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I’m looking for a specific function and am wondering if your theme provides that. Most themes I have used provide this. I need a slideshow function on the footer of the homepage, somewhat like on this website: My client wants some pictures like on the website given to show from right to left, maybe around 10 pictures, with every picture having a hyperlink to its own page. Does your theme have this option?

? It’s been 2 days still waiting for an answer to my question.

Sorry, your taking too long. I´ll go ahead and find another theme then.

Hi, sorry that option is not available within theme, however you could use some third party plugin and set it into footer.

your demo has an error at the top. im vieing in firefox

woocommerce is implemented in this theme..?

is it compatible with woocommerce latest version 2.4.10?

hi and thanks for showing interest in our work.

Yes, we have made a new update which will make it compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce 2.4.10

Update approved!

hi i purchase this theme and im having problems about contact form and appointment form specially if they are from sidebar or footer, the form doesnt work, it doesnt send anything. regarding the medico general settings, i have already update the contact form section but it doesnt work. help me with this please

hi, please open a support-ticket here

Hey I follow the documentation steps but something is wrong, take how looks the site, something is wrong with the styles, can you let me know what is the problem.. thanks in advance….
Well I try to figure it up but can you tell me why the appointment form is overflow and where I can fix this.

hi, please open a support-ticket here

Fatal error: Call to undefined function __() in /var/www/ on line 88

hi, please open a support-ticket here

Hello. I ve noticed that there is a small css problem at video page The second column is a bit below the first. Is there a fix for this? Thanks, Mike

hi Mike,

First off, you have to extend your Support package in order to be able to get support from us. as you can see from your badge, your support has expired.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

Hello. I do know that the support was just expired, but the css problem is at your demo, so I could ask this question even without buying…

Is there a reason why the appointment widget is halfway off of the slider?

hi and thanks for purchasing our work.

please open a support ticket at: to get help from our support team.


Hi, I have installed visual composer and it doesn’t seem to be working. If I click on the backend editor button for visual composer, the text editor area minimizes and goes away. I have the latest version of wordpress and the latest version of medico.

hi and thanks for purchasing our work.

please create a support ticket at: to get help from our support team.


Posted a ticket two days ago with no response Ticket #877809

Hi and i’m very sorry for delays ,i contacted my support team and asked to respond as quick as possible.

The theme does not seem to be working appropriately in iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S. The banner images and the menu will not open. Please advise.

hi, please open a support-ticket here

Hi, I cannot open a support-ticket, cause I can not enter my purchase code for the wordpress version. Help!

hi, please open a support-ticket here

make sure you have selected proper category.

Hi, I just buy your theme and when I install, my website hacked. They auto create new user and many request to login my site. Please help me fix it.

Hi and thanks for purchasing our theme ,can you please send me your logins and i will install it for you , here is my email :

’’‘Best Regards’‘


I would like to add a submenu and when I go to Appearance -> Menus and I add the submenu, this is not appear?? How can I fix it??

Thanks a lot



Thanks for purchasing our theme , please open a ticket at : our team will provide any help you need ,Thanks

Hi! Pre sales question here :) Is it compatible with youtube plugins like FooVideo Plugin? Thanks!


suporter Author Team

Hi, Thanks for having interest in this theme!! We can’t test this extension (FooVideo) with our theme because its premium, but as you can see at this page the foo gallery is working good and FooVideo will possibly work.


Im interested to buy this theme but i want to clarify things

1. Support RTL? i can choose between english and arabic in the website?

2. Can the client can create an account? and from their account we can send results of Xray, Blood Test, etc?

Thank you

Ok, I’ve tried everything. I think the Medico theme is perfect for what I’m trying to accomplish. However, there are some function that are not explained or don’t work out well. There is very very short youtube setup guide but it’s only 7 min. Is there another youtube example video that takes you through the compilation of a generic site? As much as I love it, I may have to ask for a refund if I can’t find any help with building out some pieces of my site with this theme. I was told by way of the support ticket to contact the author….good luck with that, never was able to do so. I hope to hear something or I will be forced to find another theme

trying to wait for a response regarding a better tutorial for the Medico theme for my wordpress website. I do not want to ask for a refund but I’m moving closer and closer to doing so if I can’t get help in order to continue my site building

Hi Theme have documentation as most of themes does , if you need help you can open a support ticket which usually gets reply within 48 hours , that’s all we can do . Thanks

I understand theme documentation but where is it? It would help if you just gave a straight answer. You have already denied my refund and that’s fine but the service has not been very well from you or the author. But that’s fine as well. I just won’t purchase from you any longer. I will attempt to file a dispute and cancel my account.