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Very slick design going on there and from the screen shots looks like it would be easy to slice up and code.

Nice work this will sell well for you

Hey, thanks Matu!

This is my first file on ThemeForest and I’m really excited to see what happens. I’ve been lurking here for so long I’m glad I’ve finally given it a shot.

welcome to themeforest….cool design there..hope to see it coded soon , and not pink….LOL :)

PINK !! I thought someone would say that. You know I don’t design in pink and someone this one came out pink. lol

You can bet on it that Megalodon won’t stay pink. It’s actually to kind of represent the bloody murky waters the Megalodon leaves behind. You know, from selling. :)

HI Ezii,

This theme ROCKS ! But without code it would not sell. Code it at least in html/css, I will buy!

Great Work!

Thank you for the ROCKIN good words DavidNL. I hear you. You are right. This design needs to enter the coding machine ASAP .

When did you plan to code it? I have an client that wants the theme! Need to know ASAP ?! Thnx,

I wish I could be sure when it will be done but I’m in the middle of coding it now.

There will be multiple design variations, including full and extra documentation unlike many of the others. Also, I’m adding some very special surprises for the coded version.

If you need the design, please purchase the PSD and have it coded your way. My coded version will take time. I want it to be red hot and worth 1000 plus sales if it can.

Hope that helps in your decision what to do. :) Thank you for taking interest.

Ill buy this if you code it.

Nice work!

You’ll buy this if I code it? I’ll hold you to that. :)

Hi Ezii, I love this design, and would love to implement it for a project of mine, but I just don’t have time to code it right now. So, I’m just going to have to wait patiently for your totally awesome coded version to be released!

Can’t wait to see the cool surprises, either!

I will be purchasing the coded version as soon as it comes out!

Great work, and congrats on breaking out of the lurking phase and into production!

I’m currently working on my first theme to submit as well :)

Thank you for taking an interest. Sure motivates me to keep getting it closer to finished. I do have a few surprises I’m thinking everyone will. Could be worth the wait.

When you get your design closer to complete be sure to let me have a sneak peak. :)

Very beautiful, maybe a coded template ?

Good work!

Oh Clemento_Pakito, if you’ve read any of the comments you’d know it’s in the coding factory as we speak. And my hope is that you’ll love it more when it’s done!!

Thank you for your kind words. Very much appreciated. :)

That is sex on screen.

That has got to be my most favorite comment so far. :)

great work

Thank you.

Hi, maybe you’ve already made a coded version?

I have a coded version. :) Problem is that the slider is doing stupid things I can’t figure out. And there’s a table issue I can’t figure out. :( It’s about 95% done. Two glitches that keep it from going live.

But, but, but!! Megalodon 2.0 is going to knock your socks off if Envato will let it through.

Well, I’ve been waiting for the collaborative payout scheme to come into effect. That way I can share the coding portion with someone who’s much stronger in that area. Oh well. Maybe someday.