Discussion on MegaDin - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Discussion on MegaDin - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

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Hello, good afternoon, do you make the database in mysql to insert order and clients?

Why won’t dynamic data show on this page ?


Dynamic data appears as long as I’m not using your template.


Never run into this before with dynamic data – I need this to show and it was the reason for purchasing your template.

Why on the iPhone device always error with sidebar toggle? The screenshot I attached below : http://prntscr.com/k91aec
On this page http://reuniontickets.com/Admin_Groups/

how do i get the footer section to stretch across the bottom instead of only partially as it does now ?

Hi, Please check this screenshot instruction https://monosnap.com/file/MvSeoV0RpbhxZSEVRBkeJEYnidpT00


Hi On this page: http://reuniontickets.com/Admin_Groups/ I am trying to remove all the content div’s from the main content area below Page Content Div

Everytime I remove the open close toggles on the above panels stop working how can I get this to still work after removing the polar-chart ?

Never mind figured it out myself just deleted all the chart crap under the Footer area.

Hi On this page: http://reuniontickets.com/Admin_Groups/ I am trying to remove all the content div’s from the main content area below Page Content Div

Everytime I remove the open close toggles on the above panels stop working how can I get this to still work after removing the polar-chart ?


Not sure how my first message got so garbled what I wrote was everytime I remove the the open/close toggles for the panels above it stop working – how can I fix this


Not happy going 3 days without a reply. I paid extra for support

I’m interested into buy this template… Its includes the PSD files?

Hi, Glad to know that. This template design is browser based so don’t have any PSD files. Thanks

if this is not wordpress compatible, what’s the best platform for it?

Hi, This template is made only HTML, CSS and JS. So you can use any platform who support HTML.


Hey guys, thinking in buy it, but i would know if the project still being continuated !! and if you guys are going to update to bootstrap 4, or release a version with material or/and angular ?

Hey guys any answer on this ?

Hi, Unfortunately, we don’t have any plan for material or/and angular version.


Hello, We can not view the charts which are located in eChart.html page when we want to use them in another page.

These charts are under below divs: //… Besides, when we delete one of the charts other charts can not be viewed. We’d be glad if you help us.

Hi, in eChart.html page we’ve initialised all chart in “js/init-echarts.js” file. So when you pickup one chart to another page then don’t initialised “js/init-echarts.js” file. Just take that chart initialisation like if you want to move “basic line” chart then take only <!-basic line echarts init-> portion from “js/init-echarts.js” file instead of taking whole chart init.


Hi could you please send on the source code for the homepage with the easy charts on it please, I can verify my purchase if its required as it is on a company account, thanks. This code is related to the question I asked on the comments.

Hi, here is it please check https://pastebin.com/u08YvzNk

Every time I add the easy charts to the homepage and remove the other charts the dropdowns menus for notifications etc break completely, Not very easy to customise what charts I want! Bit disappointed with this theme so far…

Hi, I’ve just tried like your requirement and no issues found. For example I have removed all other charts including their css and js only taking easy charts and its seems fine. Notification dropdown is not connect with any charts so once any chart edit or remove no effect will be in dropdown. Here is my editable home page html code https://pastebin.com/UtM9DnAQ . You can check it. Thanks

Could you please re-upload the file as it says it is deleted. Thanks.

in the demo the button to export tables does not work, it generates a flash error.

this template depend on flash player?

it’s the url http://megadin.lab.themebucket.net/dynamic-table.html

sorry i was wrong about url the first time.

Hi, Maybe it was happen for data table version. We’ve 1.10.13 but the latest version is 1.10.16. So we request you to upgrade the version https://datatables.net/download/index and follow their instruction.


I’m having problems with another application that I include. Which function is responsible for the toogle? I need to extract it from the main.js.

If I integrate the main.js go the menu, unfortunately the main application but no more.

Hi, what I have to do to make the menu go in and out? It does not currently work with the code you selected. https://prnt.sc/gjr7ya

Awesome work ThemeBucket, GLWS!! Wish you 5 starts and good ratings as well :)


Do you provide customization services? I am trying to increase the header height to place a bigger logo but can’t quite get all the elements in the header to show properly.

Can an email template plugin be added to this?

Hi, At this moment email template plugins are not integrated. But we’ve static mail/email inbox page.


Hello ! Nice to see you. I have some problem with Live Preview. When i go to page mailbox and click reply i havent no information about next page. And also all button not work on page of mailbox.

Hi, Thanks for your review. This page is fully static no buttons have any action or this page haven’t any other pages. As buttons have empty link thats why no information comes. Hope you understand.


I cannot get an echart onto the homepage no matter what. The documentation is absolutely awful no explanation given at all. Also my performance on a local copy is very very slow taking multiple seconds to load, pleae assist with this asap or I will be reuesting a refund…

Hi, Didn’t you get echart in our demo homepage or your implemented homepage. Maybe you’ve missed something. However you can check eCharts documentation here http://echarts.baidu.com/echarts2/doc/doc-en.html


My new favourite admin template! Thank you very much!

You’re most welcome and glad that you’ve one.


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