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I’ve purchased medicenter and find it a very good theme but I’m am wondering if you sell the timetable/scheduler as an individual product?

Please let me know


Thank you! For now I’m not selling it but I’m planning to release it in the future.

Hello! Timetable Responsive Schedule Plugin for WordPress is available for purchase at CodeCanyon http://codecanyon.net/item/timetable-responsive-schedule-for-wordpress/7010836

I want to buy this theme but I have a question.

Is any option of include social networks buttons and a phone number of contact in the top of the theme?

The size of the menus an be changed, or the theme only allows 7 menus.

Thanks for you help.

You can use any number of menu positions, there isn’t any limit for that. For social buttons you’ll need to use some widget or custom code. After purchase you’ll get access to our Support Forum where you can find/get help on that.

Hi there,

This theme looks awesome :) I was wondering two things before I present the idea to my client: is it SEO Ultimate plugin compatible (if not, which SEO plugin is 100% compatible?) and also, are the Spanish .PO files included?


I didn’t test theme with this plugin but there shouldn’t be any issues and it should works. Spanish .po files aren’t included.


Please clarify is this theme compatible with Russian and Ukrainian languages? And is it compatible with plugins which allow to create multilingual site (for example, http://wordpress.org/plugins/polylang).


Yes, theme can work with any language. Also mentioned plugin should works without any issues.

Very nice , why not RTL ?? i need it RTL because my second language is arabic .. Can you help me with that ?

I Hope so , Thank you so Much :)

Just thank you so so so so much , You are a man of your word ..Perfect and great work , just need the steps to use the theme multilanguale , to have it with two languages arabic and english and let the user choase whats better for him .. Thats all , and from my heart thank you so much :)

You’re welcome! For multilanguage support you can use a plugin like WPML. In case you’ll have problems with that, please use our Support Forum to get help.

Awesome :) Great Work :)

Thanks a lot!

How do you remove the Photostream sidebar widget in the blog? I don’t see it on the Widgets page, and I don’t see it on any of the sidebars on that page, or the sidebars page.

I tried to install the Medicenter theme but I have the same problem, I couldn’t install it. It says: “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.” and then nothing happens.

I did not unzip the file.

Which zip file are you using? You need to use medicenter.zip. You can also unzip this file and upload medicenter directory into wp_themes directory using FTP file manager like FileZilla.

How can I get the times to display on the Timetable with : colons instead of . periods?

Please open timetable.php file and replace all occurences of:

date("h.i a"
date("h:i a"


Love the them. Unfortunately now, I’m having a problem with the font size when using the Home Box widget on the homepage like your demo (Emergency Timetable & Opening Hours). The font or color does not match your demo website. Can you tell me where can I make adjustments to the widget font and color?


Thank you! Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible.

Hello, Theme is “space shuttle”, it’s very sophisticated and we have many possibilities, but sometimes I don’t know how to do the basic things. For instance – how can I change number and type of contact fields on Contact page? Because when I open Contact page, and then open Contact form block by Visual composer, there is no option to choose / change fields. For instance I don’t wish Birthday field but need to add some other. Thanks

Thank you!
Unfortunately there is no editor for contact form, so you need to make changes in contact_form.php file. If you’ll need help with that, please create new topic on our Support Forum.

Thank you QuanticaLabs. I will manage myself somehow ;)

You’re welcome! Just let me know in case you’ll need any help.

I am 2 minutes away from purchasing. Have a pre-sale question.

Can we embed a youtube/vimeo video as an overlay on the banner. I hope my question made sense. I am mainly looking for a way to include a video on top of the banner area whilst keeping the banner area more or less as it is…

Eagerly awaiting reply…

Theme supports youtube and vimeo videos in a popup for example, so you may use this method. Anyway support is included, you may only need to make some custom code adjustments to make banner look as you need.

Thanks for the reply…I dont want video as a popup – want the video as part of the banner area(maybe as an overlay). I actually dont even want the carousal/slider – just want 1 banner image with video as part of it :)

Buying this theme thinking your support forum would be able to help achieve that. Thanks

We’ll help you with that. Please post here your forum topic url after you’ll create it.

Hello Nice theme, kindly there is an issue with the menu it doesn’t save any new items for some reason i’v created a new menu and it dosn’t save all the menu items!!!

please help me with this .. thanks

ok i’ll ask the Administrator then

thanks a lot for your help :)

You’re welcome :)

hi i just bought the plugin and unzip and try to install it as in instrucyion the above widgets in slider does not apper iam trying it for so long time can you please help me

Did you try to install theme via ftp? You can send me your WordPress admin area login details and ftp data via contact form and I’ll install theme for you.

can you please tell me what i have to do for this i think i have to learn this if you tell by step wise hope i can do if i cant then i wills end you the details

I’ve just replied to your email.

Where I Can Find FULL documentation like the size of picture I must use in homepage? Is it possible if i can get the PSD files?

You can find documentation inside zip archive downloaded from ThemeForest but there isn’t any info about image size. I’ve used 1590×670 in homepage slider. To get PSD files, please send me a message via contact form. If you’ll need more help, please check our Support Forum.

Can the three boxes be removed from the main slider on the home page. I dont need them there (Emergency Case, Doctors timetable, Opening hours)

Yes, those are widgets, so you can easily remove them from sidebar under Appearance->Widgets.

Hi! pre-order questions? sorry if there are silly questions… Can I remove any item of the menu? example: If I don’t need Blog, timetable, gallery or whatever…or even in the departments if I don’t need Investigations or treatments? is not that I don’t need any of those i’m just putting examples Thank you!

Another one: On the contact form (or as it says Online Appointment Form) when you select a department, can I do that the mail arrives to diferent emails?

I mean an unique email for each department… and if that’s no possible can I put 2 contact forms? or 2 links on the main menu…

Yes, there is a topic on our Support Forum, where you can find informations how to do that.

Your theme looks awsome

Some prebuy questions

1) Is there an option for sticky menu?

2)Are there plans for mega-menu( wide drop down menu with images and stuff?)

These two features would make this theme almost perfect, and super competitive

3) can i instead of three boxes on the slider have two in the middle?

4) I really like this set up under the slider http://specommerce.com/ with five images linked with index of the page, is that in the options? or i need customization to do it?

Thank you

Thank you!

1, 2) No, but we’re planning to add those features in next update.

3. With some custom css code modification. We can help you with that.

4.This is an option.

Hello, Where I can change content (text) for Error 404 page? I did changes at 404.php but that doesn’t shows up on frontpage (live Web). Thank you very much. Regards

If you’ve imported dummy content you should see ‘Page Not Found’ on pages list. You can edit it there. You can also create this page if you don’t have it yet and choose ‘404 page’ template for it.

Hi, Great Theme, i have a problem, can you tell me how i can change the color of the fonts in the slider because some backrounds are white and they don’t appears well!!!! Thanks

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!