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Pre-purchase question

Can we run it in 960px (960 grid system) The theme is too wide for my country.

Theme is responsive, so on smaller resolution it will also looks good. If you would like to change default width from 990 to 960, you’ll need to make custom modifications in css files on you own.

The link http://explorer11.website.pl/oferta-poradni-2/, I put a gallery of services, hover over your mouse on the photo of the services appear two options – the left input to the text and on the right in the photo entry. Below is the header with the name of the service you hover over it with the mouse cursor highlights it in yellow, and the cursor changes as if the section is hyperlinked but it is not. I would like to just this fragment with a header also highlighted in yellow mouse click a link was the same as the one option left above the picture of the entrance to the text – that moved in the same passage in the text. How can I do this? I’ll be very grateful for the advice – Martin

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!


Some presale questions please:

1) Does each user (doctor) have his own timetable in addition to the departments one?

2) Does the system work with buddypress? Im looking for the option to contact the users directly and to have users in different groups (departments).

3) Does the system support multisite?

4) Can new appointments be set on free times which are set in advance?

5) Can purchases be made inside the system with woocommerce? (native theme support) thus scheduling new fixed appontments.

6) Is there RTL support? or Custom CSS override?

Thank you.

4. No, such a feature isn’t implemented.

6. Yes. You can also use custom css for each page separately (there is custom css box for each page as well).

Another question please, Does each doctor have his own login and the ability to fill his time table?

By default no, you need to configure that on your own.

Hi i purchased the theme and zipped the file once in wordpress I am not able to install the theme. any suggestions. thanks

Please try to upload ‘medicenter’ directory into wp-content/themes/ on your server via ftp client.


I tried to register in the support forum but I am having trouble. I would like to remove the photostream from the sidebar, how can I do that ?


You need to use your ThemeForest login in registration form. Anyway please go to Pages->Blog page->Edit and you’ll find photostream component in page content editor. You can remove it there.


I get an error that the username is already taken ?

Yes, you already have an account on our Support Forum, registered on MediCenter purchase code from 8 months ago. So please try to use password restore feature.

Hi there,

Can you tell me how i can enlarge the height of the doctors images, I am using 3 columns and they have only given portrait photo’s , the width is good I just need to make the height slightly larger.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

Hi, your support forum won’t allow me to sign up as it thinks my Envato purchase code for MediCentre is invalid. You state that we get a copy of Visual Composer free with this theme, however I can’t find my Visual Composer license key anywhere which means I can’t sign up to their support forums either which I need to do as I have found a bug in the Visual Composer single image module. Any advise?

Please use your ThemeForest login in registration form. If that won’t help, please send me your item purchase code via contact form.

Pre-purchase questions :

1) The homepage slider. Can it be used only on the homepage, or is it possible to put one on any page ?

2) The timetable. Can we embed it inside any page or is it a page on it’s own ? Is it possible to have days in a month, instead of hours in a day ?

I’m using this theme for a completely different purpose than health, using it instead for house rentals (3 houses only), so I need to have a page with availability of all houses, but also need to create a page for each house, with a photo slider, and I want to display its own availability. (to sum up, I will have three house page with a different slider on each, and a timetable on each + a timetable page with the availability of all the 3 houses in the same timetable (maybe also display the prices on this page)

1) Slider is present when you choose home template for page. You can use this template as many times as you need, so you can put it on any page.

2) Yes, timetable is a component and can be used on any page with other components as well. It can’t work in month view. You can of course have many different timetables.

Very nice theme.

I wanted to know if it was possible to translate the front and back. I need the backend is also in a language other than English. Thank you!

Backend & fronthand fully translatable ?

Yes, backend via language files, frontend via content editor.

Where do you buy these beautiful pics`? I need some of these.. :D

You can find links in description and documentation ;)

Ive uploaded my own favicon to images and replaced the original one. but it still shows the original one. What must i do?

Please also upload favicon file into your home directory on your server. Please also note that old favicon may still be in browser cache, so please try also with other browser in which you haven’t opened site before.

Pre-purchase question. I want a multilangual site. Is there already a build-in component for this?

No, multilangual plugin isn’t build-in. You’ll need to use some like WPML.


i’ve upgraded the theme but i think visual composer isn’t “loaded”. I cant get the visual composer when writing a post and also in the site i have all the code behing the plugin. example:

vc_row top_margin=”none” el_position=”first last” [announcement_box header=”A Auto-cura” button_label=”Ler mais” button_url=”http://www.cura-te.com/a-auto-cura/” button_size=”small” button_color=”#3156a3” button_hover_color=”#3156a3” button_text_color=”#FFFFFF” button_hover_text_color=”#FFFFFF” top_margin=”page_margin_top_section” el_position=”first”]

What should I do to fix this?


Please check this answer: http://support.quanticalabs.com/forum/topic/6423/faq-frequently-asked-questions#question_40
Probably you need to remove ‘wpbakery’ directory from theme directory.

hi maybe not the best procedure but I removed the theme folder and installed the template again and is working now. Thanks

If you didn’t modify anything in source theme files, then it’s good way to update. I’m glad that you’ve managed to fix this.

You guys should take twitter widget from the dummy content…

It took me 2 hours and some coffees to realize that theme was breaking on “widget twitter_widget footer_box”....

It’s working good in demo and also in my local installation. What was the error on your end?

Welll! opened nginx error logs… I hadn’t installed php5-curl! Sorry! best regards

Ok, thank you for the info! Regards

Can I change the logo on the map? I can’t seem to find where it’s located.

Thanks Greg

You need to change ‘Marker/Point icon url’ in map component settings as well (in page content editor).


You’re welcome!

Can I make hexagon icons square?

Can I make my own skin colorset from the control panel or I have to do css edits? I saw in description about flexibility in changing colors. Can i save it as skin set once done?


Icons can be edited only with some icon editor.

About colorset you can configure your own using build in colorpicker but this colorset can’t be save as skin. Anyway values will be saved in Theme Options form and you’ll be able to edit them later.

How do I change the /doctors/ part of the URL to /staff/. Thanks for your help in advance.

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!


why is that the site search only works with posts? It doesn’t search within pages made with visual content plugin?

at least this is the conclusion that i take from the tests I made in my site and in your demo.

Can your clarify?


Hi. Congratulations for your beautiful theme. I have two questions. 1) Does the theme support a secondary menu? 2) Can it be translated into other Languages, such as Greek, Russian

Thank you in advance

Thank you!
1) You can use menu in any place using ‘Widgetized sidebar’ component.
2) Yes, theme is translatable.

Hi, Please how to add a new slider?

Please check this video: http://www.screenr.com/wSI7 (from 0:14).

Thank you I don’t believe how I missed that field! x-(

You’re welcome! ;)