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Awesome template my friend!!!!! Very clean theme!!!! ;)

Thank you

Very Good Design, GLWS ;)

Thanks ThemeCafe

Congratulations! It looks really professional. Elegant color-combination and most of all intuitive and effective. :-)

Thank you

Looks great , congrats!

Thanks bedros

Looks great , congrats!

WOW, mindblowing work ! Awesome style , i love it ! I whish you lots of sales :)

thank you

Hello, very nice theme.

I read: ” 10+ addons included “

What they are exactly, please?

Is there an admin panel to choose more options like colors?


You can change color of theme from CSS files and need to replace some images that’s it. And extra Addons mean we have included 10+ extra modules with this theme like CMS block, New Products Slider etc.

Hi, your demo doesn’t work anymore. I just wanted to let you know that the theme is awesome and I plan to buy it for my next project in two weeks :).

Hi, still a problem. A quick question about the theme. Can I add a blogging module to it with the blog looking similar the whole theme ? I’m a web developer so I have no issues handling changes, I’m just curious if there’s any out of the box solution.

BTW – I checked again, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Most likely, the problem is with your host.

We will check our theme demo issue and about your extra modules if it’s working with prestashp default theme then it will must work with our theme as well. And if any issue with our theme only then we will help you. If have any more question feel free to contact us via http://themeforest.net/user/templatemela


Will this theme work if we replace for an existing Prestashop site? I am using the default theme???

Yes, But this theme fully support to latest version(1.5.6.x) of prestashop only.

Hi, in the “Your personal information”, we have “[Insert customer data privacy clause here, if applicable]” at bottom of the form information. Where we can change this?

Other issue, is the information block at footer. Where I can change, add/remove, the links we have there? Regards,

Forget this comment. Is a similar theme name :(

If you have any question regarding our theme please fill the contact form here http://themeforest.net/user/templatemela our technical team will help you.

Hello, I’m gona to buy your theme, i have question before I buy it.

Is any chance to change Categories Menu – I want to see all categories on all subpages with categories. Now – when you go to category for example Sport all categories are rolled up. I want to see all categories everytime.

Yes, Create main category like sport and create all other subcategories from your back office that’s it. Also add there CMS page links from back office.

Hello, I bought this theme – is very nice but:

1. My Slider on hompepage not working. Your plugin is instaled and active but not show slider. On live postition edit I don’t see section with slider. 2. How to include products categories in Categories Menu? Actually I have 3 links: Delivery, Legal Notice and one item

You can check on: http://1.playroom.pl (change language to polish).

Please fill the contact form here http://themeforest.net/user/templatemela with all your details so our technical team will perfectly install your theme on your server.

Hello please tell me, and all the modules that are in the demo, they are in the template? or they must be laid down and look further?

After the install this theme your store will look same as our demo store, All modules are included with our theme package, No need to buy any modules separately.

How can I translate the Categories menu on the left top of the screen?

To manage translations in PrestaShop you should login to PrestaShop admin panel and naviagate to Tools > Tranlsations ! You can translate from there.

When I installed the theme I got the following error messages:

<red>Warning: Copy/Paste your errors if you want to manually set the image type (in the “Images” page under the “Preferences” menu): Some kind of image could not be added because they exists. Here’s the list: Name image type: small_default (Width: 45px, Height: 45px) Name image type: medium_default (Width: 58px, Height: 58px) Name image type: large_default (Width: 300px, Height: 300px) Name image type: thickbox_default (Width: 600px, Height: 600px) Name image type: category_default (Width: 770px, Height: 130px) Name image type: home_default (Width: 173px, Height: 173px) Name image type: scene_default (Width: 520px, Height: 189px) Name image type: m_scene_default (Width: 161px, Height: 58px) </red>

Hello, It is not need to worry, it says “Parameters are already existed so no need to added” , so Parameters are already there. It is for Image SIZES

Hello, I´d like to thank you for this great template. I´m having problems with the menu, that doesn´t appear in full view mode (desktop pc´s) I´m trying a fresh installation, but since you have an installable zip file for the I have to do it with that. Am I doing something wrong here?

Thank you for your time.

May be , please contact us from our profile page http://themeforest.net/user/templatemela, our support team can help you.

Hello I bought your template. Really very cool. But here just can not figure out how to make the category shows a side to the left? as shown IPod Nano. http://upload.akusherstvo.ru/images/593789.png

Please contact our support team via contact form at http://themeforest.net/user/templatemela our technical team can help you

hello congratulations for your work I wanted to know if I can adapt for auto parts? thanks

yes you can use it for auto parts as well ! Simply change with your products !

Before making my purchase I would like to know if there is a translation in Spanish, and if it is possible to insert a google map on the contact form and modify background?

Spanish translation is available in prestashop. You can add google code on homepage and background but need to modify some TPL files it does not allow from admin panel. You can get some microlancers for this job :)

Hello, I would like to ask you about import theme. In the last step a have same problem like user reghyz (27 days ago) in this discusion. I know what this warning said, bud after that i look at my website (admoweb.cz) and some parts are broken.

What i did wrong?

Thanks for answer.

When we look at your website, admoweb.cz I see only footer part is missing, make sure you have enabled all ADDONS from backoffice. If you need our help I recommend to contact our support team with theme LICENSE CODE at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ then can help you to look at what did wrong.