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need support no response in

Please contact me via email I will support for you. Thanks!

The support for this theme has been good up until now. But I email and get no response. I am using the Appointments page The appointments form is created by PHP code found in the block. If you press submit after filling out the form nothing happens.

I set up a rule so that after you press submit the information entered by the user is sent to an email address. To make the rule work I need to use replacement tokens but there are none available for forms.

The support team advised the following code (which I dont think is correct because the fields are not generated by node CCK fields):

Name: node:title Gender: [node:field_gender] Email: [node:field_email] Phone Number: [node:field_phone] Date: [node:field_date] Content: [node:field_message]

Please can someone help me !!!


I created for you new RULES send mail and test success. And i was disable your rules because rule event incorrect. Thanks!

Thank you please can you tell me how the problem was resolved so that the same mistake is not made. Thanks

I was reply mail. Thanks!

Hi..- Is it on purpose that all images are blurred? – Some copyright thing?

Yes @sbilde. It’s relate to copyright problem.

Could you please send me the pictures/images by mail then? – Im used to be able to get the original images, when buying a theme at Themeforest. Thanks.

Sorry we can’t send it to you. I’m not allowed.

I would like to purchase your theme, but i need additional information. Is this theme build like an install profile or as an standalone theme with additional custom modules like features? A closer look at the folder strukture, documentation or module dependencies would be very helpful for me.

We have two package for this theme. 1. Install for new site. You can install normal drupal and using backup_migrate module to restore demo data. 2. Install for existed site. You can copy features module and enable to use it.

We have detail document for this theme.

Not good support. I emailed in October 2014, and response was nearly immediate. However, I have not received a reply to my emails since end Oct 2014 until now. We have sent numerous emails up till Jan 15 but no answer. I decided to have our team fix whatever we can, but I still need the developer to fix bugs and put in a “return to top” button. I emailed support last week but still no answer.

There is a serious issue with the menu selection in responsive mobile view on a touchscreen device; if you tap a sub-menu to open the sub-sub menu, the menu bar just closes. You cannot access those menu items.

There are other bugs that need to be fixed, mainly formatting in responsive views for tablet and phone resolutions.

Please reply to my emails, these issues are delaying our website launch.

Sorry! I was reply email for you. Thanks!

Very bad support from developer. His last email reply to me was nearly 2 weeks ago, and nothing since. There are many issues with the template that we have had to fix on our own. I am still waiting on them to correct a few critical issues and add a ‘Return to Top’ floating button (they said they would do this when I bought the template in Oct 2014).

Please click on my Evernote link below for a list of all bugs, comments and screenshots before buying this template. I have found most of the problems to be related to the responsive views.

Sorry, I will reply for you soon. Thanks!

hello, what will the cost of app for IOS, ANDRIOD and window be. Also can i checkout the online demo for the backend

It’s responsive theme for all devices. We only used basic modules so backend similar drupal core.

Hi i have been having issues wih the mobile view of my site using this theme. i sent an email to you support team someone named Van Linh Dien 27th oct and no reply. Can someone urgently help me.

I have now resent the problem

Im still yet to receive an email from your team in response to my problem

Oh. I will check with Linh now. You also send your problem to me via email or skype: khuongkd

What type of slider? Is it just views? Can I turn off the “1-page option”?

Support looks not good, have you guys streamlined your ticketing system?, I would need 1-day responses for my site questions, we are going into production directly and can’t afford to be waiting around for days

Hi, We use MD Slider and owl carousel. You can use in views, panel or setting display fields. You can turn off the “1-page option”. Sorry reply you late!


EWDK Purchased

Any updated css files for this template, many things seems to be buggy during todays version…??

Please contact me via email I will support you. Thanks!


EWDK Purchased

I have written you an email, and waiting for response asap. Im a bit busy with this project, fast response would be appreciated :)

i got this probelem Warning: fopen(/home/alamalpsy/public_html/sites/all/modules/custom/snappy_tweet/tweet/cache/twitter.txt): failed to open stream: Permission denied in TweetPHP->fetch_tweets() (line 153 of /home/alamalpsy/public_html/sites/all/modules/custom/snappy_tweet/tweet/TweetPHP.php). Warning: fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in TweetPHP->fetch_tweets() (line 154 of /home/alamalpsy/public_html/sites/all/modules/custom/snappy_tweet/tweet/TweetPHP.php). Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in TweetPHP->fetch_tweets() (line 155 of /home/alamalpsy/public_html/sites/all/modules/custom/snappy_tweet/tweet/TweetPHP.php). Warning: fopen(/home/alamalpsy/public_html/sites/all/modules/custom/snappy_tweet/tweet/cache/twitter-array.txt): failed to open stream: Permission denied in TweetPHP->fetch_tweets() (line 158 of /home/alamalpsy/public_html/sites/all/modules/custom/snappy_tweet/tweet/TweetPHP.php). Warning: fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in TweetPHP->fetch_tweets() (line 159 of /home/alamalpsy/public_html/sites/all/modules/custom/snappy_tweet/tweet/TweetPHP.php). Warning: fclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in TweetPHP->fetch_tweets() (line 160 of /home/alamalpsy/public_html/sites/all/modules/custom/snappy_tweet/tweet/TweetPHP.php).

Please chmod 777 for folder “sites/all/modules/custom/snappy_tweet/tweet/cache/”

Amazing and beautiful design, does this theme support RTL design?

Hello, This theme not supported RTL.

Hi i buyed this theme, but i have a problem to install, someone can help me and say me how can i do to install correctly this theme ? Thank you very much!

@Linhdv with email will contact you soon.

Hello! Just bought this great theme but I am having a lot of errors after installing and trying to update the modules. I get the demo install to work both with Drupal 7.44 and 7.50, but can’t update the modules whatsoever. Getting a lot of errors from bootstrap, missing module html_title(?) and Ubercart. Can’t finish the update.php which after makes the site unaccessible and I have to reinstall with clean database etc.. Thank you for your help!

Hi, Please contact me via email Thanks!

Hi. I recently purchased and installed the medicom drupal theme on a clean new drupal 7 installation. After following the installation instructions, the site does not look anything like the demo site.

Please help.

Here’s the link to my site:


Hi. Did you receive my email? resending it now. Help please.

Yes. Your site was fixed.

Just visited it now. Thanks v much!

Hi, but work with last version of drupal 7.50 ?

Yes bro.

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale!


m2info Purchased

Hi, I bought this theme 1 week ago but there are a lot of problems. I need your help because I have some troubles with the responsive menù, backgrounds on the top of the pages, some icons (like search), gallery is not like the demo and portfolio too.

Is there a new release that fix it?

I tried to contact the author by email and support but nobody answer to me.

Thank you

Please contact with us via email


m2info Purchased

Hi, I send to you an email but nobody answer…please could you help me asap? thank you very much

I answered, please check your mail.