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Would be possible to do the booking (not only send the form) with payment?


Sorry payment option is not added currently.

Hi The secondary menu do not work. It is selected in the menu options. The secondary menu shows the primary menu even when secondary is selected. Help!

I have sent the file attached to your email. please fix the issue.

I have sent you the file modified again please check.

Thx it worked. gr8 support. I would recommend this theme to everyone who is considering a brilliant site & amazing support!


i recently purchased the theme, I was hoping it came with the Demo Page Layout so I can start to build up from there… Could I please get the instructions on how to install the demo template and layouts to start working from there? Im not an expert on this web page building business, I hope you could sort me out here.

Thanks in advance, If you happen to need my Wp login an PW please let me know so.

You can find the documentation for it in the package you downloaded from themeforest. I have provided the demo content XML too in the package.

thanks got it…

1 Quest.. On the Mobile version (thru my iphone)... a right lateral side bar appears, how can I remove it so the content fills the screen with out tapping on it? url: farcom.20d.mx

I will update the theme soon. Thanks for noticing and informing.

Theme has been updated version 1.7 / Updated on – 30th August 2013.

Hi, I have updated to the latest version 1.7. Now the consultant field don’t show the specialist/department/categories name next to it.
  • Can we have a dropdown which shows the specialist/categories first, once a visitor selects the specialist; then the consultants from that categories only list.
  • I would also want to know if & how fields like address, zip etc can be added to the form which is currently missing in the appointment template. Which file/files should be edited to add more fields to the appointment form?
  • Can we make some fields like email not mandatory, if how to proceed?
  • Thanks in advance.

    Email me the WP Logins and FTP Logins so that i can make a fix for you. We have removed that option on so many requests.

    Hi i have sent you the details in the email. Kindly check.

    check your email I have fixed it.


    I have problems with the doctors template I received this message:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/vargfour/public_html/wp-content/themes/medical/template_doctor.php on line 66

    Warning: join() [function.join]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/vargfour/public_html/wp-content/themes/medical/template_doctor.php on line 69

    Can you help me please with this issue?

    Thanks in advance!

    any help with this issue please I need it asap cuz my client is upset :-p

    Contact me from my profile page contact form with your WP Logins and URL so that i can take a closer look at it.


    sent … thanks!

    Hi,Please tell me: 1-how can I show doctors by separate specialty (specialty filter)? 2-how can I change appointment form fields – for example first choose specialty category next choose the doctors of this specialty…?

    Sorry that specialty filtering option isn’t there but we will see if that can be implemented in the near future.

    Regarding the form you can find in the template_appointment.php file if you need any modifications. and validation for that will be in appointment_insert.php file

    how do you add a video that resizes for mobile/tablets? youtube…

    site im working on is… 925pain.com

    as you can see the video formats funny on a mobile device. even if i add the shortcode feature for youtube, its still way big on iphone.

    ALSO, top logo on ipad and iphone is super large and little dropdown menu covers it.. any suggestions?

    We have updated the theme to the new version which got fixed with the responsive issues. You need to update the theme to the latest version as i see you are using 1.5 and the current version is 1.7.

    Kindly update the theme to the latest version. And after update also if you still feel there is an issue please register at our support forum.


    All Support is handled on our Support Forum Click Here. Pre-Sales Questions are handled here in the comments

    Click Here to register on forum & Get Free Support

    Why register at support forum?
    Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again. A searchable forum will make it possible that you don’t even need to wait for my response, because it might be already there. So kindly register at our support forum on the above mentioned link.

    hi, what’s about the translation? is it possible to translate the entire theme in French?

    Yes you can use WPML plugin to translate it.

    Would you please tell me how to make my site look like the demo site on my desktop? It has the calendar, blog, menu, and search on the top right mobile style.

    i have provided the package with a demo xml file I mean sample data with documentation file in which you will be guided to import the sample data to look your site like as show in demo. If you still din’t get that layout then you can register at our support forum for more queries and we will assist you with free installation support.

    Hello, I am very intereado in this template. If a user requests an appointment at a specific time, this time it unchecked to another user with the same doctor

    Sorry that feature isn’t there in the theme.

    Hi, I want to use your theme for Russian WebSite and was wandering if Frontend and Backend could be translated in Russian language?

    With WPML plugin you can translate the theme.

    and Backend too? because as I know WPML is only for front-end

    We have not yet tested the backend.

    Hi, I wish to know if having the featured image slider is optional. Also, if it can be used on other pages of the website besides the home page. I have suggested this template to a client for an orthodontist’s website and he as suggested a likeness for this template, so I ask.

    Thanks, Revant

    Yes you can use the slider for other pages as well.

    hi , where i can change the Show profile button background color ? .button.small

    tnx i use ver 1.7

    also the logo margin ( ex if i want to put it in the center of header ) values inserted in the admin panel does not reflect on front end result

    it is like settings dont get written somewhere

    For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.


    how to switch off the responsiveness?

    Its not there in current version but in coming version Next week we will add this feature to disable responsiveness.

    Hello! Just bought the theme. Works great.

    For some reason the shortcode for “image” doesnt work correctly when I check the LIGHTBOX option. My image opens the directory instead of a popout like lightbox is supposed to do.

    Help please?

    Fixed the bug in the coming version it will be available.

    sounds good thanks! I also have a few more questions:

    1) the mobile view on a phone is WAY too narrow, is there any way to change it? 2) the background color that I choose doesnt change the original blue color on the theme. I have to create an image, and that takes too long to load, plus, in the mobile view, it doesnt reach all the way down so your blue color ends up showing.

    Thanks, cheers!

    1) Its fixed in the latest version. 2) for this register at our support forum http://support.aivahthemes.com then post your query with WP Logins and URL as private post then our support team will help you out.

    Hi, Please help for setup Email in localhost ( Intranet server ) , I Cant receive email from any forms;


    Sorry in Localhost you will not get emails. For email and forms checking you can test it on your server.

    Hello I am interested in purchasing this theme however i have some questions before! is there other choices of color themes? such as lavender and purple? are there different icons that come with this theme? an how does the schedule appointment work? is there a back office?

    Thank you

    The doesn’t comes with default colors but its easy to have your own style from styling option in theme options panel. Yes schedule appointment is there in the back office. If you see the item details page with screenshots you can see how does it looks like.

    Hello, how can I change the values of “dayNamesMin” and “monthNames”? I need to show it in Spanish… Thanks in advance!

    Its there in the Documentation on where to change the names.

    I’m looking for in file index.html from documentation folder but I don’t find it…. Could you specify exactly where it is? Thank you!

    In template_appointment.php on line #181 and #182 you can find the names and then uncomment those.