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My forms don’t work. I already edit the submit.php ($to = “”;) file but nothing is send to my email, Also the home forms don’t display a message like in the other parts of the webpage. If i go to contact page an submit the form will display a message, but in Home (index) doesn’t do nothing.


please check your this email we sent you email. let us know if you need any help

thank you

Hi there. I haven’t been able to find how doctors and staff can control, customize, upload new pictures to this template. Does it have an admin part? Please, advice on this, thanks, A.

hi, you can replace doctors and staff images in images folder with the same name and sizes.

NOTE: we’ve submited Medicom’s wordpress version on themeforest you can purchase it after its Approval.

thank you so much

how can I contact you directly?

We are proudly announce. we launched Medicom wordpress on themeforest. you can see online here

thanks for your patience

Hi, I can not acces your support page as some small issues are not yet done. THANK YOU. :(

Hi! we already sent you email please check your box.


Done. Perfect job guys.

let us know if you need any help. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

There is an issue with the bootstrap implementation on the gallery pages. The three columns get hung up and overlap each other when the browser window is dragged from right to left. The same behavior is demonstrated on all three of the sample pages. Please drag the browser window to different widths and the problem is readily apparent.

Hi! Please open a ticket in our support forums so we can help you for this issues.


Hi, My forms are not working work. I have already edit the submit.php ($to = “”;) file but I have not received anything, It is showing thank you message but I am not receiving any emails. Please help me I need to make site live soon.


Hi! please check your email we resolve your issue. thanks

Hello ! My forms don’t work.I have tried any possible way. Please send the working files to

Hi! we have discovered that it is the problem of jquery version of revolution slider we are updating our site with its latest version. hopefully we’ll done it very soon. thanks

Is it the cause of the appointment form error? I have a problem with submit.php file. All the forms are not sending an email. they just don’t work. If You have solution please send to my email. Thanks

Hi! please check your inbox we resolve your issue. let us know if you need any help.


Thank you for the template , super clean and well made , unlimited aplications for it , keep the awesome work and glws

live long an prosper

thank you very much for your kind words.

Hi, First of all great template! My form is not working. Any chance you can help me out? Thanks!

I have mailed the files regarding the contact form. Hope you can help me out!

please check your inbox we resolve your issues. thanks

Thanks!! The forms are working!!

Where can I edit the “fa” icons for the large squares? Aka turn the phone icon into a tick

hi, it is very easy to customize font awesome icons… if you want to edit css then please edit font-awesome.css and if you simply want to change the phone icon into tick please replace class “fa fa-phone” with “fa fa-check”. you can also see awesome icons list here thanks.

thanks for buying our theme.

Hi there. I downloaded the latest version of template, but forms is not working. Any solutions? Thanks


we tested ôn form. but here is everything is fine. can you please send us your html files so we can help you.

thank you so much

Hello. I sent you an email, please check your inbox. Thanks for your time !


please check your inbox. we resolve your issues please let us know if you need any help.


Id have some bugs, in boxed template, the slider revolution dont stay boxed, in index1.html, can you help me?

HI! thank you very much for buying our theme. please let us know how can we help you ?

i have some bug in theme when i setting the boxed template, in index.html , the slider revolution dont accept the boxed template.

Hi! we resolve your issues please check your ticket on thanks

Hello again… can you help me? I have a support ticket 221709

Hi! we resolve your issues please check your ticket on thanks

Hello, Do you have the Twitter api that will work in the footer section of the template?

really sorry for late please open a ticket our support form. thank you very much

How can i add and replace with new images and build my own gallery. Please let me know step by step.


Hi! Please open a support ticket our support staff will assist you there. thank you

Hi, i am a question.

How change the direction in contact where appear the map? I am try everything and no results.

In others templates change in JavaScript the direction.

Thanks Federico

PD: Sorry for my English.


thank you very much for buying our theme. Please follow these links 1: 2:

Hi, how do i change from wide layout to boxed layout, please?

thank you!

Please add class boxed-layout in body tag. Thank you

Great theme! The dropdowns don’t seem to be working on the responsive nav but for some reason the mega-menu class works.

thank you very much for buying our design please open a ticket our support form so we can help you for this issues.

Thank you and here is the ticket that I posted yesterday:

Hi! please check thanks

Hi. I’m having problems downloading the required plugins. Always I try to download I get this message “Download failed. Unauthorized” I want this plugins to use the demo content, but I cant see it properly without these plugins…


please open a ticket our support form our team will help you regarding any issue, thank you

I am looking at the HTML demo and see the slider is not acting responsive.

Has this been resolved?

Thank you.

Everything is working fine on all devices but can you please tell me which slider is not responsive ?

Thank you.