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Interesting, but a lot of pages are missing in the live preview.

Hi, Please go through magento megashop to view more pages its identical. Thanks!!

Very nice mate! :)

Thanks Mate :)

live preview not working, returns 404 page.

Hi, Please check now its working. Thanks

Hi, on the Html version can you easily set up or integrate paypal with the shopping cart or do you have to make it.

Hi, its a static html yes you can set up using existing form html files codes.

I am having the same problem as Mikeshow. You wrote:

“Hi, Please go through magento megashop to view more pages its identical. Thanks!!”

Can you provide a link because I can’t find it. Thanks.

I would like a full refund. I have messaged you numerous times. The support is terrible. Can you please arrange a refund for me?

We have requested you for site details but haven’t received any yet . So we can look what problem you are facing. Thanks

hi, is this the full html site? as it looks like its megenta?

also, is different language file option coming? cheers

Hi, Yes its HTML site & it contains all major pages to be used. No, you need to translate yourself as per requirements. Thanks!!

Is the lightbox and image slider on the product page available in this template?

Hi, Yes lightbox & image slider for product is available. Please check. http://www.magicdesignlabs.net/megashop-html/magashop/view.html


Hi, I purchased the Responsive Magento Megashop ($75 version). However, after I purchased it, I noticed it is XHTML 1.0 and I was hoping to find a magento template written in HTML 5. I just noticed you have this Megashop HTML Version. If I want to setup an HTML 5 shop do I need to use both versions? Or can I just use the HTML 5 version?


Hi. Where is the product detail page ?

Hi Have just purchased this product – The documentation is pretty minimal – a couple of things – 1. It doesn’t seem to have any content management system to provide easy updating of product catalogue? 2. The Add to cart buttons do not add products to shopping cart?

Hi, This is static HTML. Thanks!!


I like your theme, I want to know what colours are available for it. I mean the menu and the buttons are orange now,are there another colours?. Is there any posibility to get a page view boxed version?. Thanks.

Hi, for HTML version signle orange color is available. We have color options for Magento version of this theme.


i visited the demo html i like the face , but i’ve found is a bit uncomplete. i’ve found the menu pages link is a 404 , and nothing more, and can you provide a single blog post , because read more link is a #link, and i need a blog example with the form for the people can leave a reply the skin of that, i dont know but it is basic for me, or how can i get that. can you provide a grid column text like http://designarethemes.com/theme/?theme=freshlook-html , text in web:

Perfect for your Business , responsive design , flying text captions…

because i know your theme is for shop , but sometime we need to say to the visitant why buy our products. thanks a lot.

Is it easy to add simple Paypal code to the ‘Add to Cart’ buttons in this site? It looks great but I just want to keep it simple.

Yes, its just a satic html code. So you can add & modify as per your requirement. Thanks!!

Hi, I am looking for a preview page with all from components such as drop down list, checkbox, radio button… Could you tell me please?

Hi, it does not contain that page. All pages are linked together.

I know that all page are linked but I would like to see how you design the form components. We can say, for instance, about new account creation (with name, country, sex …). It will cover radiobutton for sex, dropdownlist for country, a textbox for name and a button to submit the data

Check for contact us page, it is clone of magento version of our theme. http://www.magicdesignlabs.net/megashop-html/magashop/contact_us.html

My tables have no visible border or gridlines. Even though ive set the property as follows:

. The table is just blank and don’t know what to do.

Tables i created have no visible gridlines or borders. even though i set the border to value ‘2’ and cellspacing and cellpadding set to 3. i dont know what to do.


Great template. I have a question. Does the font support ?,?,š,ž letters?

I am looking for an HTML type / ASP site like this, However the demo looks like a lot is missing.

I looked at the Magneto version which seems more complete. Is the HTML version “complete” ?

What shopping cart does the HTML version use Is there a Admin section for adding products How are shipping fees calculated / managed etc etc