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I am having serious problems linking to anchor points on different pages. The anchors work with in the same page.

Below is an example of the problems I’m having. I have used a dummy site address as I prefer not to show my live site on a public comment area. (i’ve removed the < before the a href to allow you to see the code).

eg. a href=”#section3”>Click here for section 3 (this works because section 3 is on the same page)

a href=””>Click here for section 3 This does not work since I am on the homescreen.

I have tried disabling all plugins and the problem persists.

Please help!


Don’t understand. It seems you want to use One Page scrolling function to work another page? I am not sure but it’s not possible. Can you please show me example of exactly like you said website?

I am stilling not understanding it exactly, sorry for that.


If I am on the homepage of my website and I have a section with an ID of ‘contactinformation’ I want to be able to click a link from the homescreen that will automatically jump me down to this section.

Eg. href=””

I have used anchor points on standard html sites, I just want to do it with this theme. I can do it with other themes, just not this one.


I think you should put a href=”” instead of doing insert href=”#section3”.

And then it will at least go to the Link.


Hi there! After updating to Wordpress 4.5 every thing works fine, except the Milestones no longer show the numbers. Did I update to 4.5 too early?


Please check it. We have updated all themes including Medusa.


Yes, the update fixed it, many thanks!


jpmevv Purchased

I am wanting to add a gradient to both the header and the menu bar.

Does the theme support this through Theme Options or is there custom code you would recommend?

Many thanks!



Our theme not support for this.

You can do this with few css codes.

Are you using our theme?


Ho to align the logo in the left side of menu?


Don’t understand. Did you checked our Theme Options?

There has an option for changing the Header Layout.


Hi, I have been using your theme for a while now and am very happy with it. Now that my business is getting a lot of testimonials is there a simple way to have all the testimonials appear as a list on a page rather than in the sliders you provide? Thanks.


ilantech Purchased

Dear Themewaves team,

We recently updated the Medusa Wordpress theme to V3.4, and have encountered the following issue on our website:

• In the Breadcrumb Navigation, there is an issue with the display. It shows “HomeHome>>Products>>xDSL Routers”. The “Home” is being shown twice.

Can you please provide a way to fix this issue?

Thank you


medusa/framework/breadcrumbs.php replace this file for following codes.