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Very cool template! The only thing that bugged me about it (and it’s a small thing) was if you hovered over menu items and moved the mouse around, the background color change would happen once for every mouse movement, even after the mouse stopped. I changed lines 106-110 of “scripts.js” to this:

$(”#nav ul a”).hover(function() { $(this).stop().animate({ backgroundColor: ”#eee” }, 300); },function() { $(this).stop().animate({ backgroundColor: ”#ddd” }, 300); });

and that fixed it. Basically I just added a jQuery stop function right before the animate function, killing previous animations.

Hello Smartik!

First I would like to thank you for this awesome template! But I have a question (perhaps you can help me): suppose I have 3 tabs, how I can activate tab #2 via javascript/jquery, for example?


How to set videos to autoplay? Vimeo specifically,



Hi there, is there any way to add a video the any of the sliders?

Love your template! Hoping you can help with a quick question. I notice that adding a dropdown to the far right header in the top nav creates an issue, for instance, in Safari for iPhone, where the width of the dropdown overruns the container and causes white space to appear in right margin.

We increased the size of the container in our version at and accidentally made the problem worse. I improved it somewhat by reducing the width of the dropdown boxes to 185px, but still, when you view in IE or Safari for iPhone there is now a permanent white margin on the right. I tried increasing the min-width of body in grid_12.css and adding overflow:hidden—this sort of works but moves the page content out of center and in lower screen resolutions like 1024 makes it impossible to see the whole page.

Would be grateful for any help or suggestions, thanks.

How can I configure mobile version?

Sorry, but there is not a mobile version available.

I forgot where we change the text h1 shadows?? i need to change the color


also the .clear div creates a grayish line is there a way to change its color? i did change the horizontal rule’s color but cant figure out the clear div

All these are done by CSS. Just use “inspect element” from G.Crome or Firebug in Firefox to find the exact line you need to edit.

Also, by default .clear class has 0px height and no-border. Maybe you added some styles which override defaults.

If you can’t find yourself what’s wrong, please use my profile contact form( ), and send some screenshoots and a brief of what exactly you want to change.

Regards, Andrei.

Got it thanks it was in your wrap tag!!!

Hi, I purchased this template a couple months ago and just now was able to work on it for my site. Wonderful job btw on this template. I’m running into a problem where when I change the text in a paragraph, it looks fine in my preview but when I upload it and view it from my server in any browser all the text is the color red. I’m not sure why. I also keep getting an error message in the contact form. Here is my site. perhaps you could let me know what’s happening. Thanks, Dave

Text color: Open typography.css and remove these lines(looks like you have changed the color…):

* {
    color: #F00;
    font-size: 1em;
also open scripts.js and remove these line(at the end)(maybe I will update the template but this doesn’t make too much sense):
/* ======== FORMS ======*/
    $("input:checkbox, input:radio, input:file").uniform();
Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'uniform'
Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'chosen'
For contact form: i’m not sure what’s the problem, but maybe your server is not cofigured to send emails. Use phpinfo() to check if mail function is enabled

Thank you. That helped. I still have to figure out the contact form, but this points me in the right direction. Thanks!


This theme is really nice and visually elegante. I like it, but I’m having problems setting the contact form; it’s not working at all. It doesn’t show me any error if I do not fill an space, it doesn’t sent the message, I click the submit button, but nothing happen. I have set my email in the contact.php document, but not working.

Please help me with this, as I’m making a website for a client.

I’ll be waiting for your soon response.

Best regards,