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Very nice! Wish you good sales! :)

Thanks man!

Clean and well organized visual result.
Another great and solid tumblr theme!

My compliments Jen and best wishes ;)

Thanks again Mario :)

very nice work, awesome ! :)

Looks like a good theme! Congrats and happy sales.

Thanks a lot man!

I’m wondering if you’d be able to get a top nav on this theme, similar to the top nav on the ‘Premier’ theme? Would love to have that!

Hello Bwishen,

Thanks for your suggestion, but the theme is designed as it is.


having an issue getting Instagram feed to load, id is 29973026

Hey Aidomains,

Looks like you haven’t authorized your instagram account with embedagram so that it can show. Please go to here:, click lets get started and click authorise.


Hi, I’m having a problem with the way that videos are posting with an empty section of white space between the video and its caption. I’ve posted the video through tumblr, the url is, any ideas?? Thanks.

Hi Joe,

Try looking through the junk folder, other wise you can access previously downloaded item through this link:

Thanks, Jen

Okay, thanks, so i just need to re-download and update the theme??

Great tumblr theme, It Works amazing! :)

Thanks for your compliments!

I don’t know how to install it to tumblr:/ When I download it (zip file), it doesn’t open!

and please tell me cover size!

p.s. not shared buttons, I want to add my own buttons, like – character design, perspective, freestyle, storytelling etc.

Hi Chamirame,

If you’d like to customize your theme please email us:


How can I add my instagram url? So that it will show up as a instagram icon in the menu?

You have an option in the theme to do that, but that’s not working. Because it puts your own blog url in front of the url that you added.

So in my case, this is what’s happening:

Can you make a quick fix for that?

Thanks, Axel

Hi Sungaa,

Add http:// before:


MEDIUM: few things: - “Ask” (submit a question) tab does not show in menu / neither does Submit? - Text in header after returning from a post only shows half a sentence. the rest is off the page? bug? - your embedgram no longer works! any other way to allow tumblr to be authenticated by IG - if i add a page, where does it appear?


1) Here is a detailed guide on how to turn on your askbox:

2) There doesn’t seem to have any problem with the header text, could you send us a screenshot to themes@thejenyuan?

3) We’ve updated our Instagram feed since August, please check out the updated guide here:

4) It should appear right below all the other links, please take a look at:

Thanks, Jen

can i please get my money back from this. this tumblr theme takes so long to load my pictures and they only load on the left side forever until they appear normally. and with each scroll down on unlimited scroll they take forever to load. Can i have a refund? unless there is a way to fix it i would like a refund.

Hi Josh,

Sorry for the late reply disabling “Animated Loading” will speed up your site.

If you are looking for a refund, please contact Envato support, they handle all the transactions and refunds.


On the sidebar you are able to ‘preview’ instagram, youtube, dribble, etc, is there any way to create a preview feed even if it’s not live for another Tumblr?

Hi Jamsterlyn,

Sorry, I don’t quite understand your question. Do you mean by the social feeds? you want to move the social feed onto another Tumblr blog?