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I am having a weird issue with the scrollpane. Every so often it will not go all the way to the bottom of the window I have it associated with unless I refresh the page. http://bizzaromatic.com/temp/red

Again, if you open the original files, not modified, it works in all listed browsers, no exception. That’s why I insisted on the fact that your additions were probably causing issues.

Now I can see all sections, I don’t see any scrollbar. Also, and I should have started there, you have too many markup errors : http://validator.w3.org/

Modern browsers usually play well with them but it would definitely help to fix them before trying to find solutions on top of them.

I’m not saying it doesn’t work. I just couldn’t get it to in the configuration I needed. Looking at your code again, does it require the use of the “grid_820” div to work? I stripped everything away except the text and still had issues.

Regardless, thanks for the suggestions. I ended up using a different scroll interface because we had a deadline but might soon re-visit it and try one last thing as I do like the look and feel of your scroll function.

Alright, in short everything is needed, the grid holds everything in place / columns so I’d say that it’s not 100% necessary as long as you set your own containers. Otherwise all other elements are required, otherwise you’ll lose all the functionnality.

how can i change menu position? i am using diagonal and want menu on the left. thank you!

Hello, the menu is already on the left.

Hi there, I really like this template. Any chance you will create a theme out of it? another question, is there a way to add a ruler at the bottom of the page?

Thanks! :)

Hello, unfortunately this template won’t be released as a WP theme… What do you mean by ruler ?

By Ruler I mean a scroll bar

Hello, I’m having holidays so I don’t have the necessary material to tell you exactly what to modify. But if you open the CSS, you’ll find at several places the code “overflow:hidden”. You can either try to remove it or use “overflow-y:hidden” so it’ll leave the horizontal scrollbars visible (and hide only the vertical scrollbars).

can i make it so some pages go vertical and some go horizontal

Not exactly, but you can imagine this layout as a grid and each section is a cell. You can put all of them on a single row or on multiple rows, you can see that in the demo by choosing “Diagonal” in the left panel labelled “Styles”. It’s maybe not exactly what you need but it’s most probably the closest that can do this template.

demo offline :(

It can happen, please try again :)


Is this theme support rtl??

thanks efrat

Hello, if I’m not wrong, the RTL can be set in any kind of HTML page. Also, by “theme”, are you referring to Wordpress ? Because this is a static HTML template, this is not a Wordpress theme.

I love this template, except that it’s not responsive. It looks like crap on my phone. :-( Please let me know if you ever update it to be responsive.

Hi, this template is already 4 years old and can’t compete anymore on the marketplaces. I mean that for me it’s not worth investing so much time to make it responsive.

Good morning, in this theme is possible to put the menu on the left side and the logo in left side? I’m looking for a template with horizontal scrolling and navigation left side, this theme has these features? Thank you!

Hello, CSS customizations are possible, now these are not settings ready to be used.