sure did you just update WP version or not? Please make sure that you update the theme to latest version in order to use with WP5.0. Also, by updating the theme, please make sure that you update GoodLayers’ Plugins as well and please clear browser cache after updating.

You can follow this : https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/1893/

If still doesn’t work, please try to disable all other plugins and see if it’s fixed or not.

Hi there it wasnt saving before wp update so i updated theme, by uploading files to the theme folder via ftp and overwriting old theme files, nothing still save so i updated wordpress still doesnt save


Please send an email with wp-login and website address to: support.loc@goodlayers.com and include your message so I can know who you are and I will check it for you.

GoodLayers Team

Any update on WordPress 5 & Gutenberg compatibility?

Please make sure that you update the theme to latest version in order to use with WP5.0. Also, by updating the theme, please make sure that you update GoodLayers’ Plugins as well and please clear browser cache after updating.

You can follow this : https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/1893/

Is the theme compatible with WordPress 5.0, specifically Gutenberg?

As we tested with Gutenberg, there’s no issues found yet but we suggest to wait for official announcement from us. You can follow from our FB page.

Thank you

Readme says:

This version is ‘1.10Õ

For installation, please open folder “document”. go to “index.html”. Read “installation” section.

v1.10 31/07/2018 update comments form to support privacy policy – comments.php

fix https video resize – javascript/jquery.fitvids.js

fix woocommerce sidebar – include/function-regist.php

add no cookie option for youtube videos add websafe font and improve font uploading feature – include/style-custom.php – include/goodlayers-option.php – include/javascript/gdl-panel.js – include/plugin/misc.php – include/plugin/font-loader.php

v1.08= 19/04/2017 fix shortcode spacing include/plugin/shortcode-generator.php

php 7 functions.php include/goodlayers-option.php include/plugin/custom-widget folder

v1.07= 21/12/2015 fix shortcode – include/plugin/shortcode-generator.php

wp4.4 compatibility include/plugin/custom-widget folder include/plugin/dropdown-menus.php

v1.06= 12/06/2015 - Improve stability / Plugin compatible include/plugin/filosofo-image/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php include/plugin/custom-widget/twitter-oauth.php

- fix duplicate contact form mail ( on some server ) include/plugin/misc.php

- remove preload in non-responsive include/include-script.php

- xss include/plugin/portfolio-item.php

v1.05= 16/06/2013 - fix twitter function.php include/plugin/custom-widget/twitter-widget.php include/plugin/custom-widget/twitteroauth.php

v1.04= 29/05/2013 - fix 2 personnel widget nav javascript/jquery.cycle.js

- add translator word comments.php

- fix twitter widget in mobile include/plugin/custom-widget/twitter-widget.php

- prevents corrupted media on backend include/plugin/filosofo-image/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php include/meta-template.php include/gallery-option.php include/plugin/utility.php

- fix portfolio nav with wpml include/portfolio-option.php

v1.03= 20/04/2013 - fix single port nav include/single-portfolio.php include/portfolio-option.php

- fix ‘All’ translator include/plugin/page-item.php include/plugin/blog-item.php include/plugin/portfolio-item.php include/plugin/utility.php

- update image resize function include/plugin/filosofo-image/filosofo-custom-image-sizes.php

- fix search title translator header.php

v1.02= 07/12/2012 - fix the navigation font. style-custom.php - fix the index.php file. ( for some plugin that use it ) - fix content filter ( for compatibility with the NextGen gallery plugin ) page.php - fix wpmu style include style-custom.php - fix flex slider in ios6 javascript/jquery.flexslider.js - fix shortcode spacing include/plugin/shortcode-generator.php

v1.01= 12/10/2012 * Fixed Twitter Feed +++Modified files from v1.00+++ + /include/plugin/twitter-widget.php v1.00 13/09/2012 * initial released

Hi, we have the version we purchased back in 2014. The site has been crashing over and over and we found out that when hosting updates the PHP to 7.x, it crashes the site. So we have to put it back to PHP 5.x. Do you have a more recent theme, that works with later versions of PHP and if so how do we get it?

Actually the latest version of the theme works with php7.x. Can you make sure that you update the theme as well? https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/1893/

Where do I get the updated theme? In my DOWNLOADS it still shows the old version that i purchased. Thanks,

So the current theme version is V1.10

Can you try to download the full package from Themeforest and see which version you get in ‘readme.txt’ ?

Dear folks,

does v1.10 of Medical Plus work with PHP 7.2?

Thanks for clarifying.



Yes it does :)

Since the latest upgrade for Wordpress, the Goodlayers section of this theme no longer works. Medical Plus also doesn’t show up in the ticket list either. Is there a fix for the issue or is this theme no longer supported?


1. Can you try to disable all other plugins first and see if it’s fixed or not.

2. Please make sure that you update the theme to latest version : https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/article/1893/

3. If still doesn’t solve, please provide wp access + site url through the form in our profile page so we can check.

Cheers! :)

Hy! Very strange problems width slider, greate ticket – https://goodlayers.ticksy.com/ticket/456174


Just to let you know that this file calls the google fonts by http and in case you use https, you have to change the line 252 & 270 to ‘https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=' include/plugin/fontloader.php

Hope this helps :)

btw Is the theme compatible with wordpress 4.9 version?

About the font path, I will let the dev check and get back to you later.

About the second, we haven’t fully test it. We will officially announce in our FB page later.

Hi, I’m translating this theme i Italian. First, in the POT there may be a typo in “Port Style” > should be “Post Style”. Second, there may not be a translation for “Category”, but just for “Category: ”. What do I do? Tnx :)


Can you please submit ticket in our support website? Our dev and supporters are only provide support in there, not here :(

Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through http://support.goodlayers.com/(Purchase code can be found here : http://support.goodlayers.com/purchasecode.png )

Thank you very much! :)

Hi, is it safe to update to WordPress 4.8 with this theme? Thanks.


It should be fine :)

Thanks! We have version 1.07. Is it fine?


Yes, 1.07 should be fine.

Hi there i updated your theme, trying to make it SSL, the media using video stop showing my youtube video on the regular site, and the output is http: even though im puting https on the video box id=”fitvid845739” class=”fluid-width-video-wrapper”

need to get his output to be https

Another thing how to add Instagram to the Social Media on the top bar?

In this case, you have to replace the icon with the one you’re not using in the path of ‘wp-content/themes/medicalplus/images/icon/social-icon’ Then choose the one you just replaced.

You can find the icon here: iconfinder.com

Hope this help :)

If you have further questions, please submit ticket in our support website. Our dev and supporters are only provide support in there, not here. :(

However, unfortunately, we notice that your support has been expired. In this case, you won’t be able to create new tickets anymore. You can purchase support extension in item page. It will be on the right side : http://take.ms/8Q2Ly ( more info: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/item-support-picking-up-where-we-left-off/176552 , https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/208191263-What-is-Item-Support- , https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/207886473-Extending-and-Renewing-Item-Support )

Please note that we no longer provide support via this channel anymore(Except bugs report.). It’s all will be conducted via support site only. Please also note that many old customers already renewed their support and we have to be fair with everyone by providing support via support site only.

Hope you understand this.

I’ve got a Medical Plus child theme active, based on the mother theme V 1.02. after I uploaded V1.08, I have two inactive Medical Plus themes 1.08 & 1.02, and the active child theme with all my modifications. What should I do now to have 1.08 act as the mother theme, instead of the old 1.02, while keeping my child theme the active theme? thank you

You may rename the style.css file of the child theme to

Template:     medicalplus

( the template name must match with the parent theme folder )

Renamed the template in the child theme style.css. Can I delete V1.02 now? you might want to consider adding these instructions to the index.html in the new theme files…


Yes, you can remove the previous file if you wish.

And sorry for the confusion. As we changed the way to name the file path, in the future update, you don’t need to change the ‘template’ anymore. :)

Hello, Can you help me please? I am using the Medical Plus Theme version 1.05 with WordPress 3.5. I would like to update the theme but it not compatible with the wordpress 3.5. How should I do it? Should I update wordpress first and then create a child theme? What do you recommend me? Thank you very much.

I think WP3.5 is pretty old. I suggest you to update both WP version and the theme. (WP always improve security issue in the update.)

To update the theme,

You need to login to your Themeforest profile page, click on ‘download’ tab, then download the theme again.

After that,

1.) After you downloaded file from Themeforest. Do not upload it yet. Extract it!

2.) You will find 6-7 folders and some files inside. You’ll see the file called ‘medicalplus..zip’

3.) Upload this file through wp backend and activate the theme.

After that go to ‘appearance > menu’ and assign menu location again then go to admin panel and click ‘save changes’.

BTW, Make sure that you haven’t changed or customize any theme code.. if you did, you have to do it again. All setting in admin panel and page will be the same.

I download the theme but it does not come with DEMO files, what can I do?

Estimated, uploaded the logo and is not displayed in the home

thank you very much

Descargo el theme pero no viene archivos de DEMO, que puedo hacer?


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