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Is ist possible to install the theme in a demo version from which we can adapt our changes or do we have to create the website from zero?

Dear team,

Visual composer is no longer displaying when trying to edit a page, do you have any idea about what it can be from ?

I’ve tried using the basic theme and switch back to medicom reactivate the plugins but no luck

Thanks ! Kindest regards,

One of your extra plugin can cause this

we’ve disabled all the plugins and it’s still not working it happened all out of a sudden 2 days ago

Please follow your tickets.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Hello, wpb_map() and get_row_css() functions are deprecated in theme. when using with the visual composer it throws an errror. how to resolve this Appreciate your response Thanks

We are working on new release for all issues, you will get it tomorrow.

Dear Team,

We’re having another issue since the last theme update the widget are no longer displaying in the footer area. Any ideas ? thanks for your help

We are not sure about your issue, new release can cause a few issue because of vc… We are working on new release for all issues, you will get it tomorrow.

after update Visual Composer (5.2) the theme isn´t work anymore.

Are you using Medicom 3.0 version?

If you’re not using Medicom 3.0, please download new theme, delete your old theme (deactivate visual composer and layerslider). Upload and activate new theme, update plugins with our plugin updater and activate them. For more issue please contact support

I didnt pay attention about the images not be included in the package. Can i buy this image package somehow?

Hello, unfortunately the images are not included in the theme. We have partnered with Birght Themes. They have designed the template we have built to WordPress. Please contact them from

Hey, when I activated layer slider wp, my visual composer stops working. Could you help me please?

Hello, We have answered your ticket through our support forums. Regards

Me again, how can I put rows id, I just want a anchors links to my one page site menu

Hello, We have answered your ticket through our support forums. Regards

Dear team,

We noticed that on the homepage, all the recent posts are showing, we’re trying to show the recent posts from a specific category only. Can you please help with this ? Kindest regards,

Hello, our widget is using all post, if you want to show specific category you should use Post Masonry widget or Post Grid widget.

Hi, I bought your theme, and now I tried to install. However, it occurs to show “Error message”...

What’s wrong with it?

Could you please try to upload the theme from you FTP? That should fix your issue.

I already tried it, and also I asked to my hosting company about it. But they told me that I am doing right direction.

That’s related your hosting limitation and it’s a common wordpress error. Here is the solution


Hi, I already asked my question at your support page. However, I haven’t get any answer yet. Please help me.

I told you several times. This is not my first time to use I bought many themes, but at this time, I can’t get it. I tried to instal FIVE TIMES, and even I asked to my hosting company about install. BUT they said that my way doesn’t have any problem. Why I can’t use it? I REALLY don’t get it.

And, why it looks blank all images?

And I saw your several answers, “Thanks for buying our theme ;) no worries we can help you to install our theme if you haven’t just please open a ticket in our support forums about it and our support team would be glad to assist you there. Kind regards”

You helped to install the theme, but you ignore my install problem? Are you discriminating me?

We dont have a services for theme installation, if there is an error on your installation, we can solve it. Images are not includes with theme but there are placeholder image with grey-blank. You just need to change it with your images.

hello, what minimum version of php do we need to install this theme? thanks


Php version should be 5.4 but it may increase in near future.

Hello, You mentioned This “Updated: Theme structure for visual composer” in version 3.0.can you please tell us more about it? Thank you.


You can take more information from support team.

Alenda Purchased

Hi, I did the theme purchase but the site structure configured in the demo does not match what you sell. I suggest that the configuration of the demo is the same as what you demonstrate in the sale out there, it is difficult for a layman to look for where to modify what. I’m trying to find the fullscreen setting for multiple items and just can not find it. Where I set up full screen of that section “EMERGENCY CASE”, “OPENING HOURS” and “CANCER CARE”?


Please contact support team.

Hello! I have this theme from a client, i didn’t bought but i do dev and optimized in this. I found a problem with h1. I have in first page testimonial slider and gives me error, it uses h1 empty titles.

So is very bad for seo as you know. Could you see this problem?

Interesting but is still empty h1, it is wrong. I don’t have license for theme to go for supporting.

We only help to our customers. Contact your employer for getting support.


AHC_17 Purchased

how to update the visual composer to the latest version? The theme was updated but visual composer and its components didn’t and are causing an issue on the site. Please provide instruction asap. Thanks


You can update your plugins in Appearances > Install plugins (after updating your theme)

If you explain your issues we can help.


gicz Purchased

How can I activate the layerslider? I have the license for the template only…


Bundled plugins can not be activated on themeforest. This is a common situation for all theme.

We’re updating layer slider with our theme updates.


Roberto79 Purchased

I have updated the layerslider and jscomposer plugins (only those files) with the new update of the theme, but I am having a message to buy layerslider license in my Hompage where I have my layerslider, that everybody can read. What is wrong?


That’s interesting we could not see this kind of message. you will see mail area on the right and bottom, just write your issue, website url so we can see and fix it.

Roberto79 Purchased

I have gone back to the old LayerSlider plugin (6.6.1) and I have no message. I have tried uploading full plugin folder and using Appearances > Install plugins but it also says that I need license for updating… Should I upload the full theme files (I have modified some files) for uploading just the plugin?


Try this, deactivate layerslider and go to install plugins and update it.

If it’s not working, take a back up of your slider, delete layer slider and install new one. If you can’t see your sliders, use your backup for your sliders.