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Good morning, Nice template. Where can we get the images from? Thx

Hi narbrains!

some images use for free but some use for

thank you

Hi great template. Have 2 quick questions. Does it support secondary menu? I need to have multiple languages.. Would i be able to do this?


glad you like our design. yes it support secondary menu, you can use multi language but it only supports ltr not rtl.

thanks alot

how soon will the WP version be released?


our developers working is another project after this we shall start work on medicom wp.


there is a small issue with the accordion list. when you collapse it, the active state doesnt switch back to inactive.

Hi! We will fix it in our feature update as soon as possible. Thank you so much


My question is about submit.php file as I changed the variable (my actual gmail address) $to = “” but nothing seems to work and don’t get any message to my email address after clicking on submit button in contact-us page. Thanks

Hi floydp!

thanks for buying our design. you need to just add your own email address in submit.php file after this you will need to upload into your ftp. then your contact form will working properly let us know if you need any help.

thank you so much


Very nice looking theme! The contact forms and forms in general are working? OR do I need to go grab some php to make them work?

Thank You – Gavin


yes all contact forms working properly.

thank you so much

your shopping/product pages doesn’t work…

Hi! shop detail page working fine click here we just need to link this page to other all.


I am struggling with getting the fixed header up. where do i put .fixed-header?


please add class .fixed-header in body tag.

thank you

Hi, adding .fixed-header class in body tag dose’t work for me. I really need help with this issue.

Thank you


Please open a ticket in our support forums so we can help you for this issue.



Is there a wordpress version of this template??

Regards, JJ

How much time does it take to get approved by themeforest :(

Medicom Wordpress version is still in que. Thanks for your patience.



I have a question. In the menu (navigation) I have a letter “ë” When I use this or a html code the font is different and it looks not nice.

Is there a special code I can use to display it well?

Thank you very much.




please use ë instead of “ë”. you can see special characters here let us know if you need any help.

thank you

Hi, We have realized that the vertical Ipad display is not working properly. I think either header menu items or logo are expanding. Can you pls check and fix this issue. Thanks


please check your ticket. our team already resolve your problem. let us know if you need any help. thank you so much

How long you think you guys gonna take to finish the wordpress theme? Just to decide if my client can wait or not :)

we launch medicom wp in april. so keep in touch with us


Looking for an exact date on the Wordpress release. Do you have one?

Hi jerrin,

We are planning to launch the wordpress version of medicom 15 April. We will reply your comment from here when we are going to submit the theme. so keep in touch with us

Thanks for your patience.

What do I remove or edit to make just normal links as the header? no drops downs etc? the first 2 are just to be links but dont work


please remove data-toggle=”dropdown” from anchor tag and use simple link like this “About Us“let us know if you need any help. thank you

Hi Wahab Ali I downloaded the theme but on installation its giving error file not found theme cannot be installed…????

hi! thanks for buying our design. please rename medicom.css to style.css.

thank you very much

kind regards, wahab ali

Hi there!

I really love this theme but i want to buy the WP version. When will it be launched?

Thanks :p

I’ll be waiting :p Thanks

We have submitted the wordpress version and waiting for the que right now ;) Keep in touch.


medicom wordpress available here thanks for you patience

Hi there, we just made a purchase of your theme which we thought it was for a WP…. however we have discovered that it is not. Is there a way of getting a refund? We have no intention of using this theme in anyway whatsoever, as we only know how to use WP.

Can you please let us know as soon as possible.

Kind regards



We are very sorry to hear that you mistaken that it was a Wordpress theme. Themeforest Marketplace there is always an option. You can just contact to Envato Support for refund about this issue from this link Our first goal is to see happy people with our product. That is what giving us passion to work more.

today we upload medicom wp on themeforest and we will waiting for approval hope today you saw medicom wp on themeforest. Keep in touch.