Discussion on Meelo - Corporate One Page WordPress Theme

Discussion on Meelo - Corporate One Page WordPress Theme

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fedelp Purchased

Hello, can I use this theme without elementor plugin?

Hi, I have demo content which is made only with shortcodes (no Elementor at all).

If you are interested to use the theme without Elementor and only with shortcodes – contact me on our support forum to provide you instructions.


Hey guys,

How do i enable the autoplay for the slider revolution. It doesn’t play automatically. I have to click on the bullets to change the slider.

Please advise


Check this image – https://imgur.com/RBxUmkV

If you have more questions, please use our support forum. Thank you.


Please upgrade your theme about section. Because the last update date is showing 26 April 19. Btw this a beautiful theme.


If you have found some bug, or some part has stop to work – in that case I will update the theme in no time.

As I know, theme works fine with latest WP version and there is no bugs/errors. In other words – theme must always work on the latest WordPress version.

But on other side – It is not in our plan to update and to add new sections/layouts.

Thank you.

Hello there, I hope all is well. Can you please clarify where Elementor Editor’s Panel > Hamburger Menu > Site Settings currently is? Many thanks


Can you please open a support ticket on our forum – https://cocobasic.ticksy.com/ and leave me there a link to your website.

Probably we will to add some custom CSS. Thank you.

A ticket has been logged, thank you!


You have an answer on our support forum


Hello there, hope you are well. Can you please clarify if this theme has demo content? Is scalable i.e. building a separate page to go to directly instead of scrolling to a section on the page? We wanted to know if there was this option at least before we purchase. Many thanks and take care.


As I know, all WordPress theme must come with demo content – so, the answer is yes.

For second question – you can have unlimited Sections in OnePage and also unlimited separated/stand alone pages – so, in short – yes.

If you are interested, I can give you admin access to test the theme before you purchase – contact me from profile page vie email contact form – https://themeforest.net/user/cocobasic

Hello, Question before purchase: 1 – What is the supported PHP version? 2 – Is it possible to add filters to the portfolio? thank you,


- Tested up to 7.3 (running on our live demo)

- By default no – but I can add that for you (there will be a custom plugin)

If you are interested, I can give you admin access to test the theme.


Hi guys, how do I disable the pre-loader? it seems to create issues and major delays for the first load of the site (when using one-page).


Pre-loader is visible until all content is loaded (all images, scripts, styles…). If you have a lot of content (in first place Images) and if they are not optimized and/or your server is slow – yep, that time can be huge.

Quick and ease solution – try to add this CSS in Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS :

.doc-loader {
display: none !important;

Hi guys, where do I control the first “Contact Us” button (homepage) overlaying the slider. Thanks


Check this please – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sgDkR1a0H4&list=PLw5XJQIYmcg1lClrip5dZ_BR0d0Ce_fXE&index=4

If you have more questions, please use our support forum – https://cocobasic.ticksy.com/

Thank you.

Got it, thanks a lot for the quick reply!

Hi I have a problem with my website. Slider revolution doesn’t work. How can I fix it?


Please open a support ticket on our forum – https://cocobasic.ticksy.com/

Leave there a link to your website and if you have some additional plugins (plugins which are not included with the theme) please deactivate them.

To all customers:

There is no more bug with Elementor and WordPress Importer. Feel free to use the latest versions of both plugins.

To all customers:

There is a bug with the latest version of WordPress Importer plugin (ver 0.7). I have reported this to the plugin authors but I am still waiting for answer/solution for this. In mean time, take a look on this video (sorry for my English) how to install manually the version 0.6.4 and to import demo content – https://youtu.be/93RSoqXvdvw

The video is for UkkoWP but you will see how to install manually WordPress Importer 0.6.4 – that part is important.

Please note – in the video I am using a plugin which is resetting a database (delete all content), so if you decide to use some/same plugin to clean your base – the plugin will delete all content/images from your website, not only the demo content from my theme.


There is no more bug with Elementor and WordPress Importer. Feel free to use the latest versions of both plugins.

hi, is there a chance to get a scss-file of the css for making changes in the theme?


Sorry, I don’t have scss file. I have write directly the “regular” CSS – the file which is already included in the theme.

ok. thank you for the reply

Great theme & set has been really quick, wondering how to do the following though:

- Master control for fonts & colours – don’t seem to override.

- Change background dots pattern to something else

- Change order of components on onepage theme


Thank you for using our theme.

1. There are some colors pickers and Customizer (just basic ones). But probably some of colors/fonts you will need to override one-by-one there is no Master control for all/each part. If you have any trouble here, open a support ticket and let me know exactly which part you want to edit.

2. Take a look on this video (sorry for my poor English), that should help you – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sgDkR1a0H4

3. Take a look on this Video – https://cocobasic.ticksy.com/article/12560 (it is for the Caliris) but the structure is the same for the Cardea.

Take a look on the video from the start until 1:30 (in first 90sec you will see how to edit menu items, and how to change order of sections in OnePage – change Order value for pages).

If you want to remove some section from OnePage (for example About), go to Dashboard > Pages > About and set for page status “Draft” – not to be “Published”.

If you have any more questions, please use our support forum. Thank you.

Hej, great theme!!! But how can I add/remove pages from the OnePage? I created a new page. It apears in the menu but its content is not included in the onepage…. Thanks in advance


For the each page, below the text editor, there is a part Page Preference where you can control to include or not that page in the OnePage – it is called “Page Structure”.

perfect. thx a lot

hi Dose the theme support RTL ?


Sorry, no.


Love this theme! I’m nearly done making it my own for my personal website. :) I just wanted to know if and how the dotted backgrounds can be changed out?

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out on my own! Lol.


Glad to hear that! Enjoy the theme! Best.

Hi guys! Quick question: How to get rid of the “Contact Us” button in the header area? Ive looked in the revolution slider but cant seem to see how this is removed. Thanks!


Yes it is part of Revolution Slider but it is not inside in the “Slide 1” or “Slide 2” – it is under “Static / Global Layers” – it appears on all slides

Hi there. I love the Theme, its a perfect design for what my business requires. However I am a little concerned about the the editing potential as I’m a little inexperienced. Is there a testing access available? I’ve used elementor and noticed your comment of 3 days ago but I was interested to find out how compatible it is. Thank you


Theme content is created just via shortcodes and that is how theme works (for now). Yes, it is possible to include Elementor and to have some “mix” of Elementor columns layout and existing shortcodes but this is just “workaround solution” because the theme is not coded from start to work with Elementor.

Testing access available – contact me over our profile page contact form (it is on bottom-right corner) and I will provide you info about this.

Our Profile page: https://themeforest.net/user/cocobasic


There is a new update of Meelo. We have included Elementor front end page builder in the theme and now it should be much easier to edit the layout and the content.


This theme seriously lacks editing capability, please try and include wp bakery or some sort of visual editor as its not easy to just build columns in a page


Thank you for your feedback.

Yes, it can take you some time to set up your layout/content because theme does not use any Visual Composer just shortcodes and custom meta boxes. But, good part of this – there are no all the time updates/broken pages (because of VC updates).

At the moment, I am testing our themes with Elementor (maybe I will start using this plugin with our themes in the feature) and what I want to say is you can even now start to use it. Of corse, there will be limitations because the theme is not created using Elementor but you can use Elementor to create layout (columns) and to use our existing shortcodes (yes, this will be some kind of mix). I will create this days a short video about this.

Maybe in the fature we will start to use our custom box in Elementor (to “translate” shortcodes in Elementor blocks/elements) and to make theme more friendly.

I want to add just one more thing – I was exepting much more from Gutenberg. The first idea it was to move the theme in Gutenberg blocks but there are a lot of limitations in Gutenberg and must say that I am disapointed how it works.

Sorry for a long post. If you have any trouble with theme, feel free to contact me any time on our support forum (keep in mind today is Friday and the weekend is starting – I will be full time online again from Monday).

Thank you


There is a new update. We have included Elementor front end page builder in the theme and now it should be much easier to edit the layout and the content. This is our first theme with page builder, so any feedback is welcomed.

Is this theme compatible with Polylang or WPML?

Yes and yes. It should work fine with Polylang (free version) and with WPML. If you have any trouble with this, I will help you via our support forum.

Thx for the answer.


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