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Very Nice & Clean Work ,Welcome To Forest :)

Thanks a lot man ;)

Great Start! Welcome!

thanks a lot man ;)

Thanks manserro ;)

Welcome to TF mate! good luck with sales.

Thanks man ;)

... i buy it for error… it isn’t a wordpress theme. may i have money back please? my website is…. i make an error

hi mrkprv, i can’t resend money here on themeforest. You can write at support, he can resend money to you. Alternatively when we make wordpress version of this theme we will send it to you for free.

Very nice theme! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks louiejie ;)

would love to get the WP version.

i can help convert for $400. Thanks

I want to buy this item, but I have a couple questions before: - Could you explain me (after purchase – of course), how I can embebed youtube videos in the “last videos slider” in the index.html page ?

- I miss a light box in this item, I need it before get it; its possible?

Thanks. I´m a Envato user…by the way.

Hi elcodigodebarras, in the last video slider you can embed youtube video of course (size: 135px × 108px). We’ll implement lightbox galleries option in next release/upgrade. Thanks for your interest.

Best Regards

Clean and awesome design, good luck with sales!

thanks man ;)

Very nice responsive template…I was going to buy it but after trying to see it on IE9 I ’ve found that the layout is not the same as Firefox and Chrome .-( Will you fix it soon? Thanks a lot

Ciao ndplanet, a breve faro’ i fix necessari per IE9 e ci sara anche un altro tipo di layout ;) a breve il fix che richiedi.

ti ringrazio

The tamplate is compatible with language pluguin WMPL?


Hi Rhanks, this is HTML template and not Wordpress. Wordpress version coming soon on themeforest.

Thanks a lot for your interest

Best regards

Ok, thanks for your quick response.

Best regards,

Love the clean design and layout…but can you tell me how to get ul list items to display below standard tablet width? Have looked at all css options and can’t get any bulleted content to display below standard 768px tablet width. Holds true in all browsers.

Hi laurelcw, thanks a lot for your purchase.

You can grab me a screenshot? I’v tested and i can view perfectly bullets lists in below 768 width…

Waiting your response, have a good day

Just bought this. Where are the “Layout” PSDs that we normally get ? Please make it clear that you do not include PSD Mockups for the Site Layout!! But it sounds like you do because you say “Layered PSD files.” Can I get them somehow ??

Hi ukirstein, yes you’r right is not more clear and is ambiguos. To remedy i can make homepage and single page psd file (full) if you want…

Best regards and happy new year

Hi Yes that would be perfect and very much appreciated. Also sorry if I sounded upset, I am actually very happy with your great template, it is well worth it. Thanks again and happy new year!

- Uri

No problem ukirstein, we’ll return at work this 01/07 (after holidays) and i make this two PSD only for you.. thanks a lot and sorry again for misunderstanding ;)

Happy New Year!


Hi is this still on? Thanks again and sorry for the bother, – Uri

Hi ukirstein, no problem of course… write me your email or fill the form in my provate profile, i’ll send you homepage psd tomorrow (i’v almost finished). thanks a lot and best regards


Hi. Can u please explain how to install the template? I like this design and would like to apply on my website. But don’t know how it works. Can you please explain me in detail.

Hi Rabinv1, this is html theme. You must download package, edit it how you would and than upload into your hosting space.. Attention: this is not wp theme…

Thanks a lot and best regards Marco

i want to buy this but need to make into a perfect central location. can you turn your template into the style i need as per below info? how much? here is my email.

a referral based system – a network of highly branded, professional physicians. The people referring can either be physicians or general public. For example, if I had my own professional practice and liked to work with a particular surgeon, they would have the benefit of belonging to my network. Any clients of mine would be fed to them for a specific surgery or exam, etc.

The people who can be connected are geographically exclusive, meaning that 2 podiatrists in the same 20 km radius could not be included as the main buttons on the home page as a possible referral. (We haven’t established what the geographical exclusivity range will be and for starters, we’ve decided to just manually screen the applications and go from there). There will only be approx. 4-6 physicians/surgeons on this one site that a person can refer to.

From a patient standpoint, they can sign in and refer themselves as a patient if they need extra services, surgeries, exams, etc.

The idea of this is that it can be copied in multiple cities all over Canada, etc. And only people who you know can give great service and keep up with your brand, are able to be included (after you screen them/review application).

The major part of this is the format (the buttons on the home page and how they will be laid out/designed) and the login system, which I feel is necessary as you will need to enter some personal patient information in.

With the login one could ideally keep track of who was referring the most patients etc, and at a future point, create incentive in doing so.

The whole idea is to create something with more hype and more benefit to all, instead of the typical paper forms physicians have to fill out to refer a patient on.

You can contact me at nardi.marco(AT) , thanks a lot and best regards.


I have purchased this theme but i cant upload it on my website. I try to upload it directly from wordpress and no success then i try to upload it from my FTP and still doesn’t work it says Stylesheet is missing.

Can you please help me?

We can contact through e-mail for more details.

Thanks in advance, Albi

Hi albizhulali, this is an HTML theme and you can’t use with Wordpress…

Is there a WP version available yet?

not for now mariow, i think i’v already responded by email.. thanks a lot and best regards